A Sign of the Times

Rejoice!  The problems of the Church in Ireland are solved!


The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference has announced that it’s to divest from fossil fuels.

The process begins immediately as the Bishops’ Conference has signed the global Catholic fossil free pledge.

The announcement was made on the eve of Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland.

“We are responding directly to Pope Francis’ call in his 2015 encyclical letter Laudato Sí (on care for our common home) by moving away from fossil fuels ‘without delay,’ Bishop of Cloyne, William Crean said.

Go here to read the rest.  When future Church historians deal with this period, I suspect they will point out that the leaders of the Church engaged in a slow motion apostasy and simply abandoned Catholicism for fashionable Leftist causes.  Catholicism has the assurance of Christ that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it, a promise that was kept over twenty very turbulent centuries.  However, much of what is going on at present in the Church bears as much resemblance to Catholicism as Bizarro Superman does to Superman, and this rubbish on stilts has no assurance of prevailing over anything.

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  1. then let the Bishops of Ireland pay for their divesting from fossil fuels. The global Warming, ice age coming, climate change is all about money. Extorting money..
    The Bishops of Ireland can well afford the global warming scam because they do not have to work for the money, but their parishioners. It is political. Put it on the ballot.

  2. ….”global Catholic fossil free pledge.”

    Thank God!
    I couldn’t sleep at night wondering if ever Ireland would finally come to their senses. Now they have! The root of all of Ireland’s problems stem from fossil fuel abuse. With the blessings from the Catholic Church I foresee a new Emerald isle. Cleaner. Brighter. Free from (sin)?

    Oops. Sin. Sin? What’s that? Oh. A myth I’m sure. No such thing as Sin.
    Thank God.

  3. Seriously. I hope Pope Francis addresses the abuse of legalized abortion while he tours the island. The climate is changing and it due to heart failure.

  4. Nah, in Galileo’s situation, the problem was lying. Galileo wanted to claim he was teaching fact, when he didn’t have evidence. There was also some nasty ego stuff involved, oath-breaking, a mess.

  5. When episcopal conferences make pronouncements you’d expect from a randomly selected NGO, you begin to think that their actual concitions and priorities are those of … a random NGO employee.

  6. I’m sure the tentatively faithful families were strengthened and had their souls uplifted when they heard that bit, especially because it took them only three years.

    More likely, they were thankful to God for Archbishop Vigano’s courage and clarity.

  7. The blissfully unaware Irish Bishops engage in that time-honored tradition of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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