PopeWatch: Agentina

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Last week the Argentine Senate rejected a bill which had passed in the Argentine House allowing abortion during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy.  Credit where credit is due, on March 17, the Pope issued an open letter to the Argentine people in which he called upon them to defend life.  The vote in Argentina was  part of a continent wide pro-abortion effort to bring legal abortion to Latin American.  In response mass pro-life movements have been forming throughout South America.

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One Comment

  1. Aug 13 The Prime Mover, The Supreme Sovereign Being, Creator of time and space, of evolution in time and space, of the physical and the metaphysical is the God of Life. There is no life without the God of Life. Angels have existence in the metaphysical. Mankind, the human race has Life. Life is existence in the metaphysical and the physical. Man is composed of a physical body and a metaphysical soul.
    Man is brought into existence and life in original innocence by The Supreme Sovereign Being, the God of Life and existence.
    Abortion, homicide in the first degree destroys the physical. Man’s existence continues in the metaphysical, his immortal human soul.
    When animals die, their animal souls die with them and they return to their species. When man dies he returns to his individual sovereign personhood, his destiny, himself, who he is created to be.
    Lucifer hates innocence, truth and Justice. Lucifer hates The Supreme Sovereign Being and therefore, Lucifer hates God’s greatest glory, man, body and soul, in the physical and the metaphysical.
    The devil, Lucifer, has given us abortion. Man in his deluded, seduced and darkened mind has allowed Lucifer to impose abortion.
    Let us adore the God of Life, truth and Justice.
    Argentina has taken the first step towards the God of Life. Argentina has embraced the God of Life. God bless Argentina.
    God save the United States and our constitutional Posterity. (The United States’ constitutional Posterity are being denied truth and Justice. Atheism is being imposed and denied is the God of Life)

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