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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Mere days after former Vatican ambassador to the US, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, alleged that the Pope was aware of sexual misconduct allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Francis is said to have been spending a large part of his day quietly trying out different new emeritus signatures in preparations for his upcoming retirement.

“I hear you get a gold-plated watch,” Pope Francis whispered into the ear of one reporter in an attempt to change the subject of the accusation while in route to Rome from Ireland. But when the reporter repeated the question, Pope Francis was said to have pointed behind everyone, yelling, “Hey, what’s that!” before running back to his seat.

One of Francis’ aides, Father Tomas Demarco, told EOTT this morning that the Pope spent the rest of the flight trying out different signatures with “emeritus” in them.

“He kept his eyes on his paper for the most part,” Demarco said. “In the beginning he kept asking me if everyone was still looking his way and I said yes. That’s when he began trying out different new signatures. They were terrible, but whatever it takes for the man to retire, I mean, get his mind off the accusation.”

Demarco said that when Francis returned to the Vatican, he went up to the window in his bedroom and “Just stared out onto St. Peter’s Square.

“Yeah, he was gently touching the window as he hummed a sad little song to himself. At one point he began saying something along the lines of ‘No one gets you, Franny. No one has, no one does, but you.’ Weird as hell. He did this for a while until he started drinking. That’s when he went ape. He opened the window and started screaming the name Viganò over and over again with a type of vengeance that I haven’t seen from him since the last time we were in private and someone disagreed with him.”

Go here to comment.  PopeWatch has been unable to confirm or deny that our current Pope Emeritus has advised Pope Francis that after he resigns he will be officially known as either Pope Emeritus II or Pope Avis I, whichever he prefers.

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  1. On a serious note, I will be happy whether he retires or the Lord calls him. Perhaps that’s wrong of me to say, but that’s how I feel. The problem, however, remains: what should be done with his “Magisterium” which contains so much wrongheadedness? Father Hunwicke speculates on this and I don’t like any of the alternatives except utter destruction of everything Frankie said and wrote. Damnatio Memoriae. But Father points out obvious problems with that route, too.


  2. On a serious note. Is there anything meritus about Francis’ papacy for him to be “emeritus”? Abortion, climate change, persecuted Christians, invading Muslims, sodomites and sodomite priests so proud that they want their victims to support them for their crimes? I think not.

  3. Sept. 1st: On a serious note I guess McClarey doesn’t take all this abuse of others seriously – sure it’s supposed to be sarcastic or whatever well – maybe if his own house was burning and his loved ones were being harmed, he wouldn’t take it like this … or maybe he would.

  4. The Penn AG report is being treated in the media as if things are getting worse in the Church, molesting that is. The facts are just the opposite. I saw one report that said the majority of abuse offenses took place in the 1960s to the 1980s. That is true. That was the beginning of the “sexual revolution.” But more important was that sexual abuse of minors was not a criminal offense back then, it was treated as a psychological disorder “cured” by counseling according to the Psychiatric Association of America. That is why offenders were “transferred” away to get “treatment.” .
    I was a District Aide to a CA State Assemblyman in Orange County CA from 1980 to 1993. In 1985 I took a call from a constituent group nicked name “SLAM” – Stronger Legislation Against Molesters. They wanted to talk to the Assemblyman about studies they had that showed counseling did not “cure” such behavior. They wanted him to support legislation criminalizing that behavior to protect the children. Between 1985 and 1990 all states adopted laws criminalizing child molestation. The amount of abuse dropped considerably by the 1990s in the Church. So things are not getting worse in the Church or in any other organization that has adults dealing with children like public schools.
    The PENN state AG report covered 1947 to 2017. It they had put statistical data according to decades, it would have shown a steep drop in the 90s and above. And even in the 80s, public school employees had a higher percentage abuse rating that priests.
    What came out in the news, about the same time as the Penn AG report, was the Cardinal McCarrick sex scandal which was “fresh” and major because it involved the higher levels of some of the Church leadership seemingly ignoring such behavior.
    On top of all that, so to speak, was that 80% of the priests’ abuse was homosexual.

  5. It is important to remember that, as of this time, Josh Shapiro (who ran for Pennsylvania Attorney general favoring “marriage equality”) is not investigating anyone else for this kind of abuse. And, yes, most of the cases in Pittsburgh were prior to the former Bishop Wuerl – whom I do not like – was put in place.

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