Over 300 Perps – Over 1000 Kids

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It makes sickening reading but go here to view the grand jury report on predator priests, the bishops who shielded them and the kids who were their victims in six dioceses in Pennsylvania.  The only proper comment to this atrocity is “Jesus Wept!”

Every Catholic should be outraged by this and swear by the Holy Trinity that they will not tolerate business as usual by the hierarchy, which is all we will get unless the laity demands more repeatedly and cuts off the flow of contributions if necessary.  These men involved have betrayed Christ, and the fact that they were shielded by the natural respect that Catholics have for their clergy only makes all of this even more appalling.  Past time for the Church to clean house before the moral credibility of the Church is one with Nineveh and Tyre for centuries to come.

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  1. These clerical sex perverts oppose the death penalty because they KNOW that’s exactly what they deserve for what they did to those innocent children. They know they deserve the electric chair or lethal injection of whatever. St Paul is clear in Romans 1:32, “Although they know the just decree of God that all who practice such things deserve death, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” This is why Bergoglio changed 2267 in the Catechism. He knows what God deemed as rightful punishment. And he’s running scared. Sorry. I am beyond incensed. Yeah, we all got sex problems, me included. Nobody is perfect. But that’s NO excuse for this godlessness! Preying on children and young men and women? Really?

  2. The bishops are indeed the worst aspect of this Bob since over decades they, as a group, “shifted the garbage around” with zip concern about predator priests having further contact with kids. Of course this was the least that most of the bishops did, the majority were more deeply implicated in actively protecting men who should have been reported to the criminal justice system. As for the accused priests themselves, let us say that one-third are being falsely accused, a very generous assessment. Frankly, that does not make me feel a whole lot better. The bishops should have, from the outset, encouraged people complaining of sexual abuse by a priest to go to the local authorities, with the priest being suspended if criminal charges were brought. If this whole loathsome affair has taught us anything, it is that bishops can’t be trusted to play Dick Tracy and investigate such allegations on their own, and also, even if a bishop is acting in good faith, they have no training in conducting such investigations and simply are not good at it.

  3. “The bishops are indeed the worst aspect of this Bob since over decades they, as a group, “shifted the garbage around” with zip concern about predator priests having further contact with kids.”
    This is the finest description of the public school system where the statute of limitations for sexual abuse of minor children is 90 days (in New York). The offenders are place in a “rubber room” with pay and then shifted to other schools (passing the trash) with no oversight, no concern for the innocence of minor children and children as citizens with human rights.
    Love is willing the good of the other. No love here. Free love here has been conflated with lust. The victims’ civil rights have been treated as non-existent. Their sovereIgn personhood is disrespected and the children are being used to work off the lust of their victimizers. FREEDOM from enslavement to the devil.

  4. PHIllip is right on. Since it’s a lay person complaining about the pro-gay priest as one of the spiritual directors, I doubt the bishop in Atlanta will change his mind. That’s a diocese that needs to be investigated from the top on down, if the information is correct.

  5. St. John Paul II called the American bishops to the Vatican and told them “One crime and the priest is out”. The bishops went back to Dallas and said: “Well, maybe two or three crimes and the priest is out.”
    A contumacious sin is unforgivable without repentance. These predators were given free reign. Now, they are “sorry” Cut me a break.
    Jesus said “seven times seven”, an infinite number of times we must forgive. That would be today. Tomorrow, there will be another infinite number of times I must forgive. ENOUGH. The temporal punishment for the crime of sexual abuse of children is “One crime and the priest is out.” “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.” The vengeance that God has for the abusers of minor children cannot even be imagined, no more than the joy of heaven can be imagined.
    What is the temporal punishment for disobedience to Pope St. John Paul II?

  6. How much rat poop are you willing to tolerate in your hamburger? If a crude preliminary test shows 30% of the “burger” is rat poop, but a more careful test later shows it is “only” 3% rat poop, are you then going to eat it? … Well, yes, you will — if you are starving and need this food to live, which is why few if any of the readers of this post will actually leave the Church; but the level of disgust, the level of outrage, the level of commitment to attaining 0% must be the same as with our hypothetical hamburger.

  7. Oh, and WATCH OUT. I guarantee the AG’s of many other states are looking at this and opening their own investigations. Expect similar reports from other states in a few months to a year. Expect that public anger and condemnation will not be confined to the guilty, nor even to priests and bishops, but will extend to everyone who remains in the Church. And, I hate to say it, but expect that we will get worse than nasty looks and snide remarks; violence inspired by politics and other causes seems to be on an upswing in the USA, and we can sadly expect that these reports will drive one or more people over the edge into murder.

  8. add Bob Kurland, Ph.D.’s comment to the Bishops’ bingo card. Civil criminal culpability is not the standard here. The Grand Jury specifically stated that they did not investigate priest on priest sex, or priests using anonymous “glory holes” in bathhouses, etc. There should be no more tolerance for this stuff than if a priest committed murder nor tolerance for bishops who cover it up.

    First of all we need a sincere and prolonged period of penance by the entire Church. Then we must purge the Church no matter the consequences. If necessary part time priests can be ordained to dispense the sacraments.

    An we need a new pope, new bishops and a new ecumenical council.

  9. Carlo C., I do not condone immoral behavior by priests. Nevertheless, the point I’m trying to make is that a grand jury accusation is not proof of guilt. And priests as well as common people should be given the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. I agree, 3% is too great a percentage for violating children. And 1% is too great a percentage for bishops covering up. But it is a sad thing when a Democrat radical Attorney General uses this grand jury as a platform to defame the Church in order to send the message that the Catholic Church is corrupt, and thus advance causes–abortion, same sex marriage–that every reader of this blog abhors.

  10. I’m sickened by this foul stench that destroys trust and weakens faith. We are not alone in these sentiments. Heaven too is disappointed in these betrayers of grace.

    What’s next?
    Do we sit and grumble?

    Here is what our Holy League is doing;

    Please consider joining us for our Nation. Our neighbors. Our Holy Church!
    Yes. It’s still Holy. Jesus didn’t loose his divinity because Judas fell. Our Church will suffer but it will not cease to be the harbor of Truth.

    We just started this novena. Across the country we are praying. Join in.
    Light a candle. No reason to curse the darkness while we have work to do.

  11. I am concerned about the use of Grand Juries over the last forty years or so. This one was engaged to produce this report. It does not appear to have summoned to review evidence and determine whether an indictment was appropriate and the prosecutor appears to have fully known that no indictment would be proposed. Worse, the Grand Jury was asked to sign on to proposed legislative changes.

    However salutary the result, doesn’t this use of the Grand Jury warrant concern or am I being alarmist?

  12. Thank you for the link, Bob Kurland.

    What is wrong with Pennsylvanians? One would think they were New Yorkers.

    It seems as if PA AG Shapiro is “cut from the same cloth” as former NYS AG’s Eliot Spitzer (elected governor and forced to resign – whoring) and Andrew Cuomo (elected governor – hates America): abusing their offices for political gain.

    The sorely-wounded (self-inflicted) Church remains a major challenge to the progressives’ nightmarish “world conquest.” They can’t win when their odious objectives are challenged/exposed. So, they censor/destroy the opposition.

    Maybe Chicago Mayor Emanuel could employ this trick to divert people’s attention from the 1,700 shootings year-to-date.

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