An American Priest’s Despair

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I want to recommend an article in Crisis, “Where are the Bishops who will defend faithful priests?” It’s an eloquent cry of despair by an anonymous priest who wonders why Bishops allow abuses of liturgy, sexual behavior, pastoral care, in order that the boat may not be rocked.

I can’t put it better than the article, so I’ll quote from the last paragraph:

“The corruption in the Church is real. I can tell you this, if you feel hurt or betrayed, please know that I do too. If you have been hurt by a priest such as me, who is well-intentioned but fallible, I implore your forgiveness and beg your mercy. If you have been hurt by the abusive behavior of a priest, words cannot express my sorrow. Please let us help you. I remain in the Church not because she is free of corruption, but because she preaches the Truth of Jesus Christ, the Truth that I know makes us free. He has promised that the gates of hell, let alone, human corruption will never prevail against her. Know that these truths, along with one other essential factor are what keep me doing what I do and enduring this nonsense.”

Go here for the article.

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  1. I’m a trifle puzzled by this. He says he entered seminary in the Fall of 2002, but it says in the end tag that he was ordained under John Paul II’s pontificate.

    The parish I’ve been attending the last several years is large and has multiple curates. Priests get transferred every year without any protest of which I’m aware. In my previous diocese, I’ve hears of protests, but those I can recall were as follows: one ginned up by a pastor who wanted to defy standing policies and remain in parishes past his term, one by a parish council irritated that their pastor had been replaced by an administrator supervising two parishes, and one (ignored) in defense of a priest who resigned his administrator’s position and went off the grid. Did the people protesting know the priests of which he speaks had been credibly accused of misconduct?

  2. Thanks for the comment, AD. At the end it says he became a seminarian in 2002 during the pontificate of ST. JP II, not was ordained. Pope St. John Paul II died in 2005. I’m not sure that the priest is complaining about transfers. My reading is that he’s complaining about the lack of action by bishops who ignore “bad” priests.

  3. This is what he says:

    ” Whenever a bishop takes action against a priest, there is outcry. Especially if it is a popular priest who preaches what people want to hear. I know of so many situations where a bishop has justifiably removed a priest, only to be met with a deafening, unyielding chorus of disapproval. Letters are written (both to the press and to the Nuncio). Petitions are signed. Websites are created. Tweets are formulated with trending hashtags. All detail the plight of a kind-hearted priest being persecuted by a malevolent bishop for no apparent reason. “

  4. “Know that these truths, along with one other essential factor are what keep me doing what I do and enduring this nonsense.”
    Integrity is the one other essential factor of which the priest speaks. His integrity to keep his word and vows in the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Without integrity a person eradicates his sovereignty and blows in the wind like a wind tunnel.
    Theodore McCarrick who? The souls in hell are NOT remembered.

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