Democrats Aren’t Obnoxious Enough

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News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—After failing to stop the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the left pointed to what they think was their main area of failure: they just weren’t obnoxious enough.

“We yelled, we mobbed, we called people rapist-sympathizers,” said activist Candice Norris, “but it just wasn’t enough. Obviously, we need to screech even louder and at even more people if we’re to convince others we’re really sure we’re right about everything.”

Student Harriet Curry agreed. “Some people are still trying to engage with people on the other side, but we have a saying: ‘If you’re being coherent, you’re losing.’ If we want to win these fights, we need to build up anger inside us and then direct that into screaming and sometimes pounding on things. You can use a few words as long as they’re simple like ‘Nazi’ or ‘rapist’, but don’t go overboard.”

Go here to read the rest.  Yep, the Democrats need to increase their mobs of screaming hysterics.  The cats left at home will just have to fend for themselves.

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  1. This SHOULD be parody but guess what…(?)

    CNN: Christine Blasey Ford nominated for UNC Distinguished Alumna Award.

    Lie and we will award you for “speaking truth to power.”

    This is the sickness that wishes to infect the country. Thanks liberal universities everywhere. Thanks for spreading your germs.
    Thanks for nothing.
    The equivalent?
    Giving an award named after Margaret Sanger, ( the Queen of genocide ) to Nancy Pelosi in 2014, Hillary Clinton in they are advocates for children, just as Ms. Ford is an advocate for truth.

    Stop the world…I want to get off of it.

  2. Well…her black cloak does look better than her $20,000 pant suit, plus this look of hers without the makeup….. striking!

  3. While satire, it’s not that far off. The Democrats are making things hard for the Bee and the Onion. How are satirists supposed to say things more ridiculous than what the Left is actually saying?

  4. If you’ll permit an early Nineties analogy. The Left is like Happy Funball, and Donald Trump’s election in 2016 taunted it. We’re finding out that when you taunt it, Happy Funball transmogrifies into Unhappy Ball of Raging Cats.

  5. “We’re finding out that when you taunt it, Happy Funball transmogrifies into Unhappy Ball of Raging Cats.” -ES

    Your very polite Ernst.
    Unhappy ball of Raging Cats foaming at the mouth. See. I tried to be nice. I failed.
    (btw…the Hillary look alike made my morning. I guess her book may have taken a toll on her. Thanks for the laugh.)

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