Those Were the Days

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Ryszard Legutko has written a book, The Demon in Democracy:  Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies, which I highly recommend.  The editor of

PopeWatch: Priorities

      Lifesite News reminds us that the Pope has his priorities:   Pope Francis refuses to meet with Italy’s Minister of


  1. Memories. Funny how so much of my surrounding culture was so hostile to Reagan (and didn’t give much care about JPII one way or another). Looking back, you wonder what they were thinking.

  2. St. Pope JP II embodied genuine humility imho.
    His Love for Mary Immaculate made him a strong defender of Holy Catholic Church. His past leadership roles groomed him, humbled him, and prepared him for his election as Pope.
    Enter President Reagan and we have
    the perfect combination to level communism.

    Two Men of Faith and Wisdom.

    (Pope Francis?)
    I just don’t understand how he came to be in Peter’s Chair…

  3. The combox at 1P5 would find something to complain about this photo.

    Nevertheless, they were two Giants of the age. In 1978, the USSR was seen as a permanent part of world politics. 13 years later, it was on the ash heap of history. I was in my late teens and late 20s from 1978 through 1991 – truly an unforgettable time.

  4. “(Pope Francis?)
    I just don’t understand how he came to be in Peter’s Chair…”

    One good look at the world’s episcopate and you’ll understand how, Phil.

  5. @ Greg Mockeridge.

    That collective can’t be so lopsided that the conclave truly thought their best choice was Jorge. That’s my naivete prior to his election.
    Now I believe that forces are at work to shape the church…not good. Of course it should always be the Church shaping the soul, the family and finally the culture.

    What about future conclaves, future elections?
    Are their more reformers than orthodox traditional Cardinals in this mix?
    I wonder about the possibility of a Burke or like-minded Bishop to ever have that chance. (?)

  6. Well, Phil,when pretty far left bishops like Chaput, Gomez, and Dolan are considered right wing,you know things are pretty bad in the hierarchy of the Church.

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