Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

This film is hitting theaters tomorrow.  My bride and I will see it on Saturday, with a review to follow.

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  1. I was the only person at the 10 pm screening of Gosnell in the newly renovated Edwards theater in Houston. This made for a quiet, but strange movie watching experience. Especially since empty courtroom benches reserved for the glaringly absent media feature prominently in key scenes of this movie.

    The media still fails to show up in a worthy manner today. The gist of the LA Times review for Gosnell was simply that the One Thing you could say about the movie is that it “would not be accused of having a liberal bias”. And that the directors were obviously “preaching to the choir”. The reviewer said NOTHING about the actual content and message of the film or facts of the story.

    Shame on the LA Times.

    Actually there are many things you could say about the Gosnell movie. It is a horror show. All the more powerful because the film does not even contain any graphic images. We see what patients and clinic workers saw on a daily basis, what the police and FBI saw when they entered the clinic for an illegal prescription operation. Although we truly only see the surface. The filthy conditions are a simple truth that were ignored for far too long.

    There is an interesting scene where Janine Turner portrays a law abiding abortion doctor, being questioned in the courtroom. Her lines are crisp, clean, smart, not overly dramatic. Pretty much representing the way a medical doctor of any field should be.

    ALL medical doctors (and women’s rights activists) should demand justice for the women who entered Gosnell’s door. And root out any “Gosnells” within their fields. If a veterninary clinic were run in this manner, it would be tragic. And if it were allowed to continue for 20 years plus without being inspected, in spite of reports and complaints and tips and deaths, that would also be a horror show. Human beings can do better than this. The abortion profession (God help their souls) should do better than this. And the media certainly is charged to do better as well.

    We in Houston know that Gosnell is not the only dirty doctor taking refuge in the controversies binding this profession.

    This movie is only a tiny facet of the mosaic of tragedies in our world. The light shines when we share with neighbor and stranger our belief in Christ’s healing, hope, and reconciliation. I resolve to further speak up for truth, to defend dignity, fight for life. There is a freedom and a power in taking responsibility for our individual actions and choices. I choose to love through truth. See Gosnell. Decide for yourself.

  2. And a brief message of personal responsibility: the LAITY and all American citizens can do better than this. With your heart, mind, body, and soul – please go Vote in this upcoming election!

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