A Time For Anger

The video of the interview of Judge Kavanaugh and his wife from yesterday.  My heart goes out to them.  Neither of them were political novices before this madness, and they knew the confirmation battle would be rough, but not, I am sure, in their wildest nightmares did they expect it to be this rough.  That they have two young daughters is the icing on this cake of misery they are being forced to eat in public.

Judge Kavanaugh is a man of enormous probity and a jurist of the first rank.  Throughout his life he has played by the rules and worked hard and brilliantly.  He is a man of sterling family life, without a hint of scandal, until the Democrats dug up false charges from two obviously disturbed women, claiming actions by him, actions occurring while they were drunk, and actions they have zero corroborative evidence to prove.  In normal times he would be confirmed 100-0.  However, these are not normal times.  We live in times of moral chaos where the worst among us are filled with a passionate intensity to enact agendas that would transform evil into good.  Thus the Democrats are seeking to destroy not only the life of Judge Kavanaugh, but also the lives of his wife and daughters.

In the face of that, I would suggest that the attitude of the Judge to the Committee on Thursday should be one of cold, controlled fury.  He has been put through hell by the Democrats, and not just by these spurious allegations.  They transformed his hearing into a circus, complete with evil clownish staged interruptions, with the Democrat Senators continually trying to delay the work of the Committee.  The Democrats have acted in bad faith throughout this process and are worthy of every ounce of contempt the Judge can muster.  He should tell the television audience that all of this results from the simple fact that the Democrats lost the Presidential election in 2016 and they have refused to accept that fact.  That this whole bad farce has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the fact that the Democrats will do anything, literally anything, to prevent a jurist chosen by Trump to sit on the Supreme Court, and this is the reason they are seeking to destroy him and his family.  I trust that Judge Kavanaugh is viewing intently the testimony given by a friend of his, Justice Clarence Thomas, twenty-seven years ago, when the Democrats attempted a similar scam:




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  1. Adopted from the 1928 BCP – not Roman but still appropriate:

    O MERCIFUL God, and heavenly Father,
    who hast taught us in thy holy Word that thou dost not willingly afflict or grieve the children of men;
    Look with pity, we beseech thee,
    upon the sorrows of thy servant Brett Kavanaugh and thy handmaid his wife Ashley,
    for whom our prayers are offered.
    Remember them, O Lord, in mercy;
    endue their souls with patience; comfort them with a sense of thy goodness;
    lift up thy countenance upon them, and give them peace;
    through Jesus Christ our Lord,
    who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost,
    ever one God, world without end.

  2. All the more we storm heaven with prayers!
    ( I do not know very much, you readers know this by now, but I know this…our prayers are essential.)

    We can not sit this one out. We must pray hard for righteousness sake.

    A few weeks ago I asked for prayers from this community for the decision of a past co-worker to choose to come into Holy Catholic Church.
    She and her husband said yes! This in the middle of mess we currently have going on in our time.

    Your prayers are heard!

    This couple will enter on Easter vigil 2019.
    Please say an extra Rosary for the Kavanaugh’s. For the children. For our nation.

  3. My heart and prayers go out to Judge Kavenaugh, his wife and daughters. How different it would be if those making claims were to be prosecuted for such claims (36 years later with mostly no memory of where, when…and the newer one as well). Additionally, the creepy porn lawyer should not be allowed to make allegations publicly 48 hours in advance. If he were to have something substantial, he would need to go through proper channels…
    or else, lock him up for rabble rousing or something.

    I believe there is more to it than not accepting election results. I think they fear for their lives in getting caught and being prosecuted for all of the crimes of corruption committed. May truth win the day and no one be physically harmed as more comes to light. God bless you!

  4. Please note that a number of Republican senators who are off the reservation a great deal (e.g. John Hoeven) haven’t countenanced this circus. This has been allowed to turn into a train-wreck due to the machinations of no more than four members of the Senate Republican Caucus (really just two, I’m going to guess). It’s nearly impossible to believe that these four individuals (or the crucial subset of those four) take these absurdly stale accusations against Judge Kavanaugh seriously. They are just jerking everyone around striking poses.

    These women are not ‘disturbed’. They are frauds. Not one person has emerged since Dianne Feinstein dropped this stink bomb who will attest to the following: (1) an acquaintanceship with both Christine Blasey and Brett Kavanaugh during the period running from 1980 to 1986 and (2) presence at an event where Christine Blasey and Brett Kavanaugh were themselves both present. At least one woman has emerged who said she knew both, but she attests that the two were in different social circles and she never saw them in the same place at the same time and would not have expected to see them together. Who does Christine Blasey pick to accuse? Mark Judge, the one person enrolled at Georgetown Prep between 1977 and 1985 who has written a memoir about his adolescent life, the one person in that matrix you might know something about without ever having crossed paths with them. Christine Blasey in her marriage counseling tells the counselor that she was in her ‘late teens’. Christine Blasey was born in November 1966, so ‘late teens’ means (roughly) July 1984 to November 1986. That she retconned the time frame in her letter to Eshoo so it intersected with a period during which Kavanaugh would have been a year-round resident should tell you that she is not confused; she is lying.

  5. All they have are lies supported by logical fallacies. The appropriate response to truly stupid lies is to say, “She is lying.” Anything else incentivizes the enemy. They are the enemy.

    So, we need to fight like the third monkey going up on the ramp into Noah’s Ark. Or, say “Goodbye.” to your country and way of life.

  6. I’m no legal expert. But it seems as though what the Dems, the press, feminists and even some religious leaders are saying is that we need to remove the pursuit of justice from the courts, and take it to the streets. There we won’t be constrained by such restrictions as due process, the presumption of innocence, or even the burden or proof. It’s enough to point, then destroy. Unlike the court system, which suddenly seems so useless to hear people talk.

  7. The latest smear is the Kavanaugh’s (among others’) yearbook entry from Georgetown Prep referring to “Renata Alumni.” She with 60 + other women signed the letter attesting to Judge Kavanaugh’s good character. Before the news article, she never knew she was referred to in the yearbook. Now she feels humiliated especially since the accusations aren’t true.
    I don’t know about Georgetown Prep but most students don’t write their own descriptions in the yearbooks. It’s a perfect forum for members of the yearbook committee to trash someone, whether they are being mean or think they are being clever. Where at the august G-town Prep was the faculty member who was the yearbook advisor.
    It’s as if the demons are jumping up from the pages of the NY Times.
    As an example I still have no idea about a comment in my senior yearbook referring to me as “Snow White”. I lived across the river in another state and was not in the DC social crowd. Being a tall blonde I certainly didn’t look like Disney’s Snow White. This girl’s school drama club only had children’s theater productions (wise of the nuns) and that’s not one of the many roles I played there.

  8. At the rate things are going, how much longer will it be do you think before some leftist s.o.b., in typical leftist fashion, decides The Pelican Brief is just another how-to manual?

  9. Desperate Bolshevik tactics to try to head off the end of the abortion era…and the power of the Bolshevik constituency along with it.

  10. Renate Schroeder Dolphin and Kavanaugh’s classmates are collateral damage in the ongoing attempts to assassinate Kavanaugh’s character.

    Mollie Hemingway has the goods over at The Federalist.

    Note the key role played by homosexualist failed gubernatorial candidate Richard S. Madaleno Jr. and remind yourself why the Catechism rightly describes same-sex attraction as intrinsically disordered.

  11. Worse than Ford. Worse than Ramirez. The yearbook story, as printed, besides the obvious victims also slanders the Church – “Catholic males at a Jesuit run elitist Catholic prep school slime young women in print.” Many women voters will make the leap and associate that crudity towards and lack of respect for females with Republican contestants in NOV.

  12. Roe never bore the burden of poof that the newly begotten innocent soul is not a sovereign person. Roe disenfranchised every male of his seed. Roe redefined the human being as having no rational soul. This is the imposition of atheism on the people, a violation of the First Amendment. If I have posted this earlier forgive me.

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