On Vacation 2018


Something for the weekend:  Holiday Road.  I am on vacation with my family until August 5. My internet connection in the coming week will range from intermittent to non-existent. That is now by choice.  In the past it was not, but now with ubiquitous wi-fi, portable ipads and kindles, that is no longer the case, and, truth to tell, it hasn’t been for the last several years.  I will have posts for each day I am away on the blog, but if something momentous occurs, for example:  Elvis is discovered working at a Big Boy’s in Tulsa, the Pope issues a Bull against blogging as a complete waste of time, or Trump  and Robert Mueller  have a fist fight on the White House steps, I trust that this post will explain why I am not discussing it.

First, up to Kenosha, Wisconsin with a visit to my bride’s mother.  We have been doing this since the birth of the twins and it has always been a fun family gathering.  I heartily recommend both the Kenosha Civil War Museum and the Milwaukee Zoo  Then it is back home next Tuesday for an overnight pit stop and to board our dog Cali until next Saturday

Then on to GenCon 51 over in Indianapolis.


My bride and I have only been attending since 1986, my bride missing 1991 when she was heavily pregnant with our twins.  (I made a 300 mile one day dash to the Convention that year through continual thunder storms by myself, one of the more foolish actions of my life.)

If any of you are close to Indianapolis and you have never attended, it is worth a drive to see tens of thousands of role players, board gamers and computer gamers in Congress assembled.  If nothing else you will go home reassured as to how comparatively normal you are.  Last year’s attendance was in excess of 60,000 and there are multitudes of gaming related events.

A good week albeit somewhat tiring, but I can rest in the law mines after I get back!


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  1. Yaa..and don’t cha’ forget to pick up some fresh cheese curds too..a package of brats, maybe two.

    If the Wisconsin State Fair is happening ya just can’t leave the state until you stand in line for the cream puffs! Oh my goodness. Wisconsin!

    Great basilica north of Milwaukee..Holy Hill.
    (Just in case.)

  2. Lindsey Buckingham is one of the greatest underrated guitarists of his generation. He and then girlfriend Stevie Nicks transformed Fleetwood Mac from an obscure British blues band into one of the most influential bands of all time. Sadly, songs like Holiday road are far from his finest hour.

    From his more glory days:

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