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Father Z brings us this from the twitter feed of Henry Sire:


From the Twitter feed of the author of The Dictator Pope.

1) IMPORTANT NEWS: my sources confirm that Archbishop Viganò is now living in fear of his life, quite literally. As everyone knows, Archbishop Viganò went into hiding after his explosive revelations. But he is not just trying to avoid canonical reprisals…

2) He has confided to his friends that he now has good reason to be in fear of his life. We need to reflect on what this implies. If, six years ago, Dan Brown had published a novel telling the present story just as it is, he would have been ridiculed as presenting…

3) … a grotesquely sensationalist picture of the Catholic Church. This is the measure of what Pope Francis has achieved in just five-and-a-half years. He has taken the Church back to the age of the Borgias, with all the disembellishments of the twenty-first century.

4) And things are only going to get worse.

CLARIFICATION: With respect to my earlier tweet, I can indeed confirm, based on impeccable inside sources, that Abp. Viganò is not only in hiding, but that he fears for his life. However, I am not privy to the reasons for his anxiety about his safety. Henry Sire

Go here to read the rest.  Ever have the feeling that you fell asleep and woke up in the sixteenth century?  The truly sad thing is that with the present gang in the Vatican one can’t reject out of hand that they might not stoop to murder.  What an ongoing disaster for the Church.

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  1. Pitch forks in hand. Time to storm the castle?

    The investigation must get underway.
    The honest to goodness Truth needs to be told.
    God help your Holy Catholic Church.

  2. Widespread Contraception = Abortion/Sodomy/Divorce
    Widespread Dissent = Homosexual-Cabals/Godless-Reformers

    Q.E.D. Any questions?

  3. I have been sympathetic to Vigano from the beginning, and remain so. He’s proven to be credible and corroborated in the essentials.

    But I confess to being a bit puzzled by this. There’s no doubt the Regime of Mercy micromanages things to a degree not seen in decades and keeps tabs on people in the same way.

    And I can even understand the desire to lay low and stay hidden. But relaying that he’s afraid of being assassinated without offering some kind of substantive explanation makes him look like a crank.

  4. “… without offering some kind of substantive explanation makes him look like a crank.” Unless he comes up all dead or is never seen again.

  5. The gentleman Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano doubtless has ‘substantive’ reasons from such a large cast of main characters and their satellite coteries, hired or not. No one seems agreeable about refuting the facts in his civilized letter. It would be tragic to allow his good name to be muddied or further villainized.

  6. Dale Price, I agree with you. One thing that bothers me is the idea that if Archbishop Vigano is never heard from again this matter will disappear or remain unverifiable. Pardon my frankness but why else do witnesses get whacked? Is Francis really that vindictive? For starters, I’d like to hope that there are multiple copies of the 300 page dossier that caused Pope Benedict to hit the eject button. Also, even if the censure of McCarrick wasn’t done publicly you would think there would be some paper trail.

  7. “Is Francis really that vindictive?”

    Only the heart of the devil would support sodomy & those involved in sexual assault. Vindictiveness is the least of PF’s problems.

  8. After reading the link to Church Militant, which M Dowd provided, about the murder of the whistleblower priest in Buffalo, Archbishop Vigano should stay in safety. Also on that site is a letter to Pope Francis from a Dutch bishop who will not participate in the pope’s meeting in Rome early OCT with bishops to discuss the Church and youth. The Dutch bishop feels given the pope’s silence on the crisis it is unseemly to call for such a meeting therefore he will not attend. A brave man.

  9. I hate to point this out, but the simplest and most expedient way for the Lavender Mafia to handle this entire matter would be to first, “disappear” Archbishop Vigano and secondly, arrange for “The Bishop In White” to be assassinated – Saint Pope John Paul II style – according to Pope Benedict’s “lame” interpretation of the third Fatima secret. This way, you have no more accuser, a “martyr” Pope, plus a sensational, fulfilled prophecy. All of which should provide sufficient distraction until the next Pope is elected.

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