Quotes Suitable for Framing: Richard Cohen


or anything to do with the Clintons, clearly the most felonious couple since Bonnie and Clyde.

Richard Cohen, The Party of Lincoln is About to Drown, The Washington Post, September 18, 2018

Richard Cohen is a columnist for The Washington Post.  He joined the Post as a reporter in 1968.  During the past 50 years he has regularly written stories and columns predicting doom for the Republican party.  His latest column is more of the same, but in mocking the beliefs of the Republican party he cited or anything to do with the Clintons, clearly the most felonious couple since Bonnie and Clyde.  Go here to read the column.  As usual Mr. Cohen demonstrates the liberal bubble in which he dwells.  No self respecting Republican would ever compare the Clintons to Bonnie and Clyde.  Those two Depression era bankrobbers had two years of notoriety before they were gunned down by law enforcement.  The Clintons have had a successful career of criminality stretching back more than four decades.  One of them became President and one of them came close to being President.  They are the most successful criminals in American history.  The hapless Bonnie and Clyde would not be worthy of untying the shoes of one of Bill’s mistresses, or helping Hillary up a flight of stairs.  Sheesh Mr. Cohen, even hack columns have their standards!


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  1. The Clintons remind me of two other leaders with similar values; Ferdinand Marcos and Idi Amin. Ruthless swindlers that cared only for themselves. Idi and Hillary had no problem with the killing of innocent children.

    The best thing that I like about the Clinton regime is it’s final act. When history is accurately written about these parasites and their names will be infamously recorded.

    The Dark new age and the cult of personality.

  2. Since the death of Henry MItchell and the retirement of Murray Kempton, Cohen one might suggest is the most capable of liberal opinion journalists and one of the few who has some critical distance from the day’s partisan stances. He is still, however, a liberal opinion journalist.

  3. Cohen is another whiny leftist. I remember this dolt when I started to read the editorial pages when I was 12, 43 years ago. Even as a kid, the drivel he and Mary McGrory would waste ink with was infuriating. That’s what you get with a Washingtonian lifer.

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