Kavanaugh Fight Lessons

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Well, it looks like Judge Brett Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed.  What are the lessons we can take away?

  1.  Democrats will go to any lengths over control of the Supreme Court.  For decades the Left has enacted its agenda courtesy of the Supreme Court.  Now, to enact their agenda, Leftists will have to do it the old fashioned way and win elections, and the Left hasn’t been very good at that lately.
  2. As if we needed further confirmation, the media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.
  3. The far Left is increasingly violent and unhinged.  Mark my words, we are not far from assassinations.
  4. You can be as establishment as you wish, with credentials brighter than bright, and if you are a Republican you still will always have a target on your back if you come between the Democrats and power.
  5. The Ford allegations were likely a set up, something that would have been quickly discovered if we still had a media actually concerned about, you know, news.
  6. Republicans grow a spine.  (Shocking I know!)  I am beginning to think that Trump is rubbing off on Republicans in Congress.  Who would have thought, in their wildest nice dreams, that Lindsey Graham would be the hero, and Susan Collins the heroine, of this confirmation fight.  I still can’t really believe it.
  7. Brett Kavanaugh saved the day.  If on the date of Ford’s testimony he had come across again as Mr. Unemotional Jurist, his cause would have been lost.  Instead, he came out swinging, an angry man accused of the most vile acts, and a loving husband and father sick of what his family was being put through.  Until a man or woman faces the type of hell that was thrown at him, you cannot really be sure of whether you can meet the test.  He did, and routed the Democrats by, in their hackneyed phrase, speaking truth to power loudly.  The Democrats realized this, and that is why after the event they falsely grumbled about lack of judicial temperament.   I have been around judges all my adult life, and there is no judicial temperament that covers being accused of being both a would be, and actual, rapist.
  8. Democrats always overplay their hand.  God bless the creepy porn lawyer!  His manifestly crazy sock puppet, with her absolutely no support ravings of gang rape parties that she mysteriously kept attending until she was gang raped, symbolized the over the top hysterical madness of this debacle that roused many average voters to a fury as they witnessed this high tech version of the Salem Witch Trials on their screens.
  9. Will Rogers used to say that he was not  a member of any organized political party, he was a Democrat.  I have long felt the same way about the GOP.  Now the Democrats have managed to unify, temporarily no doubt, the Republicans prior to the midterms.  Brilliant move Senator Feinstein.
  10. Credit where credit is due.  Trump stuck with Kavanaugh.  Any other Republican president of my lifetime, including my personal hero Ronald Reagan, would have almost certainly pulled the nomination.  My criticisms of President Trump remain endless, but he does not back down from a brawl.

Update I:  Justice Brett Kavanaugh has just been confirmed by the Senate.

Update II:  I would like to thank the hysterical Left wing protesters who have helped fire up the Republican base for the midterms.  I leave them with this closing thought from that great political strategist Conan the Barbarian:

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  1. I was surprised to discover after he died that Antonin Scalia had a security detail. They weren’t 24/7, however, and he didn’t feel he needed them on the vacation he was on at the time of his death. Sad for the Kavanaughs, but I think the budget of the U.S. Marshal Service is going to have to include a line item financing a security detail for them for the next several years. Four marshals on the day shift and two on the other shifts will set the Marshal Service back about $1 m a year.

  2. The Ford allegations were likely a set up, something that would have been quickly discovered if we still had a media actually concerned about, you know, news.

    1. See Scott Adams on how thoroughly her internet presence was scrubbed. Adams thinks she must have had professional help, quite possibly from Google employees acting in their official capacity.

    2. Her husband admitted she was estranged from her family of origin, and he said political disputes were the trigger for this. That explains their silence. (h/t Neo-neocon). N.B. She has a pair of married parents and her siblings live within commuting distance of her mother and father. The centenarian grandmother recently deceased wasn’t far away. It’s doubtful her family is intramurally troubled for the reasons most are.

    3. As has been noted, Dianne Swinestein referred Blasey to an SJW lawyer (financed by someone else) and sat on the letter until they had the ducks in a row. (Polygraph, counselors’ notes leaked).

    4. The media did not undertake minimal due diligence. It was left up to bloggers to discover that she and her husband applied for a building permit in 2008 and the renovation was complete in 2010. The 2d door was so that space could be rented for residential or commercial purposes. As it happened, it was used as an office by the clinical psychologist who’d sold them the house in 2007 and also had the two of them on her client list. (Imagine having your tenant mediating disputes between you and your husband). Personally, I don’t think this woman’s a sociopath. Sociopaths are better liars.

    5. The whole fear-of-flying claim seemed like a leg-pull to begin with and was revealed to be comically false. The partisan Democrats babbling on about Kavanaugh’s ‘perjury’ are completely untroubled by this sort of thing from Blasey.

    6. I’ve yet to encounter a manifest or self-identified Democrat in a forum such has this who has been willing to suspend judgment on any claims offered by Blasey or by James Roche. Not a one. Her manifest lying on ancillary matters doesn’t interest them, the normative question about the importance of the supposed event is something they will not entertain, the staleness of the accusation doesn’t interest them, the ease with which the supposed event itself could have been described in misleading terms doesn’t interest them, the complete lack of corroborating evidence that she was ever acquainted with BK or MJ doesn’t interest them. I’m not talking about politicians, few of whom (alas) are free from abnormal quanta of artifice. I’m talking about street-level Democrats. The intramural culture of the Democratic Party seems to have no room for anything but what psychologists call ‘motivated reasoning’.

    7. My favorite example of the media in action was Judy Woodruff. She recruits a retired FBI agent and asks him a mess of leading questions to advance the thesis that the final investigation was artificially circumscribed without ever mentioning that Kavanaugh had been subject to six previous investigations or asking about that. Your tax dollars at work.

  3. Once he is confirmed, my hope is that more middle of the road liberals will be appalled at their affiliation and vote correctly..vote right.
    This display of desperation is, as I predicted, going to win seats for the red.

    This character assassination is going to kill the hope of the left. Hollywood group think, Liberal Media and radical feminist should take from this that their shorts are filled with a stink that they can’t ignore any longer. May advertisers wake up and smell it for what it is…

    We need to boycott all things that support this stink and stop enabling the folks who are suffering disorders that are currently being celebrated as lifestyle choice.

  4. I share Art Deco’s hesitation to declare victory until after the final vote. The forces behind this despicable smear have not gone away and other unpleasant surprises may remain, such as Flake doing a 180. I would not even trust Murkowski’s promise to vote “present” as a courtesy to Sen. Daines. If I were McConnell I’d have that plane ready and get his rear end to DC ASAP after the wedding, and delay the vote until he gets there.

  5. Interesting link and suggestions (Reddit – Scott Adams).
    This “plot” thickens. How liberal of them.

  6. Regarding Art’s comments about self-described Democrats, there is a reason none of them are troubled by her blatant falsehoods. It has never, ever been about rape or women or anything other than abortion. Abortion is the source and summit of the perverted faith of the Democratic party. At least now, everyone knows that beyond any shadow of a doubt. So, there is no voting for any Democrat, at any time, under the pretense they are more pro-life. That lie has been exposed.

  7. All good comments. Excellent post. In a few hours we should know the “verdict.” Hopefully the Demos will be in a paroxysm of weeping, wailing and teeth gnashing. But more ominously, I agree with Donald that the next step is assassination. If the Dems cannot win by the process, then they will do murder. Oh wait! They already murder – by abortion! Pray for Brett Kavanaugh’s safety, and that of Clarence Thomas and the rest.

  8. It’s clear that the U.S. Senate is no longer a “Gentleman’s Club.” (See “The Citadel” by William White; https://www.senate.gov/reference/reference_item/Citadel.htm .)
    I’m with Foxfier and FrankM; I’ll wait until the vote is over until I rejoice.
    The Democrats are without principle. I bet that had not Collins stood up Manchin would have voted Nay. His Aye vote was to save his seat–to be the deciding Nay vote would surely have cost him the election.

  9. LQC, the problem with abortion as a plan is that it denies one’s self future voters.

    The future belongs to those who show up for it.

  10. Of course, if you can recruit a generation, instead of having to grow it from scratch, you avoid that issue… and sex is a very powerful recruitment tool, especially if one side is telling a hard truth, and the other is going “no, go ahead, have fun!”

  11. Foxfier.

    It’s lopsided to use our Hamlet as a measuring device, but there is a generation of youth who are engaged in the battle for the unborn. I see them on the front lines. Intelligent and determined to stand up for Life. Granted the majority of the youth have probably swallowed the “just do it” kool-aid, but hope is with our youth. A week from today I will see them in front of WTM as we begin our Forty days for Life.

    One more Hail Mary for Brett and our Nation.


  12. I do not know what Dr.C.B. Ford believes about a past event that may not have occurred. And there is no evidence beyond her rather sketchy recollections. If the Democratic Party applied the skepticism they rightly or wrongly reserve for Keith Ellison, we would have avoided this debacle. I do not know the interior conscience of others so do not pretend to judge them. God please give me the light to know my own conscience, that I may do Thy will. I think there was a duty not to bring forward an unsubstantiated accusation and so lightly ignore the Eighth Commandment, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Sin is ugly. The Kavanaugh children will carry the ugliness of it in their memory throughout their lives.

  13. It has never, ever been about rape or women or anything other than abortion.

    I agree about what the motor is here. What I don’t understand is why street-level Democrats who post with screen names cannot acknowledge what it is they want and continue to maintain this fiction that her accusation merits serious consideration. It’s as if they can only see Kavanaugh as an archetype and not as a man with a discrete personal history. (And, while they are at it, their archetype is grotesque distortion).

  14. Trump has the uncanny ability in helping the Left & Media destroy themselves.
    I’m reminded of the old TV detective series “Columbo”. Dumb like a fox.
    I don’t think it’s any accident the President chose an altar boy like Kavanaugh, a friend of Bush Republicans before the 2018 midterms.
    Go ahead said the fox to the media Democrats, try to destroy Kavanaugh like you’ve tried and done to other key Justices, you’ll unite and galvanize the Republican base before the mid terms. Trump told a woman reporter the other day “You’ll never learn”. Not only is he disgusted by that, he’s counting on it.

  15. ( STOP Kavanaugh… respect female existence! )

    This was on a sign from a protester at the hill.
    This, most likely, is from a supporter of Abortion on demand. She looks to be about twenty something.

    Respect female existence.
    Kill the children…but respect the executioners.
    (smdh and wonder where this people come from.)

  16. Listening to the live thing…

    Merkowski actually made me respect her a bit, she both withdrew her Nay because a Yeah is marrying his daughter off ATM, and she pointed out it wouldn’t change the vote….

    Gallery had several folks who couldn’t manage to not scream during the roll call….

    KFI is doing dramatic music, no I didn’t count the votes, I was busy and it wouldn’t change anything.

    And the lady just got the count from her staff, waiting for the official vote, but it’s in.

  17. Philip-
    that stuff drives me up a wall.

    They want to act like doing something they don’t want threatens their existence…but doing something like, oh, attacking a guy with a deadly weapon is “protest.”

  18. Re: Point 3 – But for the Grace of God we would have had assassinations already, not for lack of trying. The Capitol Hill shooter *tried* to take out some Republican legislators last year, but thanks to alacritous response by emergency personnel no one was killed.

  19. I cannot at this point understand why any non-Democrat, Christian person would not whole-heartedly support President Trump.
    I shouldn’t have to recount the ways this man is standing in the gap for us. He is a gift from a benevolent God. He has provided a man of singular qualities, uniquely capable of withstanding this battle. He has no reason to do it except altruistic ones.
    It is profoundly disappointing to consider what we could be suffering right now and still see people to distance themselves from full support, as if they support him while holding their nose. The reality is we need to be extremely grateful to him and thank God for him. Now that it is understood how very evil the Democrat party really is, what excuse can there be to continue to criticize or given faint praise to Donald Trump. God bless him! May God continue to bless, guide, and keep him.

  20. “3. The far Left is increasingly violent and unhinged. Mark my words, we are not far from assassinations.”

    It’s 2025. The Democrats have regained control of the White House and Senate. They are unhappy with the 7-2 conservative majority on the Supreme Court. In a fell swoop, the seven conservatives are killed or severely wounded in coordinated attacks by a shadowy armed group with no prior visibility and little post-attack media coverage. The President nominates several liberal judges to the vacant seats. Conservative groups protest but are attacked in the streets by long known liberal groups.

    I usually find it hard to imagine how a civil war could start in this country, but this scenario would seem to fit the bill.

  21. It is amazing how rapidly the media buries things they cannot use. (James T. Hodgkinson, Stephen Paddock). And the Obama people got away scot-free with using the IRS to harass their opposition, something in re the Nixon administration never got to 1st base. And they may get away with this FBI / Fusion GPS caper they pulled in Obama’s last year. You just don’t know where the bottom is.

  22. The word democrat is a misnomer for what party has become. Something along the lines of the Demonic Party would probably be more apropos.

  23. Depends on who is running. As of now, I don’t see a better option.

    Wm. Kristol fancies he has some cards up his sleeve. Since his last card played was Egg McMuffin / Mindy Somebodyorother, I’m not expecting to see after I wait.

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