For They Know What They Do  

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  1. What do we do now… pray?
    Fast? Yes.

    What else?

    Why not summon an undercover team… young men who pose as seminarians and investigate suspected dens of wolves existing within the Holy Church? Identify, verify and remove the threat. Sting operations. (?)

    It seems like this problem is hopeless..yet I know it isn’t. What can we do to help?

  2. Inform the sodomites, that sodomites go to hell.
    The sting operation is a great idea. If the parishioners must pay for child abuse, then let us pay to arrest the abusers.
    Aiding and abetting any crime is criminal.

  3. ” If the parishioners must pay for child abuse, then let us pay to arrest the abusers.” MDV


    It is up to the laity to engage this crippling contagion… homosexuality in the priesthood..and to take these measures to catch a thief. One good celebrate homosexual priest who falls for the sting must be removed!

    Our Holy Church must be just that… Holy.

    No room for wanna-be’s.
    Talk the talk from the ambo? You better walk the walk then.

  4. Phil-You know there is that old joke about the monks copying the ancient manuscripts and one day they find the head abbott weeping, with one of the most ancient manuscripts, the original open in front of him and he is saying “The word was ‘celebrate'”.
    What do we do> Yes pray and fast and try to be as good and saintly here and now as we can. But also: I am praying for nationwide lawsuits, civil, criminal and RICO- not simply because I know how child rapists get justice, but because I cannot wait for immunity -full immunity- to be granted to underlings, minions and aux. bishops to spill their guts and bring the whole demonic operation down in public flames. And if Donna The Girl escapes, I want a Mossad-like team [the ones who relentlessly tracked and brought to trial Nazi war criminals) to kidnap him from his papal cocaine homoorgy
    male prostitute parties in the Vatican and bring him home to justice. Guy McClung, TExas

  5. We need more bishops like Morlino and Baker to write hard hitting letters that address the scandal and actually state that they intend to clean house and restore the Church’s name. The removing the taint of scandal will take a long time, because the Church has enemies in the press and government.

  6. Another PA Catholic high school is changing it’s name. This time from Wuerl back to the original name of North Catholic H. S. The Cardinal who heads up the Archdiocese of Washington DC requested his name be removed. How many more name changes are coming?

  7. Matthew 22:1-14 in today’s Gospel reading is noteworthy. Our clerics have beaten, abused, and terrorized the servants of the Great King who prepared the Wedding Feast. And now they think that they can enter the Feast like the naked perverted sodomites that they are.

    It ain’t a’gonna be pretty, folks. The God of Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel is God Who is Jesus Christ, and He ain’t anyone’s buddy. Buckle up. The hammer is a’gonna fall.

  8. Guy McClung.

    Oh no. Don’t pass that joke along…
    Today it might be looked upon as fact and not high fiction. Then a man in white garb might just believe it true and write something ambiguous leading to the belief that celibacy was never a clear teaching in our Holy Church.

    (Just saying 😉)

    Celebrate Diversity…is what the new theology proposes, meaning sin as much as you want too. Hell? Hell no…the ancient manuscript read Help. Just another old typo from long ago.

  9. I was recently chastized and “shamed” for calling a spade a spade. Better to speak truth as a sinner begging for mercy and trying to be chaste and holy than spending eternity in hell.

  10. Jeanne-Good on you! Let us let our patron saint be St. Dismas, the good thie, intercede for us. From the cross, going through suffering more similar to that of Our Lord than any other human being, he did not scream at Our Lord to sae him, hd did not curse the Romans or the Jews, in a way he is the first to proclaim Jesus God -“Lord remember when me when you come into your kingdom.” We must in this same way proclaim Jesus as the King. And how has gentle, discreet, effeminate and make-no-waves helped in the past? Sorry – as Ann Barnhart says “Jesus is in the Temple and it is Whip-O’Clock time.” Would that all we were dealing with was moneychangers. God bless you, Jeanne, and rage, rage against the dying of the LIght. Guy McClung

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