PopeWatch: Schism

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The Church has been in a slow motion schism since the end of Vatican II.  Pope John Paul II slowed it down, but Pope Francis has speeded it up.  Father Z notes the divisions:

One of the things we have seen over the last few years is that there is a manifest division in the Church and that it is getting bigger.   For a long time we’ve seen that parishes within the same diocese are seriously different from each other in doctrine and in worship (the same thing).   Now we see sharp divisions between dioceses and even conferences of bishops.  For example, since Amoris you can step from one country into another country, like Poland into Germany, and find entirely different policies from bishops conferences on whether or note unrepentant adulterers can be admitted to Holy Communion.

Here is an example of neighboring dioceses in these USA having a sharp difference.

From CNSNews:

Chicago Cardinal Cupich: ‘Not Our Policy’ to Deny Communion to People in Same-Sex Marriages


During an interview on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, host Phil Ponce raised the topic of Springfield, Illinois Bishop Thomas Paprocki, who had issued a decree in June 2017 on “Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and Related Pastoral Issues.”


On the other hand, Chicago’s neighbor, Springfield has a different approach.

Go here to read the rest.  Pope Francis has indicated that he might go down in history as the pope who split the Catholic Church.  Go here to read about this statement.  Mission almost accomplished, Holiness.


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  1. And to think that it was the early Church and the apostles who eventually converted Rome from it’s penchant for orgies. Now it’s trying to revert to those pagan practices by attaching a halo over the arches. This entire thing gives new meaning to “stained” glass.

  2. I find myself recalling the following two quotations

    “With every day that passes, the conflict between tendencies that set Catholic against Catholic in every order–social, political, philosophical–is revealed as sharper and more general. One could almost say that there are now two quite incompatible “Catholic mentalities,” particularly in France. And that is manifestly abnormal, since there cannot be two Catholicisms”


    “[U]nprecedented perhaps in depth and extent–for it is at the same time scientific, metaphysical, moral, social and political–[the crisis] is not a “dissolution” [for the spirit of faith does not die], nor even an “evolution” [for the spirit of faith does not change], it is a purification of the religious sense, and an integration of Catholic truth”

    They were written by Maurice Blondel in 1907

  3. Views can differ whether JP II applied the brakes on schism and to what degree, but there is no question that Bergoglio has pushed the accelerator to the floorboards (if not through). The only debate is whether this is intentional or grossly negligent.

  4. Ibeleive what my parent teach me,from the Baltimore Catechist and the 10 commendments given to us by God.That will never change, like the north,south,east,and west never change.Pope Francis run the church like he is the one that found it.

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