The Heroes of the Alamo

Thermopylae had her messenger of defeat-the Alamo had none.
Thomas Jefferson Green


One hundred and eighty-two years ago the Alamo fell.  The defenders had achieved victory in death, giving thirteen precious days in which Texan independence was declared and Sam Houston appointed by the Texas Constitutional Convention as Commander-in-Chief of the Texan Army, which at that time consisted of a few hundred raw recruits.  The Alamo defenders inflicted some 600 killed and wounded on the 1800 man force of Santa Anna.  Word of the Alamo spread throughout Texas, convincing each man that this was a fight to the end, and that the cry “give me liberty or give me death” were what they were facing.


The fallen of the Alamo would never be forgotten, the Texans screaming out the battle cry “Remember the Alamo!”, as they charged and crushed Santa Anna’s army at the battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836, achieving the dream of the defenders of the Alamo, an independent Texas.


When my late father was in the Air Force he toured the Alamo and he never forgot it and he told his sons about it, and his sons have told their children.


Of course such a major historical event is a stumbling block against those forces waging a non stop war against our heritage.  Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us the details:


Stop calling the Alamo defenders heroic
Pleads the Texas State Board of Education. The rationale is that words like ‘heroic’ are values charged. We wouldn’t want that. Well, except for things like gay rights, feminism, the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, MLK, and a host of others that textbooks describe with flowery, celebratory, ‘values charged’ language.*

We all know what’s happening. We can remain silent and watch our posterity face the consequences, since we can already see what this new society will be. Or we can do something about it. Those who go along with it are just putting a down-payment on a plot of land outside of the barbed wire fences. The rest should stop denying the obvious or it will be our posterity that pays the price.

*While never using terms like ‘heroic’, it’s worth noting that my oldest son’s World History textbook from high school had much high praise for Mao Zedong, Karl Marx and Michael Gorbachev and their accomplishments, with each having a full page write-up celebrating their accomplishments and influences.

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Three things.  The Left specializes in indoctrination and not education, and Leftists tend not to have many kids so they come for ours.  Nothing gets Leftist juices flowing more than displays of American patriotism which they despise and which they will do everything to destroy root and branch from our society.  Don’t let them succeed.






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  1. This post on the heels of Obama telling us Benhgazi was another conspiracy theory hatched by the GOP. In truth they hatched a video which was to blind the public from the truth.

    I am a hate monger in the eyes of the left.

    I do hate the damage the Left is doing in trying to rewrite history.
    I do hate the smug elite Dems who view the conservatives as nothing more than small versions of Alex Jones.

    Remember the Alamo!
    Darn right. We will remember and be ready to defend our country from enemies within and outside our boarders. To hell they will go. Don’t tread on me.
    Don’t think you can fool everyone by proclamation of your lies. No.
    Homeschooling is a phenomenal example of what happens when the left is pushing garbage in the learning centers across our country. We will not eat from your hands. Got it!

  2. For Texas, it’s likely that it’s less to do with liberal and more to do with Mexico being the bad guy. A really, really bad guy…..

    There’s a lot of money from folk who don’t want anything that will make the border seem like a good idea. Some of it might be legal.

  3. Stop calling the Alamo defenders “heroic”. They fought to re-impose slavery where Mexico had abolished it. Their other reason for being revolting is their fierce hatred of Catholic Christianity. Then there are the ones who were illegal aliens, present there against Mexican law.

  4. What total hogwash Micha. Mexico was a dictatorship under Santa Anna, and provinces other than Texas had revolted against him. Tejanos were among the heroes who died at the Alamo. The flag above the Alamo had 1824 on it, a call for the restoration of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 that Santa Anna had trampled into the dust. Yes, the Texans were mostly from the South and were mostly pro-slavery, but that no more negates the other things they were fighting for than it negates the American Revolution. The American settlers were brought in because the Mexican government thought, correctly, that the Americans could fight off the Comanches who were plundering Mexican settlements at will. As for anti-Catholicism, the Republic of Texas enjoyed excellent relations with the Papacy, the Pope recognizing the new Republic, and the first Vice-President of the Republic was a Catholic.

    Having said all that, men who voluntarily fought to the death against a force outnumbering them 10-1 are the very epitome of heroism.

  5. They fought to re-impose slavery where Mexico had abolished it.

    Check out the details on what they were demanding of the people with whom they broke faith, then tried to wipe out when they tried to hold to the contract– they were fine with slavery, they weren’t so cool with feeding the slaves.

    As for being Anti-Catholic… I look at what Catholic outposts have been in Catholic hands since before Texas revolted, and how rare the same is across the border, and let it speak for itself.

    As Donald points out, they were heroic, even if they did hold some bad views.
    I sure as heck wouldn’t wanna be a Spartan, or even a neighbor of theirs….

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