Adagio for Strings

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Something for the weekend.  Adagio for Strings (1936) by Samuel Barber.  It gets my vote for the most powerful piece of music to come out of the last century.  It perfectly mirrors my feelings of anger, despair and hope as I view the current miseries of our poor betrayed Church.  We have Christ’s assurance that the Gates of Hell will not prevail, but that does not mean that the Church collectively will not have many crosses to bear, and we are doing so today.  Outside enemies we know how to confront;  the pain today is the internal enemies that join the money changers of the time of Christ to sell the sacred and the simple believers.  May God have mercy on them and us.


Here is the Agnus Dei (1967) rendition:

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  1. The September 2001 Symphony

    I. Holst: Mars, the Bringer of War
    II. Barber: Adagio for Strings
    III. Respighi: The Pines of the Appian Way
    IV. Orff: O Fortuna

  2. Was it just last Saturday that news of the gentleman Archbishop Vigano and his statement made my heart sing thanks to God for letting the truth of the situation be known?
    The crescendo in this piece is good accompaniment for the outrageous takeover of what was the Holy See and the horror of their denying God and chastising Christians for their faith.
    The ending soberly describes what you say in the post about the collective church.

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