Quotes Suitable for Framing: Gordon R. Dickson

“Suppose it was even as you think,” he went on, even more gently. “Suppose that all you say was a fact, and that our Elders were but greedy tyrants, ourselves abandoned here by their selfish will and set to fulfill a false and prideful purpose. No.” Jamethon’s voice rose. “Let me attest as if it were only for myself. Suppose that you could give me proof that all our Elders lied, that our very Covenant was false. Suppose that you could prove to me”—his face lifted to mine and his voice drove at me—“that all was perversion and falsehood, and nowhere among the Chosen, not even in the house of my father, was there faith or hope! If you could prove to me that no miracle could save me, that no soul stood with me, and that opposed were all the legions of the universe, still I, I alone, Mr. Olyn, would go forward as I have been commanded, to the end of the universe, to the culmination of eternity. For without my faith I am but common earth. But with my faith, there is no power can stay me!”
Gordon R. Dickson, Soldier Ask Not (1967)

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  1. That is an excellent quote. Here is another one, from Hilaire Belloc:

    “The Catholic Church is an institution I am bound to hold divine – but for unbelievers a proof of its divinity might be found in the fact that no merely human institution conducted with such knavish imbecility would have lasted a fortnight.”

  2. I was sitting in church, this past Sunday, thinking about the corrupt leadership in the church, as our priest had been making meaningless statements about the matter, again. During the offeratory, a beautiful little girl with flowing blonde hair & a look of absolute joy on her face was returning to her parents after putting money in the bucket at the altar near the front of the church. Her innocent joy at being trusted to walk the distance to the offering bucket so far from her parents & then return to her seat without assistance calmed my turbulent emotions. The Lord spoke to me through this child. Her joy & love in being able to participate in the worship of our God is what we are fighting for in these struggles.

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