To Kill a Mockingbird

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“folks don’t like to have somebody around knowin’ more than they do. It aggravates ’em. You’re not gonna change any of them by talkin’ right, they’ve got to want to learn themselves, and when they don’t want to learn there’s nothing you can do but keep your mouth shut or talk their language.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird



Something for the weekend.  To Kill a Mockingbird Theme Song.  With all the furor over the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, this seemed appropriate.

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  1. In defense of “some folks” there is a long history of those with superior knowledges assuming (like Saruman) that it gives them the power of command. When we have encountered such “intelligent” people often enough, we tend to get suspicious of all.

  2. Elmer Bernstein’s theme is a welcome balm to what pain and sorrow can do to the human condition – both in the movie and now that the miserable hearing of excessive immaturity is happily over. Thank you and good night.

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