The Kavanaugh Report


The Senate Judiciary Committee majority (Republicans) has released a 414 page report on the Kavanaugh investigation.  Go here to read it.  All but the first 26 pages consists of the Exhibits.  There is little new here, but reading it all together brought to mind to me the following conclusions:

  1.  There was no substance from the outset to the Christine Blasey Ford allegations, and the Christine Blasey Ford portrayed in the exhibits, particularly the “party girl” with a very active social life in College and Grad School, was not the fragile Christine Blasey Ford who appeared at the hearing.
  2.  The amazing ability of so many people to have minute recollections of events more than three decades in the past, particularly when they would have been at most peripherally involved in events that seemingly would have had no significance at the time.
  3.  The inability of some people to get past perceived slights in high school and college and to treasure grudges from long ago.  Kavanaugh’s freshman roommate from college was a prime example of someone itching to sink a hatchet into the scalp of someone he did not like when he was 18 years old more than three decades in the past, and who he had no involvement with since.  Grow up people and get a life!
  4.   If the evidence to support Ford’s allegations was virtually non-existent, the evidence to support the remaining allegations was completely non-existent.  Calling them obvious lies would be charitable.
  5.   Unless the Senate Democrats on the Committee were complete idiots, and doubtless some of them, looking at you Senator Booker, were and are, they played the role of complete villains willing to smear an innocent man and his family in order to attempt to maintain a death grip on the Supreme Court.
  6.   The smear of Kavanaugh made Joe McCarthy look like an amateur, and if we had a real news media, instead of unpaid press agents for the Democrat party, almost all ordinary Americans, who are not frenzied partisans of the party of the Jackass, would now realize that.

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  1. One of the most absurd volley’s from the Left was his yearbook scribblings.
    They were so desperate to derail Kavanaugh that it didn’t matter if it was half baked…just throw anything at the wall to see if it sticks.


  2. Evil or ignorant is the age old question about the Left. Your assessment of the Senate Democrats is probably the right proportion with only Cory Booker being the obvious incompetent. Given how thorough the investigation was, and how long it took, it does lead to the conclusion that the majority of Democratic Senators know or strongly suspect the truth, but simply saw Kavanaugh and his family as acceptable collateral damage. That more of the American electorate appears to be waking up to this reality is a blessing.

  3. If you don’t mind a brief biographical reference.

    If I understand correctly, James Roche occupied a dormitory suite with BK and one other person for about four months. Among his claims have been:

    1. That BK was ‘routinely’ unable to recall the next morning what he’d done while drunk. (Roche contends he had this problem too). He offers this while also offering that the two did not socialize. (It’s now a matter of record that Roche had some ugly dispute with the 3d person in the suite and BK sided with that other chap).

    2. That BK and his friends made use of the terms ‘boof’ and ‘Devil’s Triangle’ as sexual terms.

    I was a resident of Baltimore at the time, as well as being a contemporary of this crew (more or less), living in roughly similar circumstances. I never heard these terms used. I suppose institutional cultures differ and I’d wager colloquialisms then were more localized than now (quite apart from the nature of the inside jokes). But that’s the point. Roche is implicitly claiming these were commonplaces up and down the BosWash corridor. They weren’t.

    Come to think of it, I don’t recall anal sex or kinky AC-DC menages a trois being a common topic of conversation among young men of any description, much less the sorts that went in for fraternity rush. The only popular references I can recall from that era were in a book of the totally-gross-jokes genre.

    BTW, I shared an apartment with a chap around that time I wasn’t on the best of terms with; not really his fault, not really quite mine. I hadn’t given him a thought in 35 years. I discover noodling around that he ca 2007 owned several businesses around Baltimore. He appears to have decamped elsewhere in the last 11 years. If some official asked me about his habits under oath, I suppose I’d have to tell what I can remember. I cannot imagine going out of my way to grass him up, nor being able to recall the slang he used with his buds, nor even who his particular friends were bar one. (The one is now a doctor in Augusta, Ga. – easy to locate). Roche lives out in the Bay Area and had handsome jobs in the tech sector for 25 or 30 years (though there are gaps in his profile as well). Quite a bit of water under the bridge for someone he shared an apartment with in 1983 to be taking up rent-free space in his head. I cannot make sense of this man. At all.

  4. One curio about those exhibits is the absence of a statement from his friend Christopher Garrett. Garrett has the answer to some unanswered questions, but the affidavit he signed is not in the appending.

  5. So much of what the Left has enacted has been through the Supreme Court. it has been their go-to legislature for generations and control of it is slipping away. The rage of the Left will only increase at the next Supreme Court justice nomination. To the Left, the end justifies the means, so lies, innuendos, smears and hysteria are just tools. Islam, Alinsky and Communism use the same tools – as if they bought a set of Craftsmans from the local closing down Sears store.

  6. Judge Kavanaugh’s daughter is going to lead us in beckoning heaven for help in tomorrow’s election. She said; “let’s pray for the lady..”
    Indeed. Add one for Lady Liberty as well.. please.

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