Communists Act Like Communists

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Apparently all the boot licking that Pope Francis has been doing to the Chinese Communist regime has produced the usual predictable results of appeasement:


Beijing, China, Oct 26, 2018 / 02:40 pm (CNA).- As part of an ongoing crackdown on religious practice in the country, Chinese authorities demolished two Catholic Marian shrines this week. The move comes just one month after the Chinese government signed an agreement with the Vatican regarding the appointment of bishops.

According to reports from AsiaNews, government authorities destroyed the Marian shrines of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows in Dongergou (Shanxi), and Our Lady of Bliss, also known as Our Lady of the Mountain, in Anlong (Guizhou).

The shrines were pilgrimage sites for both the official Chinese Catholic Church and the “underground” Catholic Church in China.


Go here to read the rest.  The Reds have the measure of Pope Francis and treat him with complete contempt.  In that, if in nothing else, their attitude is completely understandable.

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  1. “Some feel doubt and perplexity, while others sense themselves somehow abandoned by the Holy See and anxiously question the value of their sufferings endured out of fidelity to the Successor of Peter. In many others, there prevail positive expectations and reflections inspired by the hope of a more serene future for a fruitful witness to the faith in China.” PF’s remarks a month ago on the “new deal.”

    I’m guessing that they might be finding it hard to feel a genuine sense of serenity after this sign of “cooperation.”

    Francis 0
    Red China 1 (or rather 2 shrines destroyed.)

    Gee. Maybe a very long retirement from leadership responsibilities might aid the Chinese Catholics. Cardinal Burke could manage damage control and THEN a sense of Hope and Serenity might find it’s way into the hearts of the faithful in China.

    Frank…The bridge blunder of Catholicism.

  2. I read something that the esteemed ex-Cardinal McCarrick was involved in this accord with Beijing. He allegedly referred to it as ‘a great gift to the Church”.

    McCarrick has caused more damage to the Church than the KGB could have ever hoped for.

  3. History is first tragedy the repeats as farce, it is said. Did no one learn from the agreements with Hitler, Mussolini and the various socialist states in the world that they want no other gods before them? Evil always manifests a reliable consistency. We should have learned to handle it by now.

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