Just in Time for Christmas

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Just When You Think the New York Times Can’t Go Any Lower

Yep, all equal as slaves of the State.

No Comment Needed

Hattip to commenter Nate Winchester.

July 18, 1969: Entering the Gravity of the Moon

Fifty years ago Apollo 11 entered the gravity well of the Moon from the gravity well of the Earth.  Three-quarters of the


  1. /sigh

    I still can’t figure out if I like Teddy, or if he annoys me….I have a feeling he would’ve been a blast to be around. (And I wouldn’t have called him Teddy, any more than I’d address the Pope Emeritus as Papa Razi!)

  2. I’m surprised that they didn’t market him with a Bengal tiger, since he it’s more in his character and has that old alliteration benefit. “Trump Tiger” (think what they could’ve done with its hair.)

  3. “I still can’t figure out if I like Teddy, or if he annoys me”

    One of his worst enemies once said about Roosevelt that a man would have to hate him a lot not to like him a little. Roosevelt was a force of nature and ever lived life at the charge!

  4. One of the affecting things about the play Come Back Little Sheba was that the protagonist slept with a teddy bear. My father had a dear friend married in middle age a very pleasant women who had a salaried position in the apparat at a big New York bank. She had a small collection of Teddy bears. My aunt, age 69 and recovering from an injury, asked for and received as a gift a teddy bear. Alas, all the women in my family are Democrats or NeverTrumpers, so I’ve no one to give such an item.

  5. He preferred to be addressed as Colonel.

    By whom? “Teddy” is a diminutive, and diminutives are to be used only by friends from childhood, proximate family members who knew you as a child, and your wife. People on that menu get to call you whatever they bloody please, no matter what you prefer.

  6. His wife called him Theodore. So far as I know no member of his inner circle called him Teddy. His father died when he was in college and his first wife and mother died on the same day. His family nickname was “Teedie”.

  7. His father was Theodore Sr, so I think that is why his family nickname was “Teedie.” He was a fascinating person, and, like Don mentioned “a force of nature.”

  8. He is certainly one of the historical figures I would have liked to have met. I like to imagine bringing together in a pub various figures from English history: St. Thomas More, Dr. Johnson, William Cobbett, Chesterton, Belloc, and maybe Churchill. There aren’t many Americans who would contribute well to this party, but I’d add Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt, and maybe Richard Feynman. I’d love to eavesdrop on their conversation. [Eavesdropping on our current political and cultural leaders would be more like a punishment from Hell.]

  9. The Winchester Model 1895 was a beauty to behold. This low-budget gun collector never found one with the price at hand. TR pronounced his ’95 “Lion Medicine” and which he administered to a numbers of lions in 1909. They don’t make presidents like that any more.

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