PopeWatch: Shut Up, They Explained

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A popular tactic on the Left is deplatforming, depriving people they oppose of the ability to speak out by denying them forums.  Father Z notes that the Catholic Left are becoming adept at this tactic:


Crisis has a piece which talks about how homosexualist Jesuit (tautology?) James Martin, LGBTQSJ has urged his twitter and fakebook followers to attack LifeSite and other faithful Catholic sites for something they didn’t do.

This isn’t the first time Martin has organized an attack: he did that to me, too.  But I digress.

Austin Ruse writes:

[Aaron] Bianco’s cause has been picked up by dissident Jesuit Fr. James Martin who has urged his nearly one million social media followers to get Facebook and Twitter to shut down LifeSite and Church Militant. He also called on his followers to complain to their bishops. He, too, believes these groups must be silenced.

Martin calls for tolerance and dialogue. Sure! So long as nothing challenging is offered his side or so long as you agree. If you disagree, with the sickly smile of Geryon, he’ll attack you through the agency of others.

The Libs, with their massive menagerie of allies, work from a special meaning of “liberal”.  “Liberal”, as you know, is from Latin, for “free”.  Libs are those with whom you are free to agree.  Anything else is not allowed.   This is why a while back many prominent libs whined that Catholic converts shouldn’t have a voice in the square.  This is why certain libs call for people to be fired or want to watch as their opponents are guillotined.

Scratch a lib and you find a Nazi.


Go here to comment.  There are few things Leftists fear more than honest, robust debate.  The rigged Synods called by Pope Francis demonstrate how much he cares for debate, and his silence as to the Vigano allegations illustrates the boundless contempt he has for those who do not blindly agree with him.

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  1. The funny thing is that the parish where Bianco worked, St. John the Evangelist was one of the more orthodox parishes in the diocese not all that long ago. At least the pastor was openly orthodox. That’s despite the fact that it is located in the Hillcrest area, which is LGBT Central in the San Diego area. Things quickly went when that particular pastor left.

  2. It is astonishing that a out of the closet, “married” and practicing homosexual doesn’t understand why his Church has difficulty having him teach the youth in that very same Church! -. -. -. – for brains or just plain defiant to Church teaching? In his case both is my guess.

    Just in case he or Fr. Martin reads TAC….

    So a professed Nazi is upset that the Jewish community doesn’t want him to lead the children in learning the Torah.

    A practicing pedophile has a problem with the school authority that doesn’t want him to teach to their seven year old students.

    A serial rapist has difficulty understanding why he is not allowed to be the security guard at the all girls school for the blind….

    Got it?
    Get over it and find a new job.

  3. The underlying dispute is another ye Gods! moment. The pastor / administrator who appointed that man should have be removed toute-de-suite – through canonical proceedings if that’s what’s necessary. That the bishop countenances a clear case of lavender networking is an indication the bishop is no bloody good, either.

  4. Seen on the net. Like Hitlerism, anti-2A extremists’ ads want children to turn in their parents’ guns.

    The left can’t win rational debate so they deploy logical fallacies – ad hominem, appeal to emotion, censorship, distortion, exaggeration, false equivalence, libel, omission, outright lie, slander, etc.].

    The left knows (from past experience – Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, et al) that among the ways to kill a mass movement are: deny the proponents’ right to assemble and ensure they cannot communicate their ideas – censorship. Stalin, Hitler, et al employed organized violence. Contemporary totalitarians employ the lying liberal media [redundant] and social media censorship (social media is social disease).

    In a rare fit of cogitation, it occurred that the Church’s 2,000-year-old stance on sin was “Love the sinner. Hate the sin.” Now, it seems “Hate the virtuous. Love the sin.” [Here the sin is sodomy.]

  5. It’s amazing that those most in need of free expression, the social and political Radical Left, are most eager to shut down those who disagree with their ideas. It reminds me of the atheists attacking the Magis Center Facebook site…vile, vicious attacks. And in the 50’s, when I first left my liberal positions, the radical students marching through classes at SUNY/Buffalo and burning down the faculty club. If you can’t win through rational discussion, then use force. And thus our republic is destroyed.

  6. Michael Sean Winters is another Mark Shea.
    If MSW thinks I am going to be a victim of the “Revolution” he hopes for, he has another thing coming.

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