Technical Difficulties

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The blog was off the net for almost the entire day and I am not sure why.  However, we are back in operation now it appears.  Let us pray it lasts!

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  1. for several days now, I get taken to “” saying I’m the lucky winner of a shopping card whenever I try to access your site. Brave browser (with built-in ad blockers) allows me to stay on your site without redirection. Malevolent?

  2. If I used my phone’s Samsung’s Chrome browser, I would frequently get a pop up telling me that I was a lucky winner to get a free Amazon gift card. I don’t think it happened on my laptop.
    I use Brave on my phone now, and things seem fine.

  3. I should add this was going on about a year ago for me. Looked at that way, Chrome on my laptop seems to work fine. Brave works on my phone, so no reason to change back to Chrome.

  4. I have not been able to read any topics for about a week because of a pop up that comes up saying I’ve won some kind of prize. I won’t click on the ok button because I know it’s click-bait. It happens on every topic. I tried to open a topic today and it came up again. Is anyone else getting this? I think the only reason I can send this message is that I could read the full message without opening it. I really miss reading!

  5. Yes, I’ve had the “redirecting to something likely malevolent” problem with this website for a while, myself. I assumed it was on my end, and would go through the steps to clean my set up. It would reoccur every once in a blue moon informing me I’ve won a prized doodad (or something to that effect).

    So it’s either this site, or I’m the luckiest man alive.

  6. I had to unsubscribe because of pop-ups. Now, I want to resubsubscribe and I can’t find the link. The pop-ups were from
    It was very frustrating.

  7. Well, I can’t find you on Google. I can trace you from links at my own blog. But when I Google, it comes up a host of ‘American’ and ‘Catholic’ options, but not this one. Don’t know if that’s related or not. But typically I can type the Blog name and this comes up on top.

  8. I, too, encountered the pop-ups of winning a prize, either from Amazon, or another was for entering a prize for a $1000 Walmart gift card for using my cell phone in Layton UT and a local cell phone service offering me a better cell phone plan (I had been in NE Utah last week and something attached to the site even through my I-phone). It hasnt affected online computer access.

  9. Right now, I could not get to this blog on a Google search of The American Catholic, but I was able to switch to Yahoo Search Engine and….poof, I am here!!

    I know that I extremely rarely post but I just wanted to let you know what I was experiencing trying to get here to read your blog, which I do every day.

  10. Regarding Karl’s comment that a Google search often does not bring up The American Catholic, “I am sure it is a coincidence” 🙂

    Yes, I noticed that before. Interesting that Yahoo hasnt blacklisted, er, unlisted, Don McClarey/TAC yet.

  11. A google search of The American Catholic blog will get you to us.

    “Yes, I noticed that before. Interesting that Yahoo hasnt blacklisted, er, unlisted, Don McClarey/TAC yet.”

    I regard it almost as a personal insult that they have not done so, yet! 🙂

  12. I got the “congratulations, you’ve won a $1,000 gift card” popup every time I tried to log on to this site with my iPhone. It did NOT happen on my desktop computer, using Chrome.

  13. Hmm. I just tried Google and typed in both the-american-catholic (with hyphens) and the american catholic (no hypehens). The website did not pop up. But typing in either on search engine showed it quickly.
    If I type in “” in the Google search engine, then of course it pops up immediately.
    (I’m on my laptop. I have not tried this on my phone’s browsers)
    Net Neutrality in action?

  14. Google works now. But it sure didn’t yesterday. Today you popped up at the top as normal, so that’s fixed.

  15. I have been getting the same annoying redirection/popup as others have described here, on both my iPhone and iPad, for a couple of weeks, on both Chrome and Safari. I’ve seen suggestions online that this is something only your advertisers and/or web host can remedy. In any event, it doesn’t happen when using either Chrome or Edge on my laptop, so that’s where I am now.

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