PopeWatch: Alter Francis

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Pope attempts to enlist Christ again to support his silence in regard to the Vigano allegations:


The Pope brought up that it was also the people who yelled “crucify him”. Jesus then compassionately remained silent because “the people were deceived by the powerful”, Pope Francis explained. His response was silence and prayer. Here the shepherd chooses silence when the “Great Accuser” accuses him “through so many people”. Jesus “suffers, offers his life, and prays”, Pope Francis said.

That prayer carried him even to the Cross, with strength; even there he had the capacity of drawing near to and healing the soul of the repentant thief.

Go here to read the rest.  The striking thing about Pope Francis when he speaks off the cuff is just what a small man he truly is.  His attempt to enlist Our Savior for a defense of his silence is typical of the man who single-handedly has done more damage to the office of the Pope than any one of his predecessors.  Most of our Popes, after their election, have striven to live up to the office, usually with imperfect success but with obvious sincere effort.  Pope Francis has striven instead to make his office contract to him: a weak, belligerent and petty man, and one who obviously has no love for the Tradition that guides the Church.  It is bleakly humorless that Francis, at war with so much of the Church which he now leads, demands that his adversaries give to him the deference and obedience which is owed to him only due to the traditions and laws of the Church which he seeks to transform beyond recognition.  However, the Church is not a suicide pact, and no man is greater than the Church, and that definitely includes the Pope.

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  1. it wasn’t silence that crucified Christ, but His telling of the truth about his church’s corrupted leadership. He didn’t go to war with Caesar, but with Pharisees, I’m also reminded that is was his own bishop–Judas Iscariot that betrayed him.
    It wasn’t silence that martyred the Apostles, or Sir Thomas More etc. but their courage to speak the truth in the face of evil.
    Gagging the truth is hardly the mark of true Catholic thinking.

  2. Bergolio desired a poor church and he is making it poor because he produces a poverty of dogma and doctrine and a poverty of natural law proposals.

    He has, however, created aachurch of wealth; a wealth of anthropocentrism and Indifferentism and, worse, a wealth of heterodoxy in words and in deeds

  3. Simplistically, in the US the chain of command for the vow of obedience of diocesan priests is priest obeys pastor who obeys bishop who obeys cardinal who obeys pope. True? Diocesan priests do not take a vow of poverty. True?
    What is the chain for religious order priests who vow obedience?
    Could the resulting court cases from the PA AG report and other state AGs be an assault on the seal of confession?

  4. ‘ … when the “Great Accuser” accuses him “through so many people”. ‘
    So, who is he kidding that his silence is anything close to prayer to the One he doesn’t love, or, I mean, that his silence isn’t an avoidance of the corruption issue he and his cohorts laugh at?
    Dreading another onslaught of generalized unholy-ness this coming Advent from Vatican den.

  5. I’ve wondered the same thing myself. He certainly seems to act like one. Apparently though, a Pontiff is allowed to resign and, while it’s against canon law for cardinals to collude before or during , a conclave, I have yet to see anything to indicate that collusion on the part of papal electors results in the invalidation of the one elected.

    So most likely not.

  6. Ernst,
    Collusion before a conclave bestows excommunication Latae Sententiae by order of JPII. So if the cardinals had indeed colluded before the concave to have Cardinal Bergoglio elected, they would have been excommunicated, and, in theory, invalidated Bergoglio’s election. In theory. Really, only a future pope, or maybe an imperfect council of cardinals, can tell us the truth.

  7. On the Cardinals who did the colluding, not the one colluded for. I don’t know how many Cardinals would have had to collude to invalidate the conclave, but I’m pretty sure the Saint Gall Group wasn’t that big.

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