Be Very Careful What You Pray For

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Comment from  California Catholic Daily, Sep. 2018:

“We must pray for lawsuits, for priests and bishops in prison, stripped of all wealth, laicized.” Guy McClung, Texas


Question from May 2018 article:

“Did the bishops who took our money, and those who acted with them, commit crimes?  It there was crime, does the corrupt organizations act apply?” Guy McClung


Now this, From Nov. 13, 2018 article:

Sexual abuse victims file class action lawsuit against Vatican, Catholic bishops

Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times,  November 13, 2018


Bishops will seek total darkness for this new lawsuit

Without any doubt, the first thing the criminal bishops, archbishops, and cardinals will do after filing a response to the Original Complaint in the new lawsuit filed in Washington D.C., will be to file a motion to have the judge seal all court records and to order all involved to be silent in reply to requests for information about the case.  They will do this, allegedly, to “protect the innocent victims;” but it will be done to protect their public images and to try to stop the enormous decline in donations in parishes and dioceses across the country.  Now there must be prayers, unceasingly,  that the judge will deny any such motion, and that all this moral clerical  sewage, the identities of all the ordained homopredators and sodorapists, all the pederasts in Holy Orders,  and all the hierarchical criminals be exposed to the light of day.


From May 2018 The American Catholic article by Guy McClung, Texas [more excerpts below]:

Civil Law

Questions: Do the faithful, under civil law, have a cause or causes of action against the settling, enabling and shuttling bishops for all of the faithful’s money that the bishops  paid out to abuse victims and their attorneys? And, unfortunately, also a cause of action against the Church? Would this qualify as a “class action” ?  If bishops did not act alone, if others acted with them to spread this plague and to steal the money of the faithful, are there causes of action against them too?

Criminal Law

Questions:  Did the bishops who took our money, and those who acted with them, commit crimes?  It there was crime, does the corrupt organizations act apply?


Excerpts from article , Guy McClung, THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC, May 2018:


The Widow’s Mites & The Faithful’s Billions

It is old news, for decades now, and, sadly, ongoing daily news, that many priests and bishops of the Catholic Church were, have been and may still be themselves perverts, pederasts, pedophiles, and sexual assaulters of women, men,  girls, and boys. A large number of bishops and archbishops have been involved in relocating guilty priests, knowing what they had done, hiding this from the civil authorities, hiding this from the faithful they are supposed to shepherd, moving these criminals around within a diocese from parish to parish with no warning to the faithful, especially parents of young children, and, in some cases, shuttling guilty priests from one diocese to another, keeping their crimes secret. No signs were posted when a shuttled cleric arrived at a new place, signs such as those required to be publicly displayed in many jurisdictions that say  “Pursuant to statute,  Father Drakenonsond who lives in this rectory is a sexual predator” or “Danger:  Sex Offender, His Excellency  Bishop Justenistone, lives at this location.”

It is impossible to determine the exact amount of the faithful’s money the bishops have taken to settle these claims.  Some serious current estimates are over $4,000,000,000.00. These are just estimates. Because of the bishops’ demands, in most cases,  for secrecy when settling a case, cold hard facts are hard to come by. For the purposes of what I have to say, even if you assume that number is half wrong, or even mostly wrong, it is still an amazingly large amount of the faithful’s money.



More previous  publications regarding Civil, Criminal, Class Action & RICO suits against the priest and bishop predators and their criminal enabling prelates who knowingly and intentionally shuttled them from diocese to diocese and across state lines:  Cardinal Wuerl on the Lam in Rome? August 31, 2018. Comment:

Needed-against the overwhelming majority of bishops, archbishops, and cardinals – class action suits, civil fraud suits (they stole our money – 4.25 billion$s$ and counting to pay for their personal releases and kept all their own personal wealth, stock and investment portfolios, and mansions), canon law fraud suits, criminal suits nationwide, and RICO suit. Then – give FULL immunity to minions, underlings, pedopriests and lower rank aux bishops, even homopredator aux bishops, and tell them Full disclosure for no prison time. Give full immunity to Wuerl’s personal chef who is one of the few people on this earth allowed on the floor of the mansion he inhabits with his priest assistant. Guy McClung, Texas;  McElroy fudges with parish bulletins  SEPTEMBER 10, 2018

Will the laity ask about the Vigano letter? List of October meetings;  Comment:

We must pray for lawsuits, for priests and bishops in prison, stripped of all wealth, laicized. If 300 homopredators and sodorapists among clergy in Pennsylvania alone, there must be around 7000 such criminals nationwide (and over 25,000 victims, minimum, nationwide). Get guilty pleas, or verdicts, by giving full immunity to underlings, lay nun chancellors, lower ranking criminals, etc, promise them no prison for fulldisclosure of the conspiracies and the corrupt organization [under RICO]. Not only the predators, but the bishops and cardinals who KNOWINGLY shuttled them around the country for decades, with full knowledge they would do it again and again. Cardinal Wuerl must not have a personal chef in prison. Guy McClung, Texas   JULY 18, 2018

More On McCarrick – With A Trip Down Memory Lane,  Comment:

How about a civil suit or RICO action suit against all these bishops? And who else is out their preying still on our young people who has not yet been outed as a predatory pervert? How to tell who they may be? St Paul tells us the effeminate [never mind those men who sleep with men, and women who do unnatural things with women-those are separate categories of evil for St Paul], the effeminate will not inherit the kingdom. How many effeminate priests and bishops and cardinals have you seen prancing around an altar or smirking thru a press conference? We must conclude that these effeminate priests and prelates are also perverts and/or part of the group that has enabled the predators for decades, shuttling their fellow perverts all around the USA. with full knowledge of what they had done and what they would most certainly continue to do. Under the law, that is a”corrupt organization” for RICO if I ever heard of one. Guy McClung, Texas   Aug. 29, 2018

Next Steps: Time For The Department Of Justice To Get Involved…  by S. Armaticus in Normalization Process

Comment:  We need personal tort and fraud cases, and class actions against almost all bishops and cardinals in the US; state criminal indictments and trials; federal RICO criminal actions; etc. THEN, underlings, minion, male prostitutes, pimps – even so lower aux pedo bishops – all get FULL immunity and guaranteed no prison time – and they will spill their putrid guts. Then the bishops and cardinals will find out if a laicized priest can say Mass in prison. The mantra is FOLLOW OUR MONEY because over 4 billion$s of it has been stolen by homopredators, sodorapists, their enablers, and those who got earthly power climbing to the top of the hierarchy using them. Under both civil law and canon law-the bishops must return our money, every last million, since we were defrauded out of it. Some feds must look at the use of these billions – NOT for church purposes – but to pay off claims against them personally, and to pay off their blackmailers and extortionists. Get ready-the real puppetmasters are getting ready to throw many more than Uncle Ted, Donna the Girl and even Jorge B under the pedo-bus. Guy Mcclung, Texas

Kwasniewski and White on the True Nature of the Crisis in the Church Aug. 22, 2018,  Comment

When you realize that their spiritual father is not God Almighty, but the Father Of Lies, you come to know that – if there are 1000 victims known eg in Pennsylvania – there are 1000s more there , 10000s more across the country. I personally know 4 who have been silent, and who probably will stay silent. I do not fault them for this in any way. Light, light, light – that is all that will make these sodorapist priests and homopredator bishops crawl back to hell. We already know about approx 12 bishops who themselves are perverted predators, and 100s of prevpriests – think about it- that is the TIP of the prelature and presbyter pervert iceberg; there are more, almost certainly many many more. Thank God for the media and internet-imagine if this was 1957 – we, the faithful laity from whom $billion$s have been stolen, would know nothing.. Light, light, light, like UV destroys germs. Pray for lawsuits and empaneled grand juries nationwide – civil suits, criminal and RICO – and then grants of full immunity to underlings, minions, personal chefs (check out Donna The Girl’s) and lower aux bishops-to totally spill their guts. Guy McClung, Texas

McCarrick, The Homo Deep State, And Benedict: Some Reflections;  Comment

I think Uncle Ted actually baptized this child as an infant. How about “Homo Creep Deep State”? It is beyond reason and common sense that Uncle Ted is a sui generis, a loner; this is a this multi-tentacled evil – he is probably the first domino to fall. As these pervert predators age and relinquish the levers of their homo-evil power, including control of the bank accounts and books, and legal settlements, their victims can no longer blackmail them for millions, and so they go public. Imagine what investigaytors are ferreting out right now about the whole homo-trafficing bishops network. This does not merely sound like a “corrupt organization” under the federal RICO laws, this IS one. And they have the gall to come out publicly about the evil of “sex trafficing.” Guy McClung, Texas





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  1. I would like to better understand your comment at the top of the feed.

    It seems to me that all parishes bankrupt, no catholic churches, no seminaries, no services, no schools… That no Catholic would wish such a thing on the Church.

    (Obviously, I am irritated.)

    So, please help me better understand how bankrupting the Church would be a good thing.

  2. The late Pat MacManus (who was Catholic) tells in his book THEY SHOOT CANOES, DON’T THEY of a time when he was on a fishing trip with his stepfather Hank and someone stole the battery from their car. “My stepfather was a gentle man of great kindness and understanding, and he said that the person who had taken our battery probably did so only because he was too poor to buy one. Therefore, Hank said, he would not place a curse on the thief that would strike him instantly dead but merely one that would make all his skin fall off. Suddenly. All at once. While he was square dancing Saturday night. And just as he was winking at the prettiest girl at the dance. As we trudged along the dusty road, Hank kept adding to and improving upon the curse until it seemed to me that the kinder thing would be to have the thief struck instantly dead.”

    For some strange reason, that passage comes to mind when the question of how bishops should be punished without bankrupting the Church and making Sacraments inaccessible.

  3. “The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat; so practice and observe whatever they tell you, but not what they do; for they preach, but do not practice.”

    (Matt. 23:2-3)

  4. The wise as serpents/innocent as doves play is to find a few good bishops & donate to them like political bundlers.

    Because it was money that McCarrick where he got & kept him there despite his proclivities.

  5. It would be wonderful if Catholic High School$ went bankrupt.
    Then we could stop kidding ourselves, and turn out attention finding a way to give ALL high school age Catholics a HS education in the faith, before they leave for college.

  6. The high school my kids go to (Bishop Shanahan) is doing OK.

    Point is, it ISN’T the bishops whose money is going to be taken, it is ours. It is the money that keeps the lights on.

    Bankrupting the Church MAY happen but that hardly seems like something we Catholics should hope for!

  7. I meant David Spaulding. The idea that somehow bankrupting the Church and its missions, including high schools, will somehow result in an improved universal Catholic education makes no sense whatsoever.

  8. Sometimes you post an article and after three weeks it is “No Comments” and you wonder if anyone read it and you wonder if it was of any good to anybody. David and Howard, Ernst, Mike . . and all who read and did not comment, many thanks. It is really appreciated that you took the time to read and, moreso, the time to comment.

    David, I think there is a distinction between advocating the bankruptcy of “the Church” and the bringing to justice, civil and criminal, of some of the ordained and of the hierarchy. I want the following all to be exposed publicly and I want any stolen money and property to be taken from them – hopefully with as much as possible to be given back to the source of the money: the good faithful catholics. The following:

    A – Criminal ordained deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops. Cardinals, including abusers, sexual assaulters of both boys girls men and women, priest and prelate pedophiles and pederasts, priest and prelate perverts who have violated any child pornography law.

    B – Criminal bishops and priests, etc. who have stolen money from the faithful, embezzeled money from the Church, defrauded the faithful of their money

    C – Those ordained and consecrated, in power, as pastors and bishops who have enabled anyone in A or B above, especially such who had a fairly good certainty that those in A or B above would continue to commit more crimes and more frauds, thefts etc

    D – Those in power in the clergy who shuttled those in A or B above between parishes in their own diocese, between dioceses, and across state lines between dioceses, knowing their criminal history and that they would continue in their criminal actions and/or in their thefts and fraud.

    E – Those pastors and prelates who knew about all this – whether or not they themselves lived an active homosexualist life – and kept their silence, for decades. I realize that the lawsuits cannot punish these men – but at a minimum, I want them to be publicly exposed by the lawsuits. “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself” D. Bonhoeffer.

    Many priests, pastors, bishops, archbishops and cardinals have extensive personal wealth and valuable property, both real and intangible, and cash – and the source of this is the money of the faithful. I want it all returned.

    David S, I do not want “the Church” itself bankrupted; however, if this would mean that the word of God is preached unadulterated, and souls are saved – then in the big picture that would not be a bad thing. I am glad you are irritated and hope that you pursue this subject and learn what is known so far – reading it say after day as there are now daily revelations will make you sick – . I believe it is the very tip of a few icebergs – and that across the US there are hundreds of these icebergs – and that the criminals themselves and their enablers and shuttlers would never expose these crimes, would never name the criminals, and would never see to punishment of the criminals. Hence my wish for lawsuits in non-canonical courts.

    As for seminaries, each week we now learn of more and more seminaries which were simply fronts for active homosexualist groups whose sins were and some still are funded by the faithful, many of whom quietly professed that required “celibacy” meant only refraining from heterosexual sex actions. Viewed in the terms of the salvation of souls, it would be better that all such seminaries be closed, and their dioceses that knowlingly support them be bankrupted than that they continue to spew forth newly-ordained active homosexualist priests. I cannot get the image out of my mind of a bishop ordaining a new priest with whom he freely and voluntarily engaged in homosexual sex acts.

    David S, as for “no services,” the “service” of the Church is to insure that the sacraments are provided to the faithful so that each of us can have our best shot at reaching heaven. Any other “service” is secondary or of less importance.

    These abominations must end – and we know they will because it isn’t the bishops’ and the cardinals’ church, it isn’t the Bergoglian church, it is Jesus’s Church. Perhaps the lawsuits are part of His plan, since His shepherds have failed His sheep.
    Guy McClung

  9. David S.,
    I taught CCD for confirmation for many years. It was always very painful for me that 90% of the class would not receive any formal education in the faith beyond 9th grade because their parents could not afford the $12K per year per child price tag at the local catholic high school. That’s wrong. Knowledge in the Faith shouldn’t have such an immense price tag. And what’s right? “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for their’s is the kingdom of God”.
    I think bankruptcy would do a world of good.

  10. Just an aside here. I went to a Catholic high school, and a Catholic elementary school prior to that. We were not catechized. We were taught, “Jesus loves us”, and not much else in those religion classes. My parents, other than their good example, left our religious education to the school. One’s formal religious education is the responsibility of the parents. From my discussions with many, many others, it would appear that my experience was not an isolated one – far from it.

  11. David, yes it would be nice if Catholic education was more affordable, but bills must be paid. I serve on the board of one Catholic high school and chaired another for almost a decade. We try very hard to keep our tuition as low as possible and still make ends meet. We also work hard to raise funds for need-based scholarships for Catholic kids. I don’t see how bankruptcy solves these challenges unless it will supply magic money for everyone. Or unless your aim is to make sure no kid gets “formal education in the faith beyond the 9th grade.”

  12. Mary, the problem you describe has been a phenomenon since the 1970s. Yet, my sense is that things have been improving since the 1990s even though we have a ways to go. The Catholic schools I know best wear their Catholicity on their sleeve and have pretty good — even if imperfect — faith formation. One problem is that teachers attracted to religious instruction tend to be SJW types. That is true in parishes too.

  13. Mike P., My aim is to open person’s eyes to the fact that so few children do receive any formal education in the Faith beyond 9th grade. If you want to keep expensive private high schools fine, but please don’t equate that with Catholic Faith; that witness is or in many cases has become, a counter witness.
    I think it best if the HS were ended, then we’d realize that while most children are going to college, so few, so very few receive any education beyond 9th grade. That does not cut it today, it did 100 years ago, but not today.

  14. My sons attended a Catholic H S where 1st semester religion was memorizing the names from the old testament. Many kids failed. What was the point? Sent a signal to me that the teacher was lazy. Where was the Faith and Morals and maybe for upperclassmen Apologetics? PE was coed as was Family Life. Embarrassing for both sexes. The latter subject covered reproduction with a female teacher who used to talk about her husband and intimacy. Boys told me they were really uncomfortable. Lesson: parents can read the textbooks, but some teachers stray from the book.

  15. My children attended a catholic grammar school using “On Becoming a Person” God and Jesus Christ was not mentioned in the book. Men are created sovereign persons at conception, at the beginning of their existence. Man becomes a personality. So much for Carl Rogers. Pastor had to throw them out My children learned nothing but sociology. Theology is the science of God. Philosophy is the science of man. Confusing the two sciences, taught nothing but confusion. Religion without God is atheism and the enslavement by the state,,,tyranny.

  16. Cam: No parent is prohibited from the classroom contrary to what some teachers and politician say. Threaten to sue, that gets them off their duffs. Teachers teach “in loco parentis” through the power of attorney of the parents. Teachers are public servants and must teach what the parents want their children to learn. The Scopes Monkey trial was as much about parental authority over their children’s education as much as about evolution. These are our children. Our children belong to God “their Creator” first but never to a Godless church or state.

  17. David, yes catechesis is a problem and has been for decades. This is the primary responsibility of parents, who should be supported by their parishes and schools. Some some schools do a better job than others, just as some parishes do a better job than others. The solution is for the parishes and schools doing a poor job to emulate those doing a good job. Closing all schools makes no more sense than closing all parishes.

  18. Teachers are public servants and must teach what the parents want their children to learn.

    As determined by their representatives on the school board who, often as not, defer to the educational experts i.e., the superintendent.

    Which is why local election matter far more than which clown party’s clown candidate occupies the Oval Office.

  19. At our church early in the school year the CCD classes were watching a child safety video when it discovered that the cleric giving the intro was Uncle Teddy. Luckily most of the kids weren’t aware of who or rather what he is. I’m assuming the diocese has withdrawn those videos.

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