The Divinity of Christ

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  1. Have you thought that Jorge Bergoglio implicitly denies the divinity of Jesus Christ? Jorge has revealed to us Jesus’s error in telling us that persons can be condemned to Hell forever, that the fire can be everlasting. Jorge has let us know Jesus got this wrong, and he, Jorge, has it right, so much so that he must proclaim it not only as truth, but as magisterial truth. As the night follows the day, Jorge teaches that Jesus is not divine, Jesus is not God- because God makes no errors, God makes no mistakes; and, according to Jorge, Jesus got Hell all wrong. I would never stand near Jorge anywhere or fly on a plane with him. I am reminded of how God called Arius the heretic home-see below. God will call Jorge, and we should pray for mercy fo rhim.
    Guy McClung, Texas:


    “The historian Socrates Scholasticus then tells us how on that weekend Arius experienced loose bowels and had to run to a nearby bathroom. There, there heretic’s bowels came loose and he died in a most dishonorable way. Here’s the account:

    It was then Saturday, and Arius was expecting to assemble with the church on the day following: but divine retribution overtook his daring criminalities. For going out of the imperial palace, attended by a crowd of Eusebian partisans like guards, he paraded proudly through the midst of the city, attracting the notice of all the people. As he approached the place called Constantine’s Forum, where the column of porphyry is erected, a terror arising from the remorse of conscience seized Arius, and with the terror a violent relaxation of the bowels: he therefore enquired whether there was a convenient bathroom nearby, and being directed to the back of Constantine’s Forum, he hastened thither. Soon after a faintness came over him, and together with the evacuations his bowels protruded, followed by a copious hemorrhage, and the descent of the smaller intestines: moreover portions of his spleen and liver were brought off in the effusion of blood, so that he almost immediately died. The scene of this catastrophe still is shown at Constantinople, as I have said, behind the shambles in the colonnade: and by persons going by pointing the finger at the place, there is a perpetual remembrance preserved of this extraordinary kind of death.

    The Ecclesiastical Histories of Socrates Scholasticus

    Professor Reidy tells me that this bathroom in Constantinople was constantly the butt of jokes who saw the terrible death of Arius as divine retribution. Finally, an Arian supporter, purchased the bathroom and destroyed it.

  2. “A terror arising from the remorse of conscience seized Arius…” Well, pretty sure a remorse of conscience has not seized Bergo as of yet. It has not even tapped him on the shoulder. Guy, many upvotes to your post. Thanks.

  3. James-Thank you. How about we start a tax-free 501c3 to raise money to buy every toilet and urinal Jorge uses? Like Paul VI clothing and Oscar Romero’s shoes-would be 2nd class relics, and might even contain 1st class. Imagine if we can get a papal porta potty from World Pederast Day ? . Guy

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