Democrat Candidate: “Hillary, Priests, Bishops & Cardinals, Don’t Come Near Me !”

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There is a curious thing happening with Democrat candidates for public office across our country. None of them want Hillary of the Coven to come and campaign for them, and none of them want the implicit endorsement of any catholic priest, bishop or cardinal. How strange. For decades closet-democrat priests and bishops could be relied on – as if there was not one single abortion in America – to deliver the votes of the faithful for Party Of Death candidates. What happened?

Since the 1970s, every election cycle , the catholic clergy and hierarchy in America faced the problem of how to get good Catholics to ignore the mounting body count, and now the mounting body parts count, of the modern day baby lynchings by abortion in America. They knew and they know that if they speak out against abortion and other intrinsic evils that are supported and championed by the Democrats, that would mean, all things being equal, that there would be more votes cast for GOP candidates. Many non-democrat candidates did not advocate for or demand taxpayer dollars for intrinsic evils, and they were against the “social justice” welfare plantation and same-sex “marriage.

So now why the silence? Now that we are a few weeks away from national elections, why no ambiguous statement that could be seen to mean that voting for a Democrat is not a mortal sin? (see, e.g. or

Previous Voting Statement Shams

Let us review the shams and smokescreens the homoclergy (now we know this is “baby puppies”) foisted on the faithful in the past. To summarize:

1. Seamless garment
2. Not single issue voters
3. Proportionate reasons for voting to kill babies, etc.

Seamless Garment

Cardinal Bernardin and democrat operatives realized, decades ago, what the abortionlynching issue could mean for Party Of Death democrat candidates, even in Chicago and Illinois. They had to come up with something they could say so that the faithful would hear, “It’s OK to vote for a Democrat, our pastor told us so, and even a cardinal said it.”

Presto-change-o, they wove the “seamless garment” with a warp of lies and a woof of democrat dogmas. By having the garment cover issues besides abortionlynching, like capital punishment, unjust war, poverty, and economic injustice, they hoped to get at least some faithful prolife catholics to vote for Democrats, and to make faithful catholics who opposed abortionlynching feel morally warm and fuzzy as they turned their electoral backs on unborn children.

Single Issue Voters

But the numbers of the babies abortionlynched since Roe in 1973 just got bigger and bigger, as did the number of slaves sold, tortured, and lynched rose from 1857, the date of the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision until the Civil War.

Estimates are that in all of United States history there have been about 5000 lynchings. For the sake of argument, and for the sake of the unborn children, double or triple that number. We abortionlynch somewhere between 3000 and 4000 babies EVERY DAY IN AMERICA ! Margaret Sanger, who spoke to the applause of the KKK wives about getting rid of the human weeds amongst us, Margaret Sanger the icon of Planned Parenthood and the Democrats’ patron saint of intrinsic evil, is rejoicing in Hell.

So, with untold tens of millions being abortion lynched, what was the hierarchy to do to prevent GOP candidates from being elected?

Salagadoola-mishacaboola and homoclergy to the rescue! again. Around the USA at election time, from pulpits and chanceries, the faithful heard the new propaganda, “We are people of the Sermon On The Mount, all of it, we are not single issue voters!”

No priest said, “You can in good conscience vote for a candidate of the Party Of Death.” No bishop said, “You cannot vote for a Republican candidate,” All the faithful heard was the silence – no member of the clergy said you cannot vote for a Democrat.

And it worked. Happy prolife Catholic sheep chanting “we are not single issue voters” by the millions voted for the clergy’s candidates, the Party Of Death’s proponents of child murder, along with sodorights, and same-sex “marriage” – and now we know why.

Proportionate Reasons

Still the numbers of abortion-lynched babies– henceforth “abortolynched” – has risen so that now estimates are that there are well over 60,000,000 abortolynchings since Roe, by some estimates over 64,000,000.

What’s a good member of the clergy of the Party Of Death to do? Hey! The man who became pope, Josef Ratzinger, gave them what they saw as a real zinger that they could use – if there are “proportionate reasons” one can vote for a candidate who advocates for an intrinsic evil.

The nagging, annoying thing for the catho-dem clergy about this “proportionate reasons” analysis and argument is that it must, to be morally correct, take into account all pertinent “reasons,” A catho-dem priest or bishop cannot focus only on some few chosen “reasons” like social justice heresy or citizenship for illegal aliens, but must, if the you-can-in- good-conscience-vote-for- a-democrat rabbit is to be pulled out of the vote-for-evil hat, or miter as the case may be, consider ALL morally relevant reasons.

Then, and the catho-dem clergy ignore this, that same future pope said that, despite the “proportionate reasons” analysis, there are “non-negotiables,” and if a candidate is wrong on a non-negotiable issue, positions on other issues do not matter, nor do the positions of those others opposing the democrat matter (Cardinal Ratzinger, Address to European Parliamentary Group,” March 30, 2006).

Democrats Of Death Today

Which brings us to the Party Of Death today. It is true that, taking into account numerous political issues, abortolynching results in the most murders of human beings. Still, there are other intrinsic evils championed by the Party Of Death and its candidates for office that cannot be ignored when doing a “proportionate reasons” anaylsis. Among these are:

Euthanasia mercy murders

Torture (and almost all methods of abortion murder are some of the worst forms of torture imaginable)

Same-sex “marriage;” morally & doctrinally wrong re-definition of the traditional family

Embryonic research

Human cloning research

Wait ! There’s More !

There are, however, recent developments from the Party Of Death that go beyond these intrinsic evils. Those running it have made it crystal that there will be no party funding for a candidate who does not toe the line on all their cherished intrinsic evils. The clincher is this: now Democrats are promoting the celebration of abortolynching. They are encouraging individual women and girls to publicly celebrate their abortions, with the exuberance of lust, (an aside: in the Latin, amoris laetitia), joyfully, and, as in the ancient rituals of child sacrifice to the god Baal, demonically.

Yes, bring on the so-called proportionate reasons logic, but make sure all the “reasons” are taken into account.

And Don’t Forget Genocide – Intrinsic Evil Against A Whole People

Of those 60,000,000 or so (what’s a few million dead babies plus or minus?) about half are dead minority babies. (Key”Applause” again for Margaret Sanger, for Planned Parenthood, for the Party of Genocide,  and for the catho-democrat homoclergy). Of those, about 20,000,000 are African-American and about 10,000,000 are Hispanic-American. This is either simply a happy coincidence of unbelievable good luck for St. Margaret in Hell and the advocates of “women’s reproductive freedom,” or it is an intended result of their careful plans and schemes to rid good society of this “human undergrowth.”.


Extrapolating from known statistics, there are about 7500 catholic sodorapist priests, clerical pedophiles and pederasts, and homopredator bishops and cardinals in America, with some tens of thousands of victims. (Really, if you want to say those numbers are way off and there are ONLY 1000 clerical monsters and only a few thousand victims, please make that counterargument).

Is it really any wonder that the clergy who implicitly, some publicly, shilled for the Party Of Death before past elections are not to be seen or heard now in these weeks before important national elections?

Imagine how quickly this would be pulled, at democrat request, from the airwaves and the social media: a smiling, effeminate, mitered archbishop in a statement about voting with the caption, FOR THE CHILDREN.

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  1. “The clincher is this: now Democrats are promoting the celebration of abortolynching. They are encouraging individual women and girls to publicly celebrate their abortions, with the exuberance of lust, (an aside: in the Latin, amoris laetitia), joyfully, and, as in the ancient rituals of child sacrifice to the god Baal, demonically.” – Guy

    So true.
    (I appreciate the aside.)
    Through out the centuries fear, improper fear, has enslaved and killed multiple millions of people. The very same spirit of Harrod is within the souls of countless liberals. A King in my territory? How dare he? Kill him and my happiness, my freedom, my body will rule!
    Innocent life? What is that?

    Meanwhile the wise men sought out Truth.

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