Letter From 2006 Confirms Vatican Knew of McCarrick Allegations in 2000

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From Lifesite News:


A Vatican letter to a New York priest confirms the Holy See knew of sexual abuse allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2000, Catholic News Service reported Friday.

The U.S. bishops’ official news service, Catholic News Service (CNS) also says the 12-year-old letter “confirms elements” of the explosive 11-page testimony of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

Viganò’s principal allegation is that Pope Francis and a number of high-ranking prelates covered up McCarrick’s serial sexual abuse of seminarians.

He stated the Vatican knew as early as 2000, when he was an official at the Secretariat of State under Cardinal Angelo Sodano, of allegations that McCarrick “shared his bed with seminarians.”

Viganò testified the Vatican heard the allegations from both Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, U.S. nuncio from 1998 to 2005, and Archbishop Pietro Sambi, U.S. nuncio from 2005 to 2011.

The letter obtained by CNS was sent in 2006 from Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, then Vatican substitute for general affairs, to Father James Boniface Ramsay, a whistleblower on McCarrick.

Sandri has since been made a cardinal and serves as prefect of the Congregation for Eastern Churches.

Now a pastor in New York City, Ramsay was professor at Immaculate Conception Seminary at Newark’s Seton Hall University from 1986 to 1996.

Ramsey told CNS he sent a letter to nuncio Montalvo dated November 22, 2000, detailing complaints from seminarians about McCarrick — a letter which Viganò refers to in his testimony.

“I complained about McCarrick’s relationships with seminarians and the whole business with sleeping with seminarians and all of that; the whole business that everyone knows about,” Ramsey said.

Sandri’s letter, sent six years later, delicately referred to these allegations when he asked Ramsey for information on a Newark diocese priest and former Immaculate Conception student he was vetting for a Vatican post.

“I ask with particular reference to the serious matters involving some of the students of the Immaculate Conception Seminary, which in November 2000 you were good enough to bring confidentially to the attention of the then Apostolic Nuncio in the United States, the late Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo,” writes Sandri.

Go here to read the rest.  It sounds to me as if this was an attempt by Pope Benedict to confirm the allegations.  He then, typical of his weak reign, imposed sanctions against McCarrick that McCarrick, confident in the strength of the Lavender Mafia, ignored as best he could, although Pope Benedict did put him out to pasture as far as an official role at the Vatican.  Then there arose a Pope completely beholden to the Lavender Mafia, and McCarrick was back in business at the Vatican.   The puzzle pieces are beginning to lock into place.

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  1. What’s curious is that he was appointed to the Archbishopric and to the College of Cardinals after the initial letter. The Pope cannot vet personally more than a selection of episcopal appointments, but he certainly can vet carefully who is raised to the College of Cardinals. What happened? Was the letter from that seminary professor omitted from materials sent to the Pope, or did he undertake a slapdash review before appointed McCarrick? I do wish John Paul had spent less time traveling and writing poetry and more time on administrative tasks. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want to read one word about the Pope beyond a brief squib that he offered a public Mass at the Vatican or at a parish in Rome or that he issued some rescript clarifying some point of doctrine or altering some piece of institutional architecture.

  2. As a lay person I feel very much as a second class laity. All that business about God creating all men equal is falling on deaf ears.
    Any abusive priest who is repentant and forgiven must resign with integrity. It is one thing to be a useful idiot to Satan. It is another thing to claim to be Catholic while serving Satan.

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