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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—In a SiriusXM interview Friday, Chelsea Clinton stated it would be “unchristian” if she were to believe in God, read her Bible, or otherwise act in a way consistent with faith in God as the ultimate Judge and Ruler of the universe.

She said, “Believing in God and reading the Bible are representative of oppressive systemic structures that bring so much pain to people, it’s just unconscionable to me that some people think we should do those things, believe those things.”

Clinton claimed the sincere, biblical conviction that believing in God and reading His Word are necessary aspects of the Christian life is a belief that reveals evangelicals’ hatred toward women. “I’m a devout Christian, but suggesting that I need to believe Christian things that would go against my political platform is the very definition of the war on women.”

Go here to read the rest.  Considering the sterling upbringing she received from her parents, I am shocked, shocked that Clinton the Younger is as screwed up as she is.

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  1. I am a teacher and I said nothing against Chelsea when she was a child and even reproved some who did, but this is irrational babble from a reputed adult. So a Christian (her word) must set aside Biblical teaching if it conflicts with her politics? The polite answer would be to note an inversion in the order of goods. The less polite answers are either rank stupidity or cynical opportunism. Since she is a Clinton, I leave the reader to choose.

  2. Chelsea’s problem, I suspect, is that she’s neither ironic enough nor cussed enough to develop and keep a critical distance from her immediate milieu. She’s been able to pile up academic degrees, but they’ve been of scant value. She wandered through McKinsey-type consulting, then academic administration, then broadcast journalism ‘ere settling down to a position helping to run her parents’ grift. She almost certainly didn’t acquire enough old-school liberal education to appreciate poetry or philosophy or early music. Her mother and father have been absurdly financially generous with her. If there are relatives or friends of the family who could have helped jimmy her out of her parents’ clutches, they were unsuccessful. (Her Uncle Hugh is long-married to a woman who appears to be roughly normal-range; her mother-in-law is an odd duck who appears to have a great deal of energy and some decent impulses HRC lacks).

  3. “I know I’m going to get hate for this, but I have to stand firm in my Christian beliefs that fly in the face of Christianity,” she added.-CC

    Chelsea puts fun in dysfunctional.
    Not unlike her mother.
    The sap doesn’t drip far from the tree.

  4. Titus 1:16
    16They profess that they know God: but in their works they deny him; being abominable, and incredulous, and to every good work reprobate.

  5. “. . . it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    I’ve wasted too much time and effort on her (all things liberal are) evil and stupid comment.

  6. She is her mothers daughter without the relentless drive.
    She married into Goodman Sachs. She has accomplished nothing because she has never developed the requisite skills. Just like her mother, she rides exclusively on the tattered coat tails of her father.

  7. She is her mothers daughter without the relentless drive.

    Chelsea is 38. By the time HRC was 27, she’d been fired for cause from her first law job. The man who signed her letter of dismissal said he’d hired many lawyers over a period of 14 years and that she was one of 3 for whom he’d never give a reference. HRC’s next job she landed (one might suspect) because her husband was the state attorney-general. Her tour on the board of the Legal Services Corporation (which she was instrumental in ruining) began at age 31. The six-figure bribe laundered as ‘commodity trading’ she received at age 34. Gary Aldrich, the FBI agent assigned to the White House from 1993 to 1995 in a futile effort to conduct background investigations of Clinton appointees, has said Chelsea was an ordinary teenager as far as he could observe (though she called one Secret Service agent assigned to her her ‘personally trained pig’). She’s yet to develop a reputation for foul-mouth tirades (“f***ing Jew-b**tard”) or throwing lamps.

    She married into Goodman Sachs.

  8. Kinda weird Goldman Sachs hired Marc Mezvinsky. He had no business schooling at all and his education was (for the most part) in the humanities and the literary wing of political science.

  9. “The sex revolution has pretty well divorced itself from God the Creator.
    The sex revolution is no longer about sex nor is it about revolution. It is entirely about power and the greed for more power to subvert freedom.

  10. Not that I would have any trouble believing that she said something this stupid, I feel I must point out the Babylon Bee is a protestant satire site like the Eye of the Tiber, a religious ‘Onion’ (there used to be one called ‘Allium Cepa’, Latin for the common onion, but I can’t seem to find it now).

  11. No, she just hasn’t a serious thought in her head on matters religious And quite possibly on any other matter. Some people’s minds function well only when there is a structure of teachers and assignments prompting them. Outside of that, they’re all over the map and what they advocate is a function of sentiment and interest. I could introduce you to a few examples.

  12. Art Deco- Ha! Thanks, I think I know a few of those.

    So if one sets out to create the perfect “enlightened” child with all the indulgences one could bestow such as the best schools, the best material comforts, the best of everything in the eyes of this world….and one ends up with a “Chelsea Clinton”, you’ve really messed up then.

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