It’s Kavanaugh

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President Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a veteran of 12 years on the Federal DC Circuit Court of Appeals, the most important of the Federal appellate courts below the Supreme Court, due to the nature of the cases that arise in the seat of the Federal government.  A Catholic, he has a long judicial paper trail which will be mined by both opponents and proponents.  Go here to read his dissents and concurrences.  A good, solid pick.  I get the impression that he is a man deeply rooted in faith and family.  He is familiar with DC, having spent most of his career there, and unlikely to go native as a result.  I largely voted for Trump hoping against hope that he would do a good job picking Federal judges and justices, and he is amply repaid my confidence in him.


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  1. I thought his speech was very good.

    The bat-crap crazy left will do what bat-crap crazy nut-jobs always do. They do not possess the aggregate IQ of a lump of Georgia clay.

  2. Well, he did clerk for Kennedy, so that is a bit of a question mark. Largely voted for Trump in order of importance: (1) Not Clinton, (2) SCOTUS (again, because not Clinton) and (3) more humble foreign policy (where have we heard that before?). On item 1, scored 100%. On 2, so far so good, but a bit early to tell. Gorsuch has been good, we will have to wait and see what Kavanaugh shall wreak. On 3 – 50/50, I think. But maybe there is a method to his madness – he seems to heat things up somewhat recklessly, but it then creates space for him to work his negotiating voodoo. Worked with NK. Might even work with Russia, Iran and China. Who knows? The Donald has earned the benefit of the doubt at this point.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else want to take the MSM, Democrats and RINOs by the scruff of the collar and slap them around until they get out of The Donald’s glorious orange mane and let him do his thing?

  3. One of the things I do like about Trump c matt is that you always know you are getting the pure, unvarnished Trump, good, bad or indifferent. A refreshing change from the usually carefully choreographed politicians, who often seem like there is no there there.

  4. With other politicians it is worse than no there there. There is something there, and usually very evil. Trump is wysiwyg, to borrow a printing acronym from the stone age.

  5. From the sound of it, Kavanaugh was picked for his record on immigration and executive power. On the former, let’s just say I fall somewhere between the extremes of “We’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it!” and “Abolish ICE!” — neither of which is a reasonable position. Kavanaugh is not thought to be as favorable to the priorities of social conservatives as Amy Barrett — not a surprise, since Trump is a conservative in the same sense I am Holy Roman Emperor. Still, that might work favorably for the nomination; Democrats know if they shoot down Kavanaugh, they may get a nominee they like even less. He’ll be resisted, but probably not TOO strongly.

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