PopeWatch: Farce

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Well this makes it all better:


Archbishop Theodore McCarrick has begun his life of prayer and penance at St. Fidelis Capuchin Friary in Victoria, Kansas, according to statements from the Diocese of Salina and the Archdiocese of Washington.

McCarrick was sentenced to a life of prayer and penance by Pope Francis July 28, pending the completion of a canonical process against him, after he was credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor. After the accusation became public, he then resigned from the College of Cardinals in July, becoming the first American cardinal ever to step down.

It also came to light that the Archdiocese of Newark and the Diocese of Metuchen, both in New Jersey, had previously reached out-of-court settlements with several adult men who alleged they were sexually abused by McCarrick during their time as seminarians.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, Bishop Gerald Vincke of Salina and Father Christopher Popravak, the provincial of the Capuchin province in Denver, made the arrangements to house McCarrick for his potentially indefinite stay.

While living in prayer and penance, McCarrick will be forbidden from any sort of public appearances or ministry. Bishop Vincke said that the diocese will not be incurring any costs for housing McCarrick and that he requests privacy “out of consideration for the peace of the community” at the friary.

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch appreciates dog and pony shows more if the clowns involved aren’t running the Church.

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  1. “…the diocese will not be incurring any costs for housing McCarrick…”
    Is he independently wealthy? How so? Who will be incurring the costs? Shouldn’t we begin building a large complex for the others? Will he be subject to secular prosecution? If not, why not?

  2. Why is the concern only for the one minor? What I mean is that I have read several credible accounts that suggest a score or more seminarians were preyed upon. They may not have been legal minors but what it amounts to in legal terms, in my view, is sexual harassment that created a hostile workplace, and led to those seminarians either leaving the seminary or suffering through it until they could escape into the broader organization.

    Shouldn’t those matters also be important in determining a bishop’s fitness for office?

  3. He should be put in a convent of nuns…ie the gender that he is not attracted towards. If there is a gay friar in that house, we are in for a brand new level of embarrassment. Brand new.

  4. My daughter said: I want to go to jail for free college, a bed and meals but I cannot think of a crime I want to commit. “uncle ted “ has no problem with any crime he wants to commit. Forcing his victims to support the sodomizer is beyond any pale.
    God’s grave and mercy are for those who admit their sins and seek reconciliation. “uncle ted” is a disgrace and an ex- communicant. How does a sodomite pray? How does a sodomite approach God?

  5. He is comfortable, yes? Three squares a day, yes? He is still an archbishop, yes? He has admitted nothing, yes? His canonical trial is…when?
    This monster belongs in the barest of monastic cells with only a bible and books on penance and suffering to fill his day.
    Dear pewsitter, Cdn Wuerl, the current Papal Nuncio, and the Diocese of Salina should be barraged with phone calls and letters.

  6. Who is responsible for seeing that the “punishment” is enforced since McCarrick ignored restraints put on him by Pope Benedict? Is the current pope foolish enough to think McCarrick will obey this current discipline? What a joke!

  7. The other residence should protest this decision because it puts them at risk of being preyed on by this leech. Actually he belongs in a zoo.

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