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Phil Lawler has an excellent response to one statement in Cardinal Ouellet’s diatribe against Archbishop Vigano:



“How can you celebrate Mass,” Cardinal Ouellet angrily demands of Archbishop Viganò, “and mention the pope’s name in the Eucharistic Prayer?”

An excellent question. It forces us to ask whether we have ever imagined that in praying for our shepherds we were thereby paying tribute to their rectitude and decency. Think of the faithful whose priests, over, say, the last 30 years, have invited them to pray for John Paul our pope, or for Benedict our pope …

  • “… and for Rembert our bishop”—who used $450,000 of his flock’s contributions to buy the silence of his partner in sodomy.
  • “… and for Lawrence our bishop”—who throttled a male prostitute who was in the act of fellating him.
  • “… and for Thomas our bishop”—who struck a pedestrian with his Buick and drove off leaving him to die.
  • “… and for Patrick our bishop”—who outfitted his catamite with a beeper to summon him for sex.

Go here to read the rest.  It seems that the only crime that a high member of the clergy can commit as far as the powers that be at the Vatican  are concerned is to reveal to the laity the cesspool that has festered for decades among Bishops and Cardinals.  The desire to avoid scandal has been used as a shield to protect the guilty and to allow them to go on preying upon their sheep.  That is what Cardinal Ouellet’s anger at Archbishop Vigano boils down to:  he broke the code of Omerta that is more powerful among too many of our clergy than it is among Mafia hitmen.

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  1. I am missing the indulgences at the end of our public Rosary, but I find it so difficult to pray for our Pope’s intentions. Instead, I ask that we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the Pope.

    When others lead the Rosary and ask for us to pray for Francis’ intentions I quietly decline and ask for his conversion and my continued conversion.

    Take what is good and leave what isn’t. That’s my feeling about this pontificate. Some of his discourses are fair. Others of course are not.
    His “hitman” comparison to the act of abortion was simple and clear. I hope it reaches the right hearts;

    “Is it right to hire a hitman to solve a problem? One cannot do this, it is not right to do away with a human being, albeit small, to solve a problem.” PF last Wednesday.

    Take the good, leave the rest.

  2. I broke the code of Omertà years ago. Having come to believe in Humanae Vitae and the Risen Lord on Earth in the Holy Eucharist, I’ve struggled with many priests. Time to clean house.

  3. We also can pray during the Rosary or otherwise for “the intentions of PF to the extent they are in accord with God’s will”, or my personal favorite, “for the traditional intentions of the Holy Father: the exaltation of the Church, propagation of the Faith, extirpation of heresy, conversion of sinners, concord among Christian leaders of nations (changed from the traditional “Christian kings and princes”), and the greater welfare of the Christian people.”

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