PopeWatch: A Stacked Deck

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Julia Meloni at Crisis Magazine fears that the Synod results are pre-ordained:


Shortly after the youth synod began, Edward Pentin—the authoritative chronicler of the family synod’s riggingreported that an Italian cardinal close to Pope Francis had prophesied a great “surprise,” convinced that the pope would “for sure invent something.” Pentin said some sources had indicated that the final document’s main substance was in fact already written—hence the synod’s deep secrecy, missing mid-term report, and nebulous voting procedures.

As the synod progressed, increasingly ominous voices spoke confidently, buoyantly about being “open” to a new definition of family. One synod father announced at a press conference: “As old folks we should not be afraid to embark on this new path that the pope is pointing out to us. It is a path that is leading us to new kinds of families, new family relations, in a way, and we should not be afraid to open up to this.”

Meanwhile, bishops alarmed by potentially rigged voting rules planned a public group protest; then synod leaders said old procedures would remain in force. Archbishop Forte—a member of the final document’s stacked writing committee—said on October 11 that it was “impossible” for the text’s draft to already be written; then Crux reported that Cardinal Baldisseri’s office had actually presented its own “preliminary draft” to those writers.

I believe that text’s likely principal writer is Fr. Giacomo Costa, S.J.—the writing committee member who has already helped author the Preparatory Document and Instrumentum Laboris and published multiple articles on the synod’s aims. He has also, as I will show, already loaded the Instrumentum Laboris with subversive plagiarizations of his own writings on “discernment.”


Go here to read the rest.  This is all part of the fog of mendacity that is one of the chief features of this kidney stone of a pontificate.

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  1. Surprise..surprise.. Surprise…
    Here’s what is truly sad. In this pontificate I don’t doubt it.
    Normalize cultural behaviors that are contrary to what the Gospel message in whole professes. This WAR on the family is doing well since the institutions to defend family are trying their best to dissolve it.

    As old folks it is our duty to point out the consequences of redefining the foundation of society. The family doesn’t need to be redefined. It needs strong men who have backbone and moxie to confront the culture, not be kowtowed by it. As old folks we must stand firm in what is the final fight. The fight for the family. As the family goes so goes society.

    If this pontificate tries to water down the definition of family by opinions contrary to Gospel and Holy Church teaching, then old folks, then we most certainly have come face to face with anti-Church and anti-Gospel..lead by anti-Pope.

    Speculation at this point..I know.
    The Lavender scent is surrounding the Church.
    More incense please!

  2. So, some bishops alarmed by all this planned a public group protest, and then backed down yet again. Pathetic. Please God, please shame them into no longer wearing red. Lies are so unbecoming these alleged men.

  3. The acknowledgement of The Supreme Sovereign Being, in thought, word, deed and peaceable assembly is the cornerstone of civilization. Education is teaching people how to think. Indoctrination is teaching people what to think.
    Jesus Christ is the revelation of God.
    Dismantling the truth about procreation, how all mankind came to be and subverting the purpose of language to educate our children and all future generations is evil beyond the scope of sanity,

  4. The man has rendered his Papacy as an absolute joke. If any priest or bishop is stupid enough to so much as mention this mans name deserves empty pews and bankruptcy court. A first grade CCD child can recognize what is going on here.

  5. Q: Was the Synod text written before the Synod?
    A: DUH.
    I’m sure we will soon see what Satan’s definition of family is (btw, what does this have to do with youth and vocations?): just add an “F” for family to LGBTWHATEVER. But don’t worry, in a few years (or less) that definition will have to be changed, since it won’t be “inclusive” enough. After all, they’ll have t to include species identity as well.

  6. Why just the other day I spied an aardvark making out with a lesbian who had a sex change operation to become a gay man dressing as a woman wearing a pink vagina hat carrying a sign. It read; Squaws Matter!

  7. Surely our bishops understand that their presence at these synods
    has no point other than to lend a veneer of collegiality and legitimacy
    to Francis’ diktat. The bishops’ input is neither wanted nor respected.
    I’d bet the farm that this synod will result in yet another ambiguous
    document that Francis’ fellow-travelers can use as cover to advance
    their agenda. Any requests for clarification of the deliberate ambiguities
    will be stonewalled by Francis, natch. We’ve seen this before, and so
    have these bishops– so why do they consent to having a synod
    turned into a Potemkin village assembled solely to rubber-stamp Francis’
    decrees? I’d like to think that if I were a bishop, I’d walk out– and
    make no bones about why I wasn’t going to participate in such a
    farce. It’s the only way this pontificate will be made to stop making
    cat’s paws out of the bishops.

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