The Gay Elephant in the Sacristy

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In the wake of the McCarrick revelations many clerics have taken pen in hand to see if they can sucker, yet again, the Laity.  They write gravely of review panels, protecting minors and everything under the sun except the one fact that every sentient Catholic knows:  our clergy have been heavily infiltrated by the Lavender Mafia and that wretched group helped propel McCarrick to his cardinal’s cap and protected him from any revelation of his misdeeds by other knowing high ranking clerics, who obviously either feared the Lavender Mafia, were part of it, or had misdeeds of their own to protect.  These evil men care not a whit for the Laity or the Faith.  For them the Church is simply a host which they feed off of as the evil parasites they truly are.  Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, at his blog In the Light of the Law, dissects the latest appalling effort by a cleric to lull the rubes:

Homosexual acts committed by or between clerics—even among those presumably able to consent—are at the root, the very root, of the sexual misconduct and cover-up crisis exposed by the McCarrick scandal. Who on earth does not yet know that yet?

So my jaw dropped—which takes some doing these days—my jaw dropped when Msgr. Thomas Guarino, in an interesting-ish essay over at Catholic World Report, while calling for better responses against clergy sexual misconduct, wrote: “I speak here of crimes, not consensual adult relationships which, while sinful infractions against the commandments and the promise of celibacy, can be—and for centuries have been—salutarily treated with confession, penance and spiritual direction.”

My.  Jaw.  Dropped.

Where to begin?

First, Guarnino’s claim that “consensual adult relationships” (a tired euphemism for gravely sinful conduct, but one sufficient to include homosexual acts by clergy) have not been regarded as canonical crimes for centuries, is flatly wrong. In fact, it has only been in the last 35 years, since the advent of the 1983 Code, that such “consensual adult relationships” among clergy have not been treated as crimes under canon law!

1917 CIC 2359 § 2 stated:

“If [clerics] engage in a delict against the sixth precept of the Decalogue with a minor below the age of sixteen, or engage in adultery, debauchery, bestiality, sodomy, pandering, [or] incest with blood-relatives or affines in the first degree, they are suspended, declared infamous, and are deprived of any office, benefice, dignity, responsibility, if they have such, whatsoever, and in more serious cases, they are to be deposed.”

Now exactly what part of “debauchery” or “sodomy”, consensual or otherwise, was not a canonical crime per the Canon 2359? And given an hour, moreover, any competent researcher could prove centuries-old roots for Canon 2359 simply by checking Gasparri’s fontes for the canon.

Contrary to Guarino’s claim, then, it was only with the dilution that Canon 2359 suffered when it re-appeared as Canon 1395 of the 1983 Code that the express and long-standing criminalization of homosexual acts by clergy was blurred or lost.

Go here to read the rest.  Until clerics of our Church take serious steps to rid their ranks of the Homosexual Infestation, their pious protestations should be regarded as the lies they are and treated with the contempt they warrant.


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  1. The Gay Elephant in the Sacristy – what a perfect title for the subject.
    Twenty three years ago, my then freshman son wrote across his Latin test,
    “pedophile priests at a diocesan Blank Blank Blank H. S”. Other than 3 days in school suspension sentence handed down by a naïve female vice principal, there was no discussion of what he had written. My son became a angry teenager ending up in the spring of that year hospitalized for 3 months with depression. He also had depression at 19-20. Today he is healthy; has a BS degree and his own successful business. The only time he’s been in a church is for his grandparents’ funerals and a nuptial Mass in a French cathedral. A 38 he’s dating a Spanish woman from a traditional Andalusian Catholic family. Perhaps my Magnificat petitions will be answered with a return to his Catholic faith and a church wedding.
    Getting back to the then principal priest, I don’t know if he was a homosexual, but he made the news; he was star struck by a 28 y.o. Iranian man posing as a teen and nephew of Steven Spielberg. Father waived the tuition in turn for a promise of a glowing documentary made by the imposter’s “uncle”. Rumor has it that the “nephew” had his way with many of the senior girls.

  2. CAM says it all. The number of lost souls due to these clerical sexual preverts is incalculable. When the wheat and chaff are separated, there will be much burning. Christ won’t come as a lamb any longer but as the lion of the tribe of Judah, and He will do what lions are good at doing.

  3. Recalling a Diogenes post, see this from the Chicago Tribune, dated 19 November 1996:

    “The decision to include music from various church traditions was deliberate,” said Matthew Walsh, music director at Holy Name, where Bernardin’s body will lie in state and where the services will be held. “It’s music that shows the breadth of the bridges the cardinal built to various groups within and without the Catholic church and representing the large ethnic groups in the (Chicago) archdiocese.

    Walsh is one of the Chicago church musicians and archdiocese officials responsible for planning the musical observances.

    Bernardin left the choice of musical selections for his wake to a committee that was formed more than a month ago, at his request. Besides Walsh, the members include Mary Beth Kunde-Anderson, director of the Chicago archdiocese Office of Divine Worship; J. Michael Thompson, director of the music ministry at St. Peter’s Church in the Loop; and Arlene Michna, director of music at the Archdiocesan Seminary of Mundelein.

    Bernardin made only one music-related request, according to Walsh. “He specifically requested that (a setting of) the Magnificat be performed at his mass. He had a strong devotion to Mary.

    Each of the funeral services will feature different music, with more than 100 choral singers of Holy Name’s Chamber and Gallery singers, and an archdiocese choir of at least 35 members taking part. Cantors singing in Polish and Spanish also will perform, as will gospel choirs singing the spirituals “Give Me Jesus” and “Deep River.” The Windy City Gay Chorus was also scheduled.”

  4. Padre,
    When the scandal first broke our pastor in No. VA addressed the elephant in the room, the issue of molesters in the clergy. He spoke of the damage done to victims and asked us to understand how painful it was for the innocent priests, good and true men, to be under suspicion because of the sins of a minority. He asked us to pray for our priests. (The Arlington Diocese has a prayer list of priests each week.).
    The talk must have occurred in the mid to late ’90s; I don’t remember the pastor using the term homosexual per se, but I always admired him that he confronted the damage done to the victims and the Church when most in higher positions did not.
    Padre, thank you for your ministry and bless you.

  5. Please don’t degrade lavender. Or the rainbow, for that matter. They are God’s beauties and not to be connoted with perversions.

  6. The Holy Catholic Church

    Oh, Bride of Christ, you’re beautiful
    So radiant your face!
    Crowned in love by holy priests,
    Your raiment spun of grace.

    Attended to by angel choirs
    That ever sing your praise,
    The Mother of the blessed saints
    Who wisely chose your ways.

    Protector of the Eucharist,
    Beloved of the Queen,
    The keeper of the Flame of Faith,
    The door to truths unseen.

    Pure Flower of the Spring of Life,
    The soul’s sweet lullaby.
    Oh, God’s most gracious gift to man
    Through you how blest am I.
    by Kate Watkins Furman

  7. There are many prophecies from Our Lady of La Sallette, France in 1846 that warned of and predicted this sexual abuse crisis that we are now in. The book “After The Warning To 2038” contains many prophecies of future events that are going to unfold soon.

  8. “Please don’t degrade lavender. Or the rainbow, for that matter. They are God’s beauties and not to be connoted with perversions.” So is the serpent. We cannot think without using symbols.

  9. “Please don’t degrade lavender. Or the rainbow, for that matter. They are God’s beauties and not to be connoted with perversions.”
    So is the human being.

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