Quotes Suitable for Framing: Donald R. McClarey

The voice of the Magisterium is always living, even when enunciated by Popes and Councils dead for almost 20 centuries. The Magisterium does not come with a “use by date”. One of the greatest follies of our time is the ludicrous attempt to limit the Magisterium to statements since 1965 and to transform Vatican II into a super Council that trumps all that came before in the history of the Church. When Magisterial statements seem to be in contradiction they need to be reconciled and not, as has been commonly done since 1965, the older statements simply tossed down a very convenient memory hole.

Donald R. McClarey, June 10, 2014


Yes, immodest I know.  However, in researching past posts I come across many bon mots by contributors and commenters.  Go here to read the post where I made the above comment in the comboxes.

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