“As God as my Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly!”

Well actually some Turkeys can.  Wild Turkeys can fly, albeit clumsily and not more than about 100 yards at a time.  Domestic Turkeys, bred for the table, cannot fly, largely due to their overdeveloped chests, home to all that prized white breast meat.  I don’t know if the publicity stunt would have fared much better with terrified flying wild Turkeys landing near onlookers.  Some things man simply was not meant to meddle with, and that includes dropping Turkeys from great heights.

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  1. Cass W., a candidate for mayor, tossed turkeys from the roof of his supermarket to the waiting crowd below. It was a bit dangerous as they were frozen solid. Usually we students didn’t pay attention to local politics, but that stunt got our attention.

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