PopeWatch: Lackeys

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Sandro Magister takes note of the fact that the Pope is surrounding himself with precisely the wrong people if he wanted to reform the Church:


Ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick is not the only wrong person on whom Francis bet. Because at least three others can be pointed out, in the upper levels of the hierarchy, each one tied with double thread to the changes that this pope wants to introduce into the Church.

Francis too had known for some time about McCarrick’s bad conduct, his grooming of young people and seminarians, taking them on outings and then to bed. And yet he kept him right with him until the end, as his chief adviser in the appointments aimed at tipping the balance of power among the bishops of the United States in favor of the progressive wing. Blaise Cupich in Chicago, Joseph Tobin in Newark, Kevin Farrell as president of the Vatican dicastery for laity, family and life, whom Francis also immediately promoted as cardinals, are all three of the McCarrick brood, their careers advancing miraculously with him, even if today they too are in danger of being damaged by the collapse of their tutelary deity, whom a few months ago not even Francis could not defend after it came to light that years ago he had also abused a minor.


Go here to read the rest.  Of course the Pope does want to “reform” the Church by transforming it into a global version of the Anglican Church, with a Pope instead of a Queen, its traditional teaching forgotten and its main purpose to serve as a rubber stamp for every leftist cause that comes rolling down the pike.

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  1. I think you meant to write, ” with queens instead of a Queen.” That’s what we have in the Church today. The common thread with all these bishops is their adherence to the deadly confusion of homosexuality. All of them. Pope means father. That is the last thing any of them want or are able to be. Francis included.

  2. Can the Sacrament of Holy Orders be imposed upon an individual who does not believe in the Sovereign Person of Jesus Christ the King? I think not. “uncle ted” might not be ex cardinal. “uncle ted” might not be a priest. “uncle ted” might not have a vocation at all. “uncle ted” may be self-excommunicated all by himself.

  3. * INJELITANCE: A vital Parkinson contribution was his diagnosis of why certain organizations suddenly deteriorate: the rise to authority of individuals with unusually high combinations of incompetence and jealousy (“injelitance”).
    “The injelitant individual is easily recognizable from the persistence with which he struggles to eject all those abler than himself. He dare not say, ‘Mr. Asterisk is too able,’ so he says, ‘Asterisk? Clever perhaps—but is he sound?’ … The [organization] gradually fills up with people more stupid than the chairman….”

    Organizations can be cured of injelititis spontaneously, when an individual conditioned to hide his intelligence penetrates to the top post and “suddenly throws off the mask and appears like the demon king among a crowd of pantomime fairies.” Or sometimes a massive amputation and simultaneous transfusion of new blood will work—but not always. Ultimately, however, the only course is to eliminate the organization completely. “Infected personnel should be dispatched with a warm testimonial to such rival institutions as are regarded with particular hostility…. As for the [office] buildings, the best plan is to insure them heavily and then set them alight.”

    h/t Peter Brimelow

  4. In my neck of the woods the new Anglicans (breakaway Episcopalians) are part of the African Union and appear conservative – pro-life and pro-heterosexual marriage. They couldn’t stomach gay marriage and changes to dogma. Haven’t heard of a female priest among them either.

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