PopeWatch: Rigidity

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Pope Francis continues his Crusade against those who seek to uphold traditional Catholic teaching:


Be careful around those who are rigid. Be careful around Christians – be they laity, priests, bishops – who present themselves as so “perfect,” rigid. Be careful. There’s no Spirit of God there. They lack the spirit of liberty. And let us be careful with ourselves, because this should lead us to consider our own life. Do I seek to look only at appearance, and not change my heart? Do I not open my heart to prayer, to the liberty of prayer, the liberty of almsgiving, the liberty of works of mercy?

Go here to read the rest.  The Pope’s condemnation of “rigidity” is of course selective.  The Pope is himself quite rigid in regard to his support for mass Islamic immigration to Europe, his advocacy of draconian measures to combat “climate change”, his suspicion of free markets, his idea that condemning “merchants of death” is the path to world peace, his condemnation of the death penalty and any of the other myriad political causes of his in which he has enlisted, or prostituted, the prestige of the Church, and which have bupkis to do with Catholicism.  One of the more distressing aspects of this pontificate is that Pope Francis has no insight in that what he condemns in others he usually practices himself. The distinction between the Pope and those he continually chastises is that they seek to guard the traditional teachings of the Church, the very epitome of the job of a Pope, while the Pope acts like a left wing politician who will brook no opposition to his agenda.  How many disasters throughout Church history have been caused when popes subordinate their primary task of protecting Church dogma to the ephemeral concerns of their times?  In Pope Francis we have a Pope who wishes to chain the Church to his political positions, and if that requires doing a 180 on traditional Catholic doctrine, so be it.

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  1. Today is the Memorial of St. Ignatius of Antioch. He was pretty darn rigid. He preferred to be devoured by wild beasts than to ever surrender the Faith to the political powers of this world. He wanted the whole world to know Christ crucified and risen from the dead. And he was a manly man, nothing like the effeminate, lavender-laced sex perverts in ascendancy within the clergy today.

  2. “Latin to be used?”

    If I were charge – and both God & my wife have ensured that will NEVER happen – I would require Mass in one of the following languages: Aramaic, Koine Greek, Latin or Old Church Slavonic (in deference to our Russian friends).

  3. These rigid engineers take math, science and safety too seriously, why can’t they be priests of theology like Pope Francis.

  4. A rock is rigid. Sand is not. Christ did not call Peter “Sand”. The Pontiff missed that one.
    His constant whining about climate change and migration while covering up for the Lavender Mafia who got him his gig make him look foolish.

  5. I think it is safe to say we can be ‘rigid’ on what Jesus Christ asks of us…
    in fact He expects us to be so….when it comes to sin…
    anything else makes us worse than the Pharisees….Today we are hard
    pushed to be ‘clean’ on both sides and examples in the Church makes
    this so obvious and transparent…

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