You Just May be a Fascist If

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Thanks Bee!


You may be a Fascist if:


  1.  Your response to an opposing viewpoint is to punch someone in the face.
  2.  You celebrate violent extremists who dress in black.
  3.  You engage in street battles to silence those who oppose your movement.
  4.  You believe those who oppose your group have no rights that you need to respect.
  5.  You idolize a totalitarian dictatorship of the past.
  6.  Your idea of a rational debate is to shout someone down.
  7.  You hate the Founding Fathers.
  8.  You give a thumbs up to this statement:  The political bourgeoisie is about to leave the stage of history. In its place advance the oppressed producers of the head and hand, the forces of Labor, to being their historical mission. 
  9.  You are a racist.
  10.  Your banner has the colors red, white and black.
  11.  You attack motorists (Language advisory as to the below video.  What else can you expect of Fascists?):

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  1. Who was it who said fascism would come to America under the guise of anti-fascism?

    Probably A. Pocryphal. That guy’s a genius.

  2. Huey Long probably said something similar. The quote was ascribed to him shortly after his death and it has the Kingfish style about it:

    “Of course we’ll have it. We’ll have it under the guise of anti-fascism.”

  3. Many on the Left in the US of A appear to not understand that they are attempting to impose the Soviet Socialist Union of America.

  4. The rude fanatics in question are able to engage in this activity because:

    1. Other people are indulging them financially; and

    2. They are collaborators with elements in municipal government, in college and university administration, and on college faculties.

    The former is something you cannot help. The latter is something state legislatures and (selectively) our federal legislature can address. Civil lawsuits and prosecutions of the officialdom for malicious nonfeasance ought to be the order of the day – by state attorneys-general if local prosecutors fall down and (selectively) by federal prosecutors if the state attorney-general is deficient. As for private colleges, it should be a tort for which officials are liable as individuals when they fail to enforce their published disciplinary manual. A few deans losing their house might just be enough to put an end to this rubbish coast-to-coast.

    The youths undertaking this activity are vulgar and stupid. Some of them will grow out of it. What’s really the problem is the ‘high culture’ version maintained by the legal profession and higher education apparat (as well as the media and the school apparat in attenuated form). People don’t grow out of that and you cannot argue them out of it. What you can do is punish them and take their toys away from them. So far, the willingness of Republican state legislatures to do this has been just about nil.

  5. In my world, if you are white yelling “Whitey” at other white people and playing in traffic you should automatically undergo psychiatric evaluation. I dare these tough guys to try these stunts in Garfield Park or Englewood in Chicago. Portland is full of p*ssies.

  6. Reginald Denny was yanked out of his truck.. nearly beaten to death by the LA-4, and then rescued by other black Americans who saw the event unfold.

    One of the rioters hit Mr. Denny with a large brick to the head. This was caught on camera. 1992 LA riots.

    These little insignificant punks that are messing with traffic need to put themselves in Mr. Denny’s place for the worse half hour of his life on Earth. They might just gain some respect for others when THEY have been randomly choosen for a senseless beating.

    Then again, they might not. After all..they claim to be of the tolerant camp.–149165165.html

  7. The worst anti-White racists are usually several shades whiter than me.

    That’s because their target is not whites, but white people outside their class and subculture.

  8. George Carlin:
    “When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts. SMiley-smiley. Fascism– Germany lost the second world war. Fascism won it. Believe me, my friend.”

    Immediately followed by Bill Maher declaring companies becoming the gov’t was the real thing, and Carlin blowing it by agreeing, but Sept 9th of ’05 on Real Time with Bill Maher

    Liberal Fascism. ^.^

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