Cardinal Cupich removes priest who burned rainbow flag. What now?

Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.
—Ezekiel 22:26 (KJV)

A story from WGN (see here) announces that Fr. Paul Kalchik, the priest who burned the LGBT rainbow flag that had hung in his church, has been removed by Cardinal Kupich “to receive pastoral support.”   I’m not sure what “pastoral support” might mean; I hope it won’t hearken back to Medieval times when racks and other instruments of physical persuasion were used to insure proper belief.

I wonder what I would do were I a member of Fr. Kalchik’s parish or in the Archdiocese of Chicago.   One thing I would do for sure, would be to withhold financial support.   Or perhaps I might see about switching to a Byzantine Rite or Ordinariate parish (although such a transfer I’m told is not usually permitted—you stay with the rite in which you were baptized).   Or ????

I wonder about schisms.   How do they come about?   At the highest level or from common folk?  There was the “Great Schism” between Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Roman Catholic) Churches back in 1054.   And, presumably, any time one disregards his/her bishop, one is in schism:

Formerly a man was rightly considered a schismatic when he disregarded the authority of his own bishop; hence the words of St. Jerome quoted above. Before him St. Cyprian had said: “It must be understood that the bishop is in the Church and the Church in the bishop and he is not in the Church who is not with the bishop” (Epist., lxvi, 8)
Catholic Encyclopedia, New Advent.

I hope there will be some comments that will enlighten and not abuse.

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    For years “uncle ted” professed allegiance to and practiced the anal stage of human development. He became a pathetic lump of soulless human cells owned by Satan. It almost resembles a human body, but human bodies do not perform sodomy. Sodomites do.
    The sphincter muscle around the anus surrounds an empty space. “uncle ted” consigned his soul to hell and proceeded to engage in assault and battery through sodomy as sodomites do.
    “uncle ted” refused to acknowledge “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”. “uncle ted” refused to rely on the protection of Divine Providence. “uncle ted” refused to grant succor and mercy to his victims.
    “uncle ted” comes to the wedding feast in filthy garments. “uncle ted” is to be bound and thrown into the fires of Gehenna, the Gehenna he devised for himself against the will of God, against the love of God and against the mercy of God.
    P.S. to “uncle ted”. People do not like to be sodomized. Sodomites do not like to sodomize but they lie to themselves. Therein is the crux of the matter. Sodomites are liars. In a court of law, lying is called perjury.
    Victor Frankly.

  2. There is a reading in today’s “Office of Readings” (23 August) from a sermon by St. Augustine on Pastors:
    “There are men who want to live a good life and have already decided to do so, but are not capable of bearing sufferings even though they are ready to do good. Now it is a part of the Christian’s strength not only to do good works but also to endure evil. Weak men are those who appear to be zealous in doing good works but are unwilling or unable to endure the sufferings that threaten.”
    This struck me: as Christians we must not only try to be good and do good but we must also endure evil and be confident that in the ultimate end, evil will not win.

  3. Even as early as St. Augustine of Hippo, there were non Catholic Christians. Donatists were Christian. Were they schismatic? Or were they heretics? I don’t understand the difference.

  4. Schismatics are Catholics out of Communion with the Church. The Donatists were schismatics. Heretics reject some Catholic beliefs and/or have non-Catholic beliefs. Presbyterians are heretics for example, as were the Arians.

  5. Now we get to see what triggers episcopal discipline in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

    Some years ago there was a maddening account of episcopal discipline meted out in Connecticut diocese. Dale Price reviews what they did do and didn’t do and divined their operative principle: “Don’t screw with the money”.

    The catastrophic decline in the quality of our bishops over 60 years is something to contemplate.

  6. I got this article from a repost on Here’s one of the comments to that repost:
    “Read the real story, folks. Been following this on Church Militant. Cupich had two of his goons approach Fr. Paul to insist he leave his parish, where his parishioners love him, to enter a psychiatric hospital. Parishioners actually heard a PHYSICAL THREAT against him. He is reportly in hiding. Please pray for Fr. Kalchik and the Church as Our Lady at Fatima and Akita implored us. St. Michael defend us in battle! ”
    Here’s the link to the Comments page:

  7. Bob, I don’t think the language used really counts as a threat. Very far from legally, anyway. Also, it was not heard directly by the parishioners who talked to CM, they heard it soon after from Fr. Kalchick.

    Btw, Lucianne sure has a whole different atmosphere than CM – more active, shall we say. More savvy on internet ways, too, despite the more primitive software there.

  8. Bob,
    Come to the Anglican Ordinariate! If there isn’t an Anglican Ordinariate parish or forming community, create your own. The Anglican Ordinarate is bursting with priests and they can assign one in your area.

  9. Tito, thank you for the invitation. There is an Ordinariate Parish in Scranton, PA, St. Thomas More, about a two hour drive for us. We’ve been there a number of times when it first was established four or five years ago, have contributed and even been one of the “two or three at Evensong.” However it’s difficult now for my wife to take that two hour drive and to navigate from the car to the Church. It is a beautiful service and I’ve blogged about it several times. If you’re in Houston, you’re lucky to have that liturgy available, especially presided by Bishop Lopes.

  10. Enjoy the feeling of power now Cardinal Cupich, it won’t last. I believe in the Holy Spirit and the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church and in some form or another there will be a reckoning for Pope Francis and his loyal henchmen. I have no doubt.

  11. Fr. Kalchick made two mistakes. The first was calling attention to himself by announcing his intention to burn the flag instead of just burning the damnable thing. His second and more serious mistake was in disobeying his Bishop.

    In my opinion, we should accept Cardinal Cupich’s actions. Because when an orthodox bishop decides to remove some loose-goosey “spirit of Vatican 2!” miscreant we can all say: “He’s only following the example of Cardinal Cupich.”

  12. In semi-related news, and at the risk of jacking the thread (with apologies to Dr. Kurland):

    Did anybody else read/hear the second reading from today’s Mass (O.F. 25th Sun. in ordinary time) and laugh, snort, chortle, gasp sigh or otherwise react reflexively? Particularly in light of the first reading?

  13. Mr Schreiber, I thought all three readings were quite apropos. I know the First is a prophecy of Our Lord, but I can think of some figures in the Church today that would qualify (meaning no blasphemy), like Fr Kalchik. And given that pride seems to be the besetting sin of certain Prelates, I thought the Gospel was fitting, too.

  14. I had similar thoughts. There’s a real corker of a homily or sermon addressing the current crisis in those readings.

    I literally laughed out loud after reading the 1st verse of the NT reading. Sarcastic hah! laugh. Glad that (1) I always read the readings before mass, and (2) try to arrive early so I have time for (1).

  15. Occasionally, one uncovers a nugget of truth within movies or television shows.
    In Terminator 2, Terminator Arnie told John Connor, “It is in your nature to destroy yourselves”. In MASH, Col. Potter once said, “Stupid laws were made to be broken.”
    I have sympathy for the good Catholics of the Chicago Archdiocese. Cupich has no business being in the position he is in, but was put there at the insistence of the Wuerlwind, he who hides Uncle Ted.
    A Catholic in good standing may attend any Catholic Church of any Rite at any time. Switching particular Churches is a big deal but it is not necessary to attend a different Particular Church. Within 15 minutes from my home there is a Maronite Church, a Ukrainian Church, a Byzantine (Ruthenian) Church, and a chapel of SSPX, who is NOT in schism. Irregular status does not connotate schism.

  16. Thanks Penguins fan for the guidance. Unfortunately you must be in a populated area (Pittsburgh? My wife is a Penguins fan also, formerly of Pgh). We’re in a rural area, and there aren’t that many rites to choose from. Some Orthodox (1.5 hours away), and one Ukrainian Catholic (1 hour away). If it comes to changing we’ll take the drive to Scranton once a week for the Ordinariate and do TV masses for daily.

  17. To all: I’ve goofed in the headline. Mis-spelled “Cupich” (thanks Elizabeth) and find after reading the article in Church Militant that it was parishioners who burned the rainbow flag (presumably with Fr. Kalchik’s OK).

  18. Not discipline for the homo priests performing lewd acts for all to see in broad daylight in Florida. They are priests under the guidance of cupich in his diocese.
    Cupich will suggest to Francis they be rainbow bishops..

  19. Opposing a bishop?

    The eminent canonist Fr. Gregory Hesse (RIP) said the following: the laity has the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, while the Church has the obligation to *provide* a suitable Mass.

    A heretical rainbow newchurch Mass would not, IMO, be suitable. Nor would a political Cupich Mass. Hesse further states that each person must make a reasonable effort to find and attend a suitable Mass, and as a matter of practicality sets the range at about 20 miles (if i remember correctly). If there are none, then a tv Mass fulfills the obligation. IIRC, this was all said in reference to people who want a TLM, btw.

    What stands out is that the Church has obligations to the members – not simply the arrogant rule by encroaching fiat as we have been seeing these past 5 years.

    If only Fr Hesse had lived. That talk by Hesse is on youtube. Youtube, as it turns out, is not 100% trash after all. Yet. But the purging of youtube videos by liberals is accelerating.

    All of this does not address what happens when something like a burial or other sacrament is needed and dues have not been paid.

  20. And meanwhile, Father Pfleger, like his misbegotten ordinary, sleeps in perfect peace every night.

    I read that while most of his American colleagues recognize that Cupich does not think with the Church, the biggest problem they have is that, in the words of an unnamed bishops: “he is such an a–h–e.”

    I do not doubt that, but I think sometime back he crossed the line from jerk to just plain evil.

  21. What is anyone doing for Fr. Paul? There is allot of righteous indignation but little talk of what Fr Paul’s needs.

  22. Fr Khouri, we have been discussing that on CM. Since he is incommunicado, there is not a way to get money to him right now. But he does have a brother named David who spoke up for him on the petition page. Sites like GoFundMe are notoriously bigoted liberals who might cancel an effort on their site, but there must be one suitable.

    It’s likely unwise to involve his parish employees, else probably Cupich would retaliate and get anyone/everyone fired.

    If you are clergy, his family would probably speak to you.

    A pro bono lawyer? The Thomas More Law Center (very sharp bunch) might refer a solo practice, but they wouldn’t get involved in opposing the hierarchy… I would guess. Maybe even wouldn’t suggest a solo lawyer.

  23. I seem to remember somewhere reading that his parents are receiving death threats from radical gays, so therefore they are both still alive. Fr Kalchik is not that old, going from his photo.

  24. Did he burn the flag openly? Who has denunciation him? Maybe he burned it \ like you burn things from a hunted house?? You so very often see that –
    At TV- goast hunting. Whereas there you whiteness so. Dry often that people don’t know how to deal with a Ghost or spirit from the other side
    People don’t know anything about house blessings
    Holy water.. or that a Catholic priest can help.
    The people who help very often burn things attached to the house…

  25. I share your conundrum. At some point evil must be resisted and, clearly, the Church through its members can be/do evil whether laity or clergy. The priest has likely been sent to St. Luke’s for “re-education”. I am praying and I know God wins in the end. It is a hard journey but I do not think carrying “my cross” includes tolerance of evil. At present, I am trying to identify the good guys.

  26. I long for the time over seven decades ago, when all would attend mass in peace. Of course we knew the local hair dresser, the decorator with perfect color coordination and tenor who so enriched the choir. People would chat after mass about things of common interest but always careful not to be seen as prying into others’ private affairs. There was an occasional snicker in English Lit when Oscar Wilde’s famous quote “hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue” but there was no pointing of fingers or sly sidewise glances. Please don’t tell me that “letting it all hang out” is better.

  27. Compassion toward the LBGT does not include condoning their lifestyle. Making a stand for God’s natural law is a fruit of the graces of Spiritual Courage and Christian Witness. I pray for his conversion and salvation of his soul 🌹

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