The LGBT Logic Pit

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Here is an article that warns how accepting LGBT logic can lead to accepting polygamy, incest and even pedophilia. Of course, this is just a slippery slope argument and I was once told that slippery slope arguments are automatically invalid. If you let your kids play with matches, it could start a fire, which could cause property damage, and then someone getting hurt, and even someone dying, but this is just more nutty logic from a slippery slope.

Recently, I told a friend that the reasoning that tries to justify homosexuality can be used to justify pedophilia. I quickly had my hand slapped, so-to-speak, as the friend I was speaking with strongly objected saying, “How dare you compare consenting homosexuals to pedophiles!”

My response was that I was not comparing levels of consent, but comparing some basic premises about how to determine what is “normal” in terms of human sexuality. If people are “born that way” and/or “God made them that way” and they can’t help their sexual orientation, doesn’t that make it natural or normal…at least for them? If it is normal, then saying it is wrong or disordered would be an obvious contradiction. They key is the normalizing part of the logic.

So if an adult or older adolescent experiences sexual attraction to prepubescent children he or she can also say “I was born this way” or “God made me this way” and I can’t help it. Therefore, how can we say it is wrong or disordered? The base premises make it normal; and what evidence can we show to prove otherwise?

Unfortunately, I do think it is entirely possible that the logic used to defend gay rights and gay lifestyles can be stretched to include “access” to children as part of sexual “rights”.

May favorite part of the above linked article is the contradiction about biology. “…the public may be prepared to accept the concept that pedophiles (like gays) simply act as their biology determines them to act. You see, biology is unalterable (LGB), except, of course, when it is alterable (T).”

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  1. In order for it to be a slipper slope, it’s required to not have a rational reason or logical justification for the follow on.

    Your argument is “those statements would apply equally to other behaviors” is both a logical justification and a an argument which people could attempt to disprove.

    Thus, it’s not a fallacy; if they wish to argue from formal logic, they’ll need something else.

  2. Seen online: You can on-line order a T-Shirt with, “There Are More Than Two Genders.”

    Please specify fit: “Male or Female.”

    You can’t make up this stuff. .

  3. The next thing you know they will be saying that it is normal to be attracted to multiple people of the opposite sex. . . oh! ah, maybe it is.
    The next thing you know they will be saying that is is normal to indulge the attractions to multiple people of the opposite sex . . . ah, oh. shucks, I must just be confused, . .

  4. You see, biology is unalterable (LGB), except, of course, when it is alterable (T).

    It’s even worse than that: gender is a malleable social construct (T), but which gender you’re attracted to is an immutable fact of biology hardcoded into your very genes (LGB).

  5. “How dare you compare consenting homosexuals to pedophiles!”
    Conflating and confusing the person, the homosexual, with the free will act, sodomy is irrational, illogical and wrong.
    The issue, all issues, must be judged on principle. The person must be tolerated and prayed for. This is why we have a Justice Department, to judge issues and principles.
    Unfortunately, our Justice Department is judging atheist, sodomites and pornographers as persons instead of judging atheism, a belief, not a religion, sodomy as assault and battery of another person and absent the marital act of marriage and pornography, the lie about human sexuality in the context of the atheist’s, the sodomite’s and the pornographer’s free will act to violate the truth. themselves and our culture.
    “Judge not lest be judged” applies only to the sovereign person. All issues must be judged on principles set forth in our Founding Principles, the basic of which is the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH…so help me God. so help us all God.

  6. In our Founding Principles we read that all men are created, not born equal. We, the people are created equal in sovereign personhood and the ability to discipline ourselves. (“The rights the state gives, the state can take away”. Thomas Jefferson. Only an infinite God can endow unalienable human rights. The finite state can only endow finite rights)
    We also read about “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” When through the scientific “Laws of Nature” diseases or injury invalidates some homosexual person’s libido (I believe that that is the term used to describe same sex attraction. I believe that to be fair and true), the homosexual’s same sex attraction cannot be enacted by reason of sovereignty. The homosexual person cannot freely act out his same sex attraction on another person without violating himself and the other person. Sodomy is assault and battery on another person. Fully informed consent cannot be forthcoming for committing any violation. When any person consents to do evil he loses informed consent. His mind, body and soul are brought to wrack and ruin by the evil.
    “(T)he Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” God is the Supreme Sovereign Being Who made all things AND KEEPS THEM IN EXISTENCE. Denying that God gives souls the grace to maintain their virginity and original innocence is atheism’s lie.
    Using one’s disability to excuse one’s crimes was tried in court. “The devil made me do it” did not exempt the indicted for allowing the devil to enter into his soul and wreck havoc and murder on the people. One so afflicted ought to be seeking exorcism from the church, not committing crime.
    These principles are taken from our Declaration of Independence and ratified by every state, no exception.
    If a homosexual tries to sodomize a minor child who has no informed sexual consent to give…in the Bible the rapist had to support his victim for the rest of her life…so too, the sodomizing of innocent minor children who have no informed sexual consent to give ought must be punished accordingly…for life. Now, that is an alternate lifestyle, would not you say? Supporting your victim for the rest of your life. I also believe that 20 minutes alone on international waters with the family of the victim is Justice. Dropping the sodomite into the jungle for the snakes and spiders to have at him if the Hivero headhunters and the cannibals don’t get him first is also poetic Justice.
    Abusing children will stop after two or three drops, when the word gets around. I promise you. Now I must say my rosary.

  7. The LGBT fascists have always used the false premise of “consenting adults” to invalidate the Slippery Slope argument. And yet – here we are with innocent children being indoctrinated with this moral rot in the public schools. So – CHILDREN, who do not have the intellectual maturity to CONSENT are being mandated to participate in this delusional bankruptcy. And when this salient point is brought up to the LGBT scum their response is …… *crickets chirping*…..

  8. “So – CHILDREN, who do not have the intellectual maturity to CONSENT are being mandated to participate in this delusional bankruptcy”
    These minor citizens, all future generations, are our Constitutional Posterity. Our legacy to them must be freedom. The LGBT do not procreate. If they did Sodom and Gomorrah would still be around. There were no children nor ten good men.
    It is time to sue our government for taxation without representation in matters of imposing this indoctrination on our Posterity. Vouchers.

  9. So called “slippery slope” arguments are a formal logical fallacy in that given proposition X, result Y must necessarily follow does not hold true. For example, allowing for artificial contraception does not necessarily require gay marriage be accepted necessarily. However, by divorcing the marital act from procreation, you have undermined the argument in favor of restricting moral sexual acts to only those open to procreation. That argument in favor such restriction being removed, there is no impediment to morally legitimizing sodomy, although it does not require it be legitimized. Once morally legitimized, sodomitical marriage was not far behind (although, again, not formally logically required).

    Slippery slope arguments are not, however, un-meritorious arguments based upon experience, and therefore are perfectly valid for determining policy issues. “If you give an inch, they’ll take a mile” is essentially a slippery slope argument, yet it has proven an effective predictor of human activity.

  10. Reduced to its simple elements, homosexual tendencies are the same as any other aberrant behavior such as OCD, kleptomania, necrophilia etc. It is only the manifestations that differ and all can be controlled and/or treated. While volumes can be written about the various aspects of behavior, the common denominator is that all are at variation from the behavior we were created for. Unfortunately there are those who simply advocate giving in to these tendencies in a mistaken belief it will satisfy them. It never does; it only aggravates the condition.

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