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We haven’t had a PopeWatch open thread in a while.  The usual open thread rules apply.  Be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing.

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  1. Jordan Peterson/ Sam Harris in London: Man uses 9% of his brain. Therefore, 91 % of the atheist’s brain is worshiping and acknowledging almighty God.
    The atheist exists. God exists.

  2. Penumbras of enumerated and un-enumerated human rights are innate.
    The penumbra, the umbrella, of un-enumerated rights, human rights and civil rights in our Founding Principles; our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence, are the innate human rights endowed by “their Creator” (Declaration) to the sovereign person at the beginning of his existence.
    The penumbra of un-enumerated innate human rights must by their very nature include all rights, enumerated and un-enumerated. Innate human rights do not contradict one or the other.
    “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder” starts with the sovereignty of the human person in his penumbra of innate human rights.
    Innate human rights become our civil rights when the sovereign person is given birth and becomes a citizen. Innate human rights are unalienable, infused by an infinite “Creator” who can only endow unalienable, innate human rights. Therefore, innate and unalienable human rights endowed by our “Creator” may be enumerated and un-enumerated in our Founding Principles.
    Innate, unalienable, un-enumerated, human rights become our civil rights at the birth of the sovereign person into citizenship.
    Sovereign personhood defines the perimeters of un-enumerated human rights in the legal term “penumbra”.
    “The rights the state gives, the state can take away.” Thomas Jefferson

  3. And speaking of loving God and our neighbor as ourselves: Masterpiece Cake Shoppe’s Jack Philips loved his homosexual neighbors as his heterosexual self. Aaron and Melissa Klein of Melissa’s Sweet Cakes loved their homosexual neighbors as their heterosexual selves. They were punished with a 135,000.00 fine that put them out of business. Aaron and Melissa Klein lost their livelihood. Now, they and their four children, being punished for their parents’ behavior, can starve to death, in an unconstitutional violation of our Eighth Amendment. Our Constitutional Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Article I, 9-10 prohibits an unconstitutional violation of Bill of Attainder. “no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except in the Life of the Person attainted.” Article III section 3
    The violation of our Constitution is not God’s will. The violation of our Constitution is the work of the devil. May almighty God have mercy on our immortal soul.
    P.S. To the taxpayers of The United States: The devil is getting expensive.

  4. Mary De Voe,

    I am not a lawyer or a legal scholar. I am not particularly well-read. But, here goes! Take it for what it’s worth.

    Seen elsewhere, “Anne Applebaum calls it the “rejection of Democracy.” Appointed-for-life judges, not elected legislators, gave America abortion/murder, gay privileges, etc.

    Judges choose sides. They name and empower winners and the punish losers. IMHO that is not interpreting the Constitution.

    Thomas Jefferson, “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions . . . would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.” Translation: “rejection of democracy.”

    And, it’s not only the judiciary. The executive: Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama refusals to enforce border and immigration laws; promulgations of thousands of regulations; IRS targeting political speech; DOJ/FBI refusals investigate oligarchs’ high crimes; assaults on the coal industry; killing of the Keystone Pipeline; umpty-umph unconstitutional executive orders; and (how many?) unnecessary and unconstitutional wars/proxy wars. All were similar “rejections of democracy.”

  5. the cousin to this site for those traditionalist believers in the old school united states military is called,,,,,,,,u.s. defense watch,,,,,,where the abominations of the liberalized if not rose red commie influence is manifest everyday,in our feminized u.s. military,,,,,the layout is quite similary with comments open to reasonable observers,,you do not have to be a veteran to comment …….catholics have the pope,,,,veterans have the defense sec and the joint chiefs that are allowing the us military to become a bizarre social experiment in gender neutrality. just google,,,u.s. defense watch…… that is all.

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