Mendacity and the Left

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One Catholic blog I check in with on a regular basis is Est Quod Est.  On Monday, Pauli, the blog proprietor, had a post which gave a fine example of how the social media Left operates:


Mark Shea Attributes Inner City Violence to Trump and the Ku Klux Klan

In a recent public post on Facebook, Catholic commentator Mark Shea used the euphemistic spelling of America as AmeriKKKa — indicative of the Ku Klux Klan — to make point about anti-immigrant, racial violence. To this remark, a commenter points out that the man of Mexican heritage was attacked by a black person.

“AmeriKKKa? The attackers were black.”

I checked out the claim and discovered that the commenter was correct. This seems to be a good illustration of posting before you have fully thought through the implications of your assertions. I can type the words Trump’s AmeriKKKa in about 2 seconds, Whereas watching the full video took me several minutes. It is possible that Mark Shea did not even watch the video which would explain why he imagined white Southerners committing the crime.

Furthermore we are informed that this is happening in the context of “Trump’s America”, (sorry, I got tired of misspelling my country) so we are asked to dutifully accept the assertion that this is one of the 4% of black females who voted for Trump. In the Willowbrook section of Los Angeles.

We have to buy that Brooklyn Bridge.

Once again, everything goes back to white racism for Mark Shea, and Republican white racism even when in the inner city a Mexican is beaten by blacks.

Donald Trump received a paltry 24% of the vote in Los Angeles.

Exposing your own thought process in this way would seem to indicate that you are unaware of your own prejudices to a degree which would make the man with the “beam” in his own eye blush.

This is Facebook activism, not sound reason or sensible commentary. Mark Shea is not a reliable guide on moral matters nor on Catholic matters. Period.

Go here to read the comments.  Now Mark has always been a fairly lazy blogger.  He will seize an item that supports his preconceptions without doing any investigation.   That was his mode of operation back more than a decade ago, long before his turn to the hard left, and he was often called on it. My reaction to such a story that supports my preconceptions is that on the internet something too good to be true probably isn’t, and that is a very good rule of thumb.  However, that is only applicable if one is concerned about truth, and the contemporary Left and the truth are usually at war with each other.

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  1. If you assume someone is guilty just because of their skin color, wouldn’t that be considered racist? My second son, back in the Duke LaCrosse days, said that America’s new racism is that you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin. I loved that observation from a boy not even in high school. Sadly, it turned out to be so true.

  2. There is no connection whatsoever between the KKK and the Republican party. I am thinking that those souls who choose hell over heaven are glad to go there, to hell.

  3. I am firmly convinced that those who accuse others of racism are cut from the same cloth as those who enslaved years ago.

  4. “…the contemporary Left and the truth are usually at war with each other.” When that isn’t the case, the truth is simply a useful tool of the Left to suit some purpose. In that sense, the Left rejects entirely the significance of the truth in our lives.

  5. It’s almost a game now to take whatever Mark’s latest post is and figure out what isn’t true about it (because there’s ALWAYS something wrong with it). Like awhile back he wrote about another article and as he did so said:

    Yet another member of the Party of Personal Responsibility explains why mean Lefties are making her support a lying con man who kidnaps children and cages them away from their parents out of pure, vindictive, sadistic, spiteful cruelty. She just has to because the enemy of her enemy is her friend.

    The whole world has to organize around the hurt feels of offended white people.

    The catch is… the website he linked to is a Jewish one and the writer of the piece is also a Jew. And when someone pointed this out in the comments his reply was: “Thanks for making clear that you have exiled Jews from your cult of whiteness.”

    I remember another time when he talked about “Republicans wanting to be in charge of death panels” by linking to a representative . . . who had been voted out of office the previous year. Not to mention his repeated reference to “the American gulag” (talking about the prison system) which is also false.

    Actually it’s also hilarious to watch him 1 day rant about how we need laws, then the very next day, rant about the laws we have. At this point I think he would be downright unhappy in heaven without anything to rage about.

    (His combox is no better, and sometimes I wonder about the fate not of the sinner, but they who enable him.)

  6. Ok, I just found a quote that has split my sides with laughter.

    “The 46 million (or 5 million) killed by Dominicans, or the Vatican, or Constantine’s Vatican if you are a Da Vinci Code true believer is a classic example of pseudoknowledge. One of those things you pick up somewhere and repeat with a knowing air that substitutes for actual familiarity with the subject you are expounding upon. If somebody questions whether you know what you are talking about, you don’t deal with the question of whether you know what you are talking about. You simply say, “So! You want to make excuses for the murder of innocent people by religious bigots!” in the same tone you use to say, “You left your soiled underwear on my coffee table.” For, of course, at the end of the day, it will remain the case that some number of people (46 million? Several thousand?) were put to death… well, not by the Inquisition exactly but certainly by the secular authorities working with the Inquisition. So the story is close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades and that’s all that matters. The idea is not so much accuracy as truthiness: the sense that you have righteously scored off bad guys. And if they are bad guys, then they don’t really deserve to be spoken of accurately, do they? They should have thought about that before they started killing off their millions, or however many it was. The point is: I am righteously angry and when I have righteousness on my side, I don’t need to know what I’m talking about so long as I land some good hard punches on the jaw of Evil.”


    Mark Shea 2010

  7. Another lefty, Donny Deutsch said, “If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis”. Donny, bubby, you do realize the Nazis were the ones violating sovereign borders? It’s like they choose to be ignorant.

  8. Is is like they choose to be ignorant… Where was the outrage when the 9th Circuit Court ruled that children were to be separated from their parents breaking the law by entering the country illegally? Where was the outrage when Obama was doing it? Where IS the outrage that Congress, who alone can fix this, doesn’t fix immigration?
    – Does Donny honestly think we’re that stupid in America? ( Is it because he sits with the King and Queen of the Prom on Morning Joe, and we don’t? )

  9. Great post, Nate W. He wasn’t always deranged. Now he has let himself become a victim of pseudoknowledge. This is the danger we all face: we can lose our minds if we’re not careful.

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