John McCain: Requiescat In Pace

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Senator John McCain (R.AZ) has died at age 81 of brain cancer.  That is a very hard way to go, as I know from my secretary of 30 years dying from similar cancer three years ago on August 28, 2015.  He is at peace now, and my prayers for both him and his family.  I was not a political supporter of Senator McCain except, reluctantly, when he was the Republican standard bearer in 2008.  However, I never doubted his courage, based upon his refusal to accept freedom in 1968 from his North Vietnamese captors due, doubtless, to his father being a high ranking Admiral and the North Vietnamese seeking a propaganda coup.  He was warned by his captors that refusal would mean torture and very bad treatment for him, and they amply kept their word.  Whatever else he did in his life, at that moment McCain was a true American hero.


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  1. Quoted from a blog hosted by a former USN jet fighter pilot (The US won that war).

    “P.S. As regards the omission of any mention of the passing of the senior senator from Arizona, as our dear, departed mother always said, ‘If you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing at all.’”

    Me too.

  2. Oh, you can think of agreeable things about him quite readily. Because he suffered a great deal, you’re inhibited from noting that when you bracket out the period running from 1968 to 1973, there’s quite a bit on the debit side of the ledger. Another inhibition is that some of his critics run the gamut from seriously misinformed to nucking futz and say things about him that run the gamut from wrong to crazy.

  3. ART DECO wrote:

    “Another inhibition is that some of his critics run the gamut from seriously misinformed to nucking futz and say things about him that run the gamut from wrong to crazy.”


  4. I apologize in advance.

    Thank you, Art. Otherwise, “readily” help me out here.

    FYI, I don’t bracket-out 1968 to 1973. I was in the war. We lost. My friends got their names on a wall. McCain (and generals and assorted persons-other-than-grunts), of course, suffered more than we and, of course, profited. Good for them.

    That final sentence and ad hominem was unnecessary. We previously “got it” when McCain and Hillary let us (63 million normal Americans and me – I’m not normal!) know how they felt about us.

    His last agreeable: Bless His Heart filled with Christian Charity, he banned The President of The United Sates of America from the funeral, for which it should be moved to private property.

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