PopeWatch: Deranged Pope?

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The Pope continued in a homily yesterday to identify himself with Christ:


“But look, what a scandal! You can’t live like that! We have lost our values. Now everyone has the right to enter into the church, even the divorced, everyone. But where are we?” The scandal of the hypocrites. This is the dialogue between the great love that forgives all, [the love of] Jesus; [and] the love “by halves” of Paul and of this woman, and also our [love], which is an incomplete love because none of us is a canonized saint. Let’s be honest. It is hypocrisy: the hypocrisy of the “just,” of the “pure,” of those who believe they are saved by their own proper external merits.


And the Church, when it journeys through history, is persecuted by hypocrites: hypocrites within and without. The devil has nothing to do with repentant sinners, because they look upon God and say, “Lord, I am a sinner, help me!” And the devil is impotent; but he is strong with hypocrites. He is strong, and he uses them to destroy, to destroy the people, to destroy society, to destroy the Church. The workhorse of the devil is hypocrisy, because he is a liar. He makes himself out to be a powerful prince, beautiful, and from behind he is an assassin.


So, the Pope is Christ and his adversaries are tools of the Devil?  PopeWatch fears that the Pope may be in the middle of a breakdown.  Of course our useless Cardinals will stand by and do nothing, courage being as absent among the College of Cardinals as cowardice and careerism are plentiful.

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  1. It’s not like the message of the gospels hasn’t been misused on behalf of wrong doing before, but from Rome? To quote the poet, John Donne. Lord, show me thy spouse.

  2. Deranged? No. Calculating and diabolical? Heck yes. Go back to the first time he stepped out onto the balcony at St. Peter’s. See who he purposely surrounded himself with. In hindsight, none of this is surprising.

  3. Corpus Christi is bloodied and dead and where is TRUTH? “Unless you honor me I will make of you a foolish nation, a no people” “But those whose hearts are set on their idols and their filthy practices, I will call to account for their conduct— it is the Lord,Yahweh Who speaks.” Ezekiel 11: 21

  4. The Pope is a hypocrite therefore he is…..
    In some parts of his homilies and comments he borders on the incoherent. I would love to see a photo of the Masses attendees’ faces while they listen to his homilies. There must be expressions of great puzzlement.

  5. In the 1986 movie Platoon, Tom Berenger’s character Sargent Barnes exclaimed; “…I am reality.”

    There is a false sense or deception about how one can view himself v. reality.
    Some elevate their self worth others can devalue their self but the reality is we can only find our true self when we die to self. In my opinion PF has a identity problem. He is his own reality, not unlike Sgt. Barnes, who has a pocket full of reasons why he takes the rule book and rewrites it rather than following it. In his mind he is above the rules and correctly becomes the law maker.

    Self deception becomes a reality. An identity that in time will crumble and implode. I believe that his implosion is nearing. The Lavender Mafia will see him go from an asset to a liability. The ultimate reality show is coming for Pope Francis. One that will set him free. The charade will end.

    (Thanks for your patience in my nickle analysis.)

  6. It is indeed true that “repentant sinners” are, as the Pope said, are under God’s protection. However the obvious state of our Church is that so many are defiantly unrepentant, and demand that the Church and Her faithful accomodate, excuse, and tolerate blatant sin. Regrettably many have found backing in their intransigence from dissident priests and bishops. I pray that the Holy Father corrects this serious condition in the Church quickly.

  7. The most disturbing part of that quote is the bit that implies you’re only a member of the Mystical Body of Christ if you’re able to partake of the Eucharist.

    Enjoy sussing out the theological implications of that, were it true.

  8. As for the rest, I suppose you could, quite correctly, make the case that the hypocrites are the sodomites using the Church for their own sexual gratification as if they were trolling through the Blue Oyster.

  9. PF is the master of the strawman argument, deaf to his own voice in his homilies and blind to his actions and their affects on the Church Militant. He has no concept that he, in reality, has no effect on the whole Church, i.e. the Church Penitent and Triumphant.

  10. I believe he has lost grip on reality. He has shown in the past that he has shielded homosexuals in the priesthood and I believe that is why McCarrick pushed to get him elected Pope. Yet, he cannot accept the fact that he is a tool of the Lavender mafia and the German bishops (Marx, most likely) who use their Church Tax surplus money to buy influence in Latin American dioceses. Rorate has a piece similar to this one this morning. He is also back to ranting and raving about the enviornment and whining about capitalism.

  11. We can pray that some of our American USCCB leaders get their fighting spirit nudged. Although, many have neglected those muscles for decades. I watched a video from when Benedict XVI was in Germany and how his cardinals abused him. It broke my heart. It can be found at taylormarshall.com. The video is about two thirds of the way in. The video is excellent, but, that video will leave you asking what that poor man must be experiencing now.

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