Sources: Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

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Sources on Capitol Hill are stating that all Republicans will be voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, running for re-election, has also purportedly decided to vote to confirm.  If the Manchin vote is true, that means Chuck Schumer (D. NY), Minority Leader in the Senate is throwing in the towel on the Kavanaugh fight and is freeing red state Democrats up for re-election to vote to confirm.  The floor vote is on Saturday.  This is deeply ironic.  Democrats thought the allegations of sexual abuse were the magic bullet to stop Kavanaugh.  They expected the hearing yesterday to be a disaster for the Republicans.  Instead, a fiery Brett Kavanaugh and a, perhaps more, fiery Senator Lindsey Graham turned it into a rout for the Democrats.  The televised hearing is having a unifying effect among Republicans, and the Democrats, by vastly overplaying their hand, now have succeeded in firing up the Republican base and having them troop off in hordes to the polls in November.  Life is filled with unintended consequences, and nowhere is that more the case than in politics.

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  1. Trick AND Treat.

    They will loose seats because they choose the wrong method. Their brand of wisdom ends up being a display of malice.

    Some might say that if in deed he is confirmed the women of America will be energized and blue will win seats. No. Women are smart. Your radical feminist won’t change..but women who were on the fence, I believe, will consider this display of cowardice and evil and choose red.

    Who wants to be associated with a party that is akin to street gang bangers and hoodlums?

    As for Sen.Graham, righteous indignation! God bless America.

  2. I have been watching these proceedings via the internet Fox News. I am totally disgusted at the way the democrats have taken these allegations, played dirty politics, and gravely besmirched the good character of Brett Kavanaugh, and used Christine Blasey- Ford as a pawn in their dirty game. But Blasey-Ford deserves to be hung out to dry – I saw her performance on Fox today, and to me, she was acting. Her evidence against Kavanaugh is paper thin – what about the guys that actually admitted the abuse – 36 years ago. What a joke. It is very dismaying to see the US Judicial system and Senate process being grossly abused in this manner. What is happening to America? It is sad to see a great nation being brought low by its own ‘leaders’.

  3. The Left is the enemy of everything good and decent. This latest overreach will, hopefully, wake up everyone, who is not a liberal ideologue, to this understanding and motivate them to vote. I know the Media think this will now be the year of the woman after how this poor woman was treated by a bunch of old white men. We shall see in November who the real winner is here.

  4. I wish the floor vote was Saturday, or even today but according to the schedule only a procedural vote will take place Saturday followed by debate with the actual confirmation vote next Tuesday.

  5. I’ll be grateful when it happens. Until then…

    In 1995, Newt Gingrich arranged for a patronage appointment for a history professor from Georgia. She was qualified for the job and one of the odd Republicans on the nation’s American history faculties. Charles Schumer slanders her as a Nazi sympathizer (by cropping some quotes from a critique she had written of a model history curriculum), a ludicrous charge our lying media simply repeated. She storms Schumer’s office, demanding an explanation. He tells her it’s all Gingrich’s fault because NG didn’t issue a statement of support in a timely fashion. What sort of politician makes road-kill of an unproblematic private citizen? Well, the sort of person who the Democratic Party picks to lead their caucus, that’s who. (The incident in question was around the time Hillary Clinton’s minions undertook a fraudulent prosecution of Billy R. Dale, costing him his life savings). What they’ve done to BK is unusually persistent and lurid, but that’s the sort of thing they do.

  6. Please God!

    Remember in November.

    The damage is done. On display for the entire World, the Dems are 100% end justifies the means: all deceit and coercion on the menu.

    Grateful to that Lindsey Graham and his much needed speech. Now, run with it.

    The travesty makes the Salem Witch Trials appear, by comparison, to be justice.

    How stupid do they think we are?

  7. Next, Tuesday we are driving from NY to Louisiana for granddaughter first birthday. I may stay there. I would consider myself a refugee from totalitarianism.

  8. If I was advising the Democrats, I would tell them to go ahead and let him be confirmed. Cokie Roberts already laid out the proper strategy. Let him be confirmed, and then rally the troops by declaring the GOP the party of rapists. Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups will fund demonstrations and marches. We’ll have a #MeToo Chapter 2 movement. Perhaps they can pull another Year of the Woman. I realize they lose the court, but it isn’t as if justices haven’t had a history of moving more toward the center, and Kavanaugh wasn’t exactly Mr. Right Wing Radical in the first place (unless his scars from this might have pushed him that direction). They have the press on their side (today the MSM is trying to toss that Hail Mary pass, grasping at anything that might delay the vote). So you know they’ll be able to portray the GOP as an immediate threat to all women that must be defeated. That would be my advice.

  9. Dave, that would be a repeat of the Year of the Woman strategy from 1992.

    That old crone Diane Feinstein knows it well.

  10. Ernst, Yep. I think that was what Cokie was pointing to. And it’s the smart move. There was too much sympathy for Kavanaugh, even among MSM outlets (though, I notice, not from prominent Catholic pundits). Derailing him now could cause a conservative backlash just when they believe they’re poised to retake the Senate (and possibly the House). Give them this, hope he doesn’t go radical, and then use it to stampede into Congress like 92, or preferably like 94.

  11. (though, I notice, not from prominent Catholic pundits).

    What about Austin Ruse?

    Fr. Neuhaus is dead, Peter Steinfels is retired, no one would ever expect either Garry Wills or E.J. Dionne to say one agreeable word about the judge, and Mark Shea is circling the toilet bowl. Amy Welborn now avoids contentious topics and I don’t think Gregory Popcack’s ever been one to address specifically political controversies. Is there someone on EWTN you had in mind?

  12. Dave, that would be a repeat of the Year of the Woman strategy from 1992.

    Tell ’em to go with that. The Ethan Krupp types in the Democratic Party apparat do not remember that the Democrats lost seats in the 1992 elections, and neither do the juvenile reporters chowing down on DNC manure.

  13. “Next Tuesday we are driving from NY to Louisiana for granddaughter first birthday. I may stay there. I would consider myself a refugee from totalitarianism.” T Shaw


  14. I think there’s a decent chance the GOP could nationalize the issues as well if they were to argue that Ford is as much a victim of Democrat machinations as Kavanaugh, that the Democrats don’t care who they destroy in their bid for power, and fundamental decency and respect for both persons and the law demand that they be punished at the polls lest they get away with it.

    But that requires a willingness to stand up to the mob and explain why logic and reason are not “mansplaining.”

  15. Excellent summary. Dems “vastly overplayed their hand.”

    And a bit like Gen. Blucher riding to the rescue at Waterloo, from almost the most unlikely source, Lindsey Graham, a fiery attack shamed even the shameless Senators on the left. Dianne Feinstein may be re-elected but she is finished. Cory Snooker too.

  16. Dave Griffey, you likely outline perfectly the strategy of the Left from this point through November 6;

    But they’re also house to be a huge groundswell of reaction by flyover country affecting congressional elections with the insane “Men (and their wives, and their mothers,and their daughters by extension) should just shut up!” by the invective-flinging psychotic Maisie Hirono, a long time misandyrist and America-hater (and JD from Georgetown Law), ringing in their ears.

    They may not oblige the man-hating Hirono and may speak loudly on Election Day.

  17. The media (political activists with a byline) laughed at the Trump candidacy and told everyone he could not win and now they are telling everyone about the blue wave.

    The republicans will retain control of both houses and then a Trumpslide in 2020 will coattail a sizable majority in the Senate

  18. This was a political attack from the start and planned long ago.

    From another website, “Also rescued from Christine Blasey Ford’s Facebook page before it was scrubbed, in March of 2017, Christine Blasey Ford posted, “Someone needs to come forward and accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape to dis-rail his SCOTUS nomination. Such accusations should continue until Trump nominates Merrick Garland.”

  19. So CBF took one for the team, eh? That makes more sense than anything else I’ve read or heard. [begin rant] Too many people, whether for the sake of comity or finding common ground, or out of fear of having a mob of angry feminists screaming “rapist, sexist,” etc. etc. camped out on their front lawn are saying that they find her believable but mistaken. Wel,l the only thing she’s certain of is that it was Kavanaugh who attempted to sexually assault her. So if she’s believable, then Kavanaugh was a brute and a thug. He denies being a brute and a thug. No one, least of all CBF, can produce any evidence that Kavanaugh was a brute and thug. CBF can’t remember details from things she did just last month, let alone 36 years ago. Therefore, I don’t believe her. The most I’m prepared to say about her is that I don’t know if she’s damaged goods or a stone cold sociopath. [end rant]

  20. Kavanaugh’s not coming out of committee today.

    Maybe that’s my cynicism and contempt for Flake showing.

  21. Senator Jeff Flake just all-but-sank the confirmation with the little stunt he just pulled.

    I am livid, absolutely livid.

  22. The nomination is to the floor. Jeff Flake is another puzzle. The FBI has literally nothing to investigate and could not resolve matters even if they did go through the motions. The man’s leaving office determined to strike vain and silly poses every week on his way out the door.

  23. I guess he half-flaked, now that I read the article. Sigh.

    This is what comes of saying CBF is “believable.” Now we’re going to wait another week while we look for the one-armed rapist I guess. Maybe the FBI can assign Dale Cooper to the case. In the meantime, the Democrats will be looking for a skank like Swetnik who can fake credibility better than Ford.

    Who do you suppose will have the better week?

  24. I’m calling it now. Someone will have a miraculous recover of his or her memory about a “brewski” party July 1st, 1982 at that one kid’s house. Heck, it could be one of the people publicly named, because I’m sure they are facing tremendous pressure to place the loopy- liar and the judge in the same vicinity as if that suddenly makes her four decade whopper- the immaculate recollection- truth-ier.

    This is disgusting. And we have no representation in this matter- even having a majority of the legislature counts for 0, now.

  25. I’m willing to further than that. I bet they produce a nut job willing to claim Kavanaugh forced her to have an abortion in college.

    Mary, is this what you’re looking for? Thank you ERNST
    Much worse…
    CBF was looking to her right after her testimony and worshiping Satan, Is how I can best describe it. This made me realize that CBF had been lying under oath.
    Of, course it has been excised by CNN, NBC and CBS, by the great warlocks of the Mainstreammedia. I saw CBF’s proud smirk of accomplished evil.

  27. And it’s official: The FBI is on the case. Just when you were hoping the gang that can’t shoot straight finally figured out how to put rounds on the target, they go and prove what you suspected and were afraid to admit –it was an accident.

  28. Would the FBI address investigation into HER yearbooks, HER Facebook posts, other social media posts, the photograph(s) of her drunk/sleeping on a picnic table surrounded by empty beer cans, etc.???

  29. That picture is one that has been floating around the internet for years. It does not depict Ms. Ford. Her yearbook on the other hand has the same juvenile attitude to sex, alcohol and bodily functions as does the yearbook of Judge Kavanaugh’s, in short teenagers acting like teenagers. In reference to her social media, that was carefully scrubbed by her prior to her coming forward, so I assume it contained items she did not wish to have examined, probably because they would have revealed a strong Left wing bias. The internet rumor that she suggested that Gorsuch be accused of rape appears to be fake.

  30. I believe Kavanaugh will be Confirmed!
    October 7 is The Feast Of Our Lady,
    Saturday is The first Saturday devotion
    To The Blessed Mother! Our Lady Of Victory will triumph!

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