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Donald Trump is the living embodiment of the maxim:  It’s smarter to be lucky, than it’s lucky to be smart:


Mark Penn, a former adviser to the Clintons, believes Hillary Clinton will make another run for president in 2020. 

Penn, a frequent contributor to The Hill, co-wrote a Sunday op-ed for The Wall Street Journal with Andrew Stein, a former Democratic Manhattan borough president and president of the New York City Council. 

“True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies,” the pair wrote. “She won’t let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.”

Go here to read the rest.  Chant it with me:  Hillary!  Hillary! Hilllary!

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  1. The list of people who’ve run > 2 presidential campaigns in the last 80-odd years:

    1. Franklin Roosevelt (he was the incumbent president for 3 of those four contests)

    2. Harold Stassen: he was a competitor of sorts 3x, a clown all the other times. His supporters put him on ballots the first of those three timex; he put none of his own man-hours into his ‘campaign’ because he was in the military on active duty at the time.

    3. Lyndon Johnson: he was the incumbent president at the time of one campaign and elected to retire after competing in one primary at the time of the other.

    4. Richard Nixon: he was the incumbent president at the time of the last of his 3 campaigns, won the presidency with his second; and nearly won it with the first. He had no competition for the nomination 2x and only weak competition the 3d time.

    5. Ronald Reagan: he was the incumbent President at the time of his 4th campaign. His first campaign lasted one day, when he offered himself as a parking spot for delegates wishing to indicate their dissent from prevailing currents of thought in the Republican Party.

    6. George McGovern. His first campaign lasted a matter of days and consisted of offering himself as a parking spot for Robert Kennedy’s delegates at the 1968 Democratic convention. In his 3d, he competed in two contests, then left the field; his purpose seems to have been to put the red-haze / functional pacifist option on the table during Democratic debates and it’s doubtful he had any interest in the prize itself; his wife refused to campaign for him.

    7. Robert Dole: he abandoned his first campaign after a poor showing in one or two contests. There were only two vigorous campaigns, during one of which he was successful.

    8. George Bush the Elder: he was the incumbent President during his 3d campaign and managed to win the office during his 2d. During his first he managed to best three candidates whose prominence exceeded his prior to 1979.

    9. Jerry Brown: He ran 3x, two vigorously The second of his 3 campaigns was a complete bust, the 1st something of a lark. N.B. he was 54 at the time of his last campaign;

    The closest analogue to her situation would be in descending order Robert Dole, Jerry Brown, and Harold Stassen. Stassen’s not a precedent with which you want to be identified and Brown hung up his boots in re presidential campaigns at the age of 54.

  2. I am happy to chant it for you, the Dem’s and especially for The Donald who will happily humiliate the party of death come 2020.

  3. Hillary Clinton’s voice is like a worn out wash rag. Too much demand and not enough giving for the common good. To me that is why Clinton is not 50 points ahead.

  4. Possible presidential slogans;
    1) Comrades Unite!
    2) Much Stronger than Before!.sort of.
    3) Damn it to Hell!
    4) Woman Power Wins..i hope.
    5) I’m back and I’m ready to open up a can of whip-ass on those deplorables baby!

  5. There are a number of matters which can be reasonably considered evidence of a politically corrupted investigation of Hillary by the FBI. Is it better for the country to leave sleeping dogs lie, or to reaffirm that the ruling class is not above the law? That is the question which should be answered before anyone asks, should she run again.

  6. If the Hellcat runs again, she’ll have something new to add to her list of accomplishments, three time loser!

  7. “I love democracy … I love the Republic. The power you give me I will lay down when this crisis has abated. And as my first act with this new authority, I will create a Committee for Public Safety to counter the increasing threats of Deplorables.” Emperor Palpatine Maximilien Robespierre President Hillary Clinton

    “If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed!” Emperor Palpatine / President Hillary Clinton

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