PopeWatch: Father Kalchik

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A cry from the heart:


A priest and clerical sex abuse victim who recently burned his parish’s “gay pride” rainbow flag and was expelled from his parish by Cardinal Blase Cupich has written a letter to Pope Francis asking him to intervene to “end the control of the Church here” by “Judases” who are members of the “gay mafia” and “homosexual cabals running chancelleries.”

Writing to Pope Francis “as a priest and as a pastor, but also as the victim of child sexual abuse,” Fr. Paul John Kalchik, the former pastor of Resurrection Parish in Chicago, asked the pontiff to “act as Peter and intervene and end the control of the Church here in America by Judases: men who put on a pretense of being a disciple but, like Judas, betray Christ at every opportunity they get.”

Kalchik also explains his own victimization as a target of sexual abuse by a Catholic priest at the age of 19, and his later encounter as a priest with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, whom he described as “overly friendly” towards him. He encourages the pope to “act like Peter” and resign if he removed penalties placed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict.

“Pope Francis, please act like Peter. If you are guilty of removing sanctions placed upon McCarrick by Pope Benedict, step down. This would be the holy and noble thing to do,” writes Kalchik.

Go here to read the rest.  We should have  no doubt that there are good and holy members of the clergy.  Too few of them, however, are in the hierarchy.

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  1. And THIS is the priest they want to be programmed in some fashion so he thinks and acts like them.
    Cupich might have a wearhouse in South Chicago. I can see it now. A scene from Clockwork Orange. Strap the good priest down to a chair, fix his eyes so he can’t shut them and then run an endless loop video of Clown Masses, Gay pride parades and Broke Back Mtn. Three months later….mini Cupich is hatched.

    Sorry folks…this reality TV show called Big Bishop is pi–ing me off.
    Time for the Lavender Mafia to be stomped out!

  2. It is our vocation to admonish the sinner and counsel the doubtful. Father Kalchik has admonished the sinner and counseled the doubtful. The onus is on Bergoglio and the Lavender Mafia. I think that Bergoglio and the Lavender Mafia are enjoying their fast ride into hell.

  3. If anyone is going to end control of the Church by Judases, the first step would have to be to depose the Judas currently disgracing the Chair of Peter.

  4. Jorge would have to ask someone what those words mean.

    To Jorge, those words mean precisely what he wants them to mean.

  5. Powerful, gut wrenching letter from a survivor who wears a Roman collar. Prayers that Fr Kalchik will be safe from the Soviet style thugs of the chancelry.

  6. Writing to Bergoglio to complain about his boy Cupich is like writing to Don Corleone to complain about Fredo.

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