PopeWatch: Accuse Yourselves

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I would spit if I were not in God's house.
Henry II to the scheming Bishop of London who hates Thomas Becket., Becket

Pope Uriah Heep delivered another homily yesterday which reveals his thoughts in regard to the Vigano allegations:


Life fluctuates between two invitations: That of the Father and that of the “Great Accuser,” “who pushes us to accuse others, to destroy them”:

But it is he who is destroying me! And you cannot do it to the other. You cannot enter into the logic of the accuser. ‘But Father, I have to accuse.’ Yes, accuse yourself. You do well. For the other, only mercy, because we are children of the Father who is merciful. 


Go here to read the rest.  Mercy to the wicked, especially to the wicked in high office, tends to have negative consequences for the innocent.  Catholics for too long have given the benefit of the doubt to clergy in regard to the sex abuse crisis within the Church.  No longer.  Time for a reckoning and the truth.

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  1. We have passed the tipping point. It will all come out now.
    The Pope can do the wise thing of sending his man to America to oversee the investigation…(he will not do so.)
    Or he will be preempted by the state AGs, who have no respect for anything Catholic. One way or the other it will happen.
    I have no respect for this pope, none. It saddens me at my age to say that.

  2. I’m assuming the allusion is to David Copperfield’s Uriah Heep and not the Brit rock band. A good allusion it is.
    I go with D. McCleary’s 2nd choice – “barking mad”. PF is desperate and delusional.
    Always it’s “mercy”. Never is his “mercy” coupled with “repentance” or “contrition” and “penance”.

  3. One recalls Robespierre’s exclamation: “How tender one is to the oppressors and how inexorable against the oppressed! And how natural! Whoever has no hatred for crime cannot love virtue.

    Yet, one or the other must succumb. Indulgence for the conspirators, some people cry out, mercy for the scoundrels! No – Mercy for innocence, mercy for the weak, mercy for the wretched, mercy for humanity.” [Grâce pour les scélérats ! Non : grâce pour l’innocence, grâce pour les faibles, grâce pour les malheureux, grâce pour l’humanité !]

  4. 16 Years of Catholic Education, most under the tutelage of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and I have nary a clue what this guy is talking about!

    Let us use the image of the classic Clint Eastwood 1968 spaghetti western…..,
    “Hang ’em High”.

  5. Mercifully permit this Pope to act on the resignations of enablers and participants already tendered to him and insist on the resignations of bishops and cardinals he has evidence that would convince a reasonable man of their guilt of similar offenses, then this Pope resigns. I’ll go with extending such mercy for, oh, a week–ten days maximum. Failing that, let the petitions, prayer vigils, and protest marches begin! Any lay-organized public rebukes of Pope Francis in planning for this year’s All Souls Day yet?

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